The Brilliant Fighting Master
1348 Psychological Manipulation Is Better
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1348 Psychological Manipulation Is Better

Jiang Chen's speech might as well have been a clap of thunder for the Celestial Phoenix Royal Family.

If one observed the queen's reaction, one would realize that she hadn't paid any attention to what he had said since she believed firmly in the trial's power.

\"You aren't even a Celestial Phoenix inheritor.\" The Celestial Phoenix Queen wouldn't be convinced by Jiang Chen so easily. It wasn't easy to subvert the knowledge she had acquired since her childhood.

\"Is that the case?\" Jiang Chen summoned his Martial Soul without the least bit of hesitation.

It was the Immortal Divine Bird! A similar sonorous bird cry echoed all about, and it was even more vigorous than the one emitted by the queen's fire phoenix. It possessed an awe-inspiring prestige that was able to stir people's hearts.

\"Oh, my God!\" The Celestial Phoenix Queen was stunned, while everyone else was dumbfounded.

A Celestial Phoenix was able to evolve. But it wasn't as if just anyone could achieve it. It was only people with a genuine bloodline who were able to pull it off.

The other woman started observing Jiang Chen earnestly, and she immediately noticed that scalding blood was flowing within his veins. The Solar Golden Flame had also shown the Celestial Phoenix Bloodline's great power.

\"Now, what do you have to say?\" Jiang Chen asked. Since the royal family's trial was useless against Jiang Chen, he only had to worry about the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame, which was possessed by the Celestial Phoenix Queen before him.

At this moment, the Divine Tree of Creatures extended its branches. They moved as quickly as lightning, and they looked like dragons with guillotines atop them.

This was the Monster-Slaying Platform. The black dragon and the azure demon were on Jiang Chen's left and right sides, while the Yaksha, which was the Evil Blood Emperor, was ready to attack at any moment.

However, what was completely beyond Jiang Chen's expectations was that the Celestial Phoenix Queen was still stunned and didn't have any fighting spirit left.

These revelations had made her suspect everything she had ever learned. It was obvious that the truth that Jiang Chen had exposed her to was too cruel, and her worldview was overturned thoroughly.

\"Queen, don't trust his lies! His clansmen, as well as his mother, can accept the king's trial,\" the other woman managed to quickly come back to her senses. She wanted to use Jiang Chen's clansmen to threaten him.

Jiang Chen wished badly to immediately kill this woman. But it was a pity that the enemy camp had the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame.

When he had gotten in close contact with this flame a moment ago, he was scared by it greatly.

Jiang Chen was now just at the Martial Emperor Realm, and, if he ended up being struck by that flame, he would be immediately turned to ashes.

Even his Invincible Golden Body or the assistance of his Buddhist powers couldn't help him resist it. After all, Jiang Chen was just at the primary stage of the Martial Emperor Realm

The Celestial Phoenix Queen had probably reached the peak of the Martial Saint Realm, and she could depend upon her powers to kill even an expert such as the Evil Blood Emperor.

\"Jiang Chen, surrender to us! Don't you care about the life of your grandfather, uncle, or mother?\" When the woman noticed that her queen didn't give any response, she shouted once again at Jiang Chen.

\"It's you who is courting death!\" Upon witnessing that the woman was so fearless, Jiang Chen couldn't help but get angry.

He extended his right hand, and the Human Emperor Bow appeared in his hand. He quickly put an arrow on it and pulled the bowstring.

There were only 1,000 yards between them, and this was probably the shortest distance in which the Human Emperor Bow had been used to shoot and kill an enemy.

\"Queen!\" The woman panicked. The Heart-burning Heavenly Flame couldn't protect her from such a long-range attack.

\"Jiang Chen,\" the Celestial Phoenix Queen finally spoke, \"please stop, we will leave.\"

Jiang Chen was surprised by these words. It seemed as if this queen had firm principles.

He gave this matter some thought and collected the Human Emperor Bow. He said, \"You should ask your subordinates to pay attention to what they are saying. As for those three people, they will be handled according to my Heavenly Palace's rules, and they will be imprisoned for 100 years.\"

The three people mentioned by Jiang Chen were Gao Jin, Gao Ying, and the person who had come with them.

\"Queen! Please don't do it!\" When those three people heard that they would be imprisoned for 100 years, they were frightened, and they quickly cried for help.

The Celestial Phoenix Queen frowned. It was obvious that she found Jiang Chen's actions excessive.

\"You are all intruders, and it's already magnanimous for me to allow you to leave.\" Jiang Chen didn't want to show any weakness, and he spoke before the Celestial Phoenix Queen could utter any words.

\"After I clarify some matters, I will come to speak with you.\" The Celestial Phoenix Queen addressed the three people. She had chosen to back down!

The people with the queen didn't like to accept such a matter. Even if what Jiang Chen had said was true, the punishment seemed excessive.

But they weren't in the position to try and dissuade the queen, because they were afraid of the consequences of such actions.

\"Qiufeng!\" When the people were about to leave, a ball of flame appeared suddenly in the sky, and, after it disappeared, a dignified middle-aged man appeared.

Jiang Chen's mouth curled with anger. His domain had been and was still being invaded by people willfully, and he was quite displeased by it.

\"Retired Emperor!\" The woman and the soldiers became spirited. They realized that they wouldn't end up leaving after all.

\"Your mind isn't resolute enough.\" The Retired Emperor swooped down and went up to the queen's side. He looked at her with a complex, questioning gaze, and he seemed disappointed by her behavior.

\"Your little brother has been killed. Don't you want to take revenge?\" The Retired Emperor spoke in a vigorous and dignified voice.

\"I'm just wondering, don't you understand your current situation yet?\" Jiang Chen spoke impatiently as he thought, \"Even if he was a Retired Emperor, so what?\" After Jiang Chen spoke, he raised his right hand high, and the Devil Slaughter Tower started revolving, as vapor began to rise from it.

The Retired Emperor's expression changed slightly. But he still kept his calm.

\"Don't you care about your mother's life?\" The Retired Emperor continued, \"I don't know how you managed to avoid the King Trial. But your clansmen aren't able to achieve it.\"

\"Are you threatening me?\"

\"That is right, I am threatening you.\" The Retired Emperor wore a purple robe, and his sleeves were adorned by the pictures of a dragon and a phoenix.

While the Retired Emperor was speaking, he waved his sleeves imposingly and the dragons and phoenix moved, while the temperature of the region around the Retired Emperor became scalding hot.

\"It's a pity that you can't achieve that because my magical clone has already rushed to the Gao family and discharged the energy of the secret art inside their bodies.\"

Jiang Chen smiled complacently and looked at the Celestial Phoenix Queen once again, \"You can give it a try again, and you will discover that your trial is completely useless.\"

Upon hearing this, the Celestial Phoenix Queen's body shivered, and she clenched her teeth. \"Royal father, is this really the case?\" She asked.

\"Don't make a scene! Is this a suitable time for discussing such a matter?\" Upon hearing Jiang Chen's words, the Retired Emperor's expression became grave, and he looked in fright at the Devil Slaughter Tower.

He was afraid that Jiang Chen would suddenly attack them. \"I must inform you that my daughter's body has the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame's main source, and, if we really ended up in a life-and-death struggle, this place would be turned into a charred land, and I can guarantee you that even your divine tree would be burned completely.\" The Retired Emperor used his second trump card.

Jiang Chen got quiet for a moment, and, after he had gotten the Divine Tree of Creature's reply, he put his hand on the Buddhist Relic.

He mustn't kill the Celestial Phoenix Queen for now, but, as he considered the threat she could bring to him, he felt like he must attack.

\"But, it seems as if your daughter isn't willing to take such actions.\" Jiang Chen was aware that it was better to attack people's minds, and he continued trying to sway the queen.

\"You have harmed the Celestial Phoenix's lineage and let them decline to such a level just for your selfish desires. Yet, you still have the nerve to come over to snatch other people's land.\"

Jiang Chen understood why Gao Jin had come over to cause trouble. It was because the Celestial Phoenix Queen had firm principles, and, even though Jiang Chen was a member of the Celestial Phoenix family, that wasn't the case for his father, and that was why she couldn't come over to ask for their land.

But the people close to the queen had been blinded by greed and had started making trouble to set her against Jiang Chen.

\"You are spouting rubbish!\" The Retired Emperor became more infuriated. But he still didn't dare to attack.

\"He, he!\" Jiang Chen had suddenly come up with an idea, and he summoned another magical clone and let it stand beside him.

The crowd didn't know what Jiang Chen wanted to do, and a confused look appeared on their faces.

\"My magical body has cultivated the secret art once again, and the two people standing in front of you are both Celestial Phoenix's inheritors. But one of them cultivated the art, while the other one didn't cultivate it. You want to get an answer, don't you? Just use the trial once again.\"

After he uttered the last words, Jiang Chen looked at the queen. She could get the answer in this way.


Upon witnessing that his daughter was eager to give it a try, the Retired Emperor realized that this matter could go downhill. He didn't have enough time to stop her, as a phoenix cry was already echoing, and the trial had started.

Jiang Chen's main body was safe and sound, while the magical clone emitted a miserable cry. His Phoenix Bloodline went out of control and started running amok within his body.

After a short while, the magical clone fell down, as if it was poisoned by an acute poison. However, Jiang Chen extinguished the clone before it fell on the ground. Jiang Chen looked at the queen, whose face was pale, and he said with a smile, \"Now, did you get an answer?\"

The Celestial Phoenix Queen's face was pale, even her lips were pale. \"Royal father, why did you have to take such actions?\" The queen questioned her father.

SLAP! The flustered and exasperated Retired Emperor slapped his daughter's fair cheek and said angrily, \"All inherited bloodline clans have done the same, and those are called government techniques. You are really disappointing!\"

Upon sighting such domestic abuse, Jiang Chen shook his head. He felt sorry for this woman, but he had already resolved himself to fan the flames.

\"It's only because of your government techniques that our inherited bloodline clan declined and fell into its current straits. In the Darkness Era, the heroes that got this bloodline had an indomitable spirit and wiped out all ferocious beasts, while they all fought for our Human Clan's bright future. But now, who still remembers them?\"

After Jiang Chen finished speaking, he let out a long sigh.


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