The Brilliant Fighting Master
1347 You Are the Sinners
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1347 You Are the Sinners

Jiang Chen did not take the trial seriously at all. If the royal family of the celestial phoenix thought they could invade the Divine Prison Continent by bluffing, they were ridiculous.

He did not quite believe that a noble bloodline could put less noble bloodlines on trial.

As many books as he had read, he had never seen any mention of that. The only race with these kinds of abilities that he had ever heard of was the Blood Race.

Thinking it over, Jiang Chen realized the most important point. Starting from there and continuing thinking, he could almost figure out the conclusion.

So he created a practicing body. Under the old man's puzzled gaze, the practicing body left very quickly.

Soon after that, a team made up of hundreds of people appeared on the horizon. They were all strong people with Martial states.

Since all of them had the blood of the celestial phoenix, when they were walking together they emitted an overwhelming heat wave.

The team was like a moving active volcano, surrounded by a strong oppressive feeling. Fortunately, Jiang Chen had the genuine blood of the celestial phoenix, so he was not affected.

The team stopped when they were 300 miles away from Jiang Chen. They all threw hateful looks at Jiang Chen, as if they would have liked to kill him with their eyes alone.

Jiang Chen sized up these people from the royal family. Most of them were soldiers in armor. There were men and women. All of them had the obvious features of those with the inheritance of the celestial phoenix.

The few people who were not wearing any armor were the strongest. They stood around one person, like stars around the moon. Needless to say, that was their head.

To his surprise, the head was a woman. She looked young. The passing of time had not left too many traces on her face.

Her fair skin was as smooth as that of a teenage girl. Despite her loose, long red robe, it was impossible not to notice her curvaceous body.

Her face was only as big as the palm of a hand. Her eyes had a tinge of mysterious alluring beauty. Jiang Chen had to admit that such a queen was totally beyond his expectations.

\"How dare you! You should have knelt down as soon as you saw the Queen of the Celestial Phoenix!\"

A young girl who looked very bright and brave standing beside the queen shouted loudly at Jiang Chen in a very aggressive manner, but her voice was kind of gentle.

Jiang Chen threw her a casual look. He lost his interest immediately when he had found she was only a Martial Emperor.

\"You intruded into the territory of the Heavenly Palace without any permissions. It's a severe crime. Stop resisting and surrender. Only in this way will you have the chance to survive,\"

Jiang Chen announced to these people as the lord of the Heavenly Palace.This obviously created an uproar in the enemy. The soldiers were all talking to each other in low voices. They looked disdainful.

\"You have the blood of the celestial phoenix. Although your father's family has nothing to do with the celestial phoenix, since the Queen of the Celestial Phoenix is here in person, you should have received her with good manners. You didn't do it. That's all right. But how dare you say it's us who have committed a crime?!\"

The queen remained silent. It was still the young girl who spoke.

\"I'm not interested in arguing about things I disagree with,\" Jiang Chen was not so patient. He did not want to waste any more time with them.

\"Where are Gao Ying and Gao Jin?\" All of a sudden, the Queen of the Celestial Phoenix spoke.

\"Oh?\" Seeing that she was unaware of what had happened, Jiang Chen looked toward the old man he had captured.

\"The whole continent is under the influence of a tactical formation. The communication between us is restricted. So I only sent a signal without mentioning any details,\" the old man explained. It meant the tactical formation deployed by Jiang Chen had been useful indeed.

\"Those two already paid the price for the crimes they committed,\" said Jiang Chen.

The queen was obviously struck dumb when she heard his answer. \"Do you mean they are dead?!\" said the Queen of Celestial Phoenix.

\"That's what you want, isn't it? Now you've got a good reason to attack,\" Jiang Chen did not deny it.

BOOM! It really felt like a volcano had erupted. The hundreds of people from the royal family of the celestial phoenix gave off a burning energy. A fire illuminated the entire sky.

\"It is an unforgivable crime to kill the members of the royal family!\"

\"Put him on trial!\"

\"He doesn't deserve the blood of the celestial phoenix!\"

The Queen of the Celestial Phoenix erupted across the sky to all those angry screams. Her hair had turned into a color as red as fire, which made it really look like a fiercely burning flame.

\"Do you know what you did?!\" she questioned Jiang Chen.

\"Look down there.\" Jiang Chen was not scared at all. Pointing at the empty city, he said in a stern voice, \"Every pool of blood identifies the death of one of my clansmen. Open your eyes wide. Look at them!\"

The Jiangs had all retreated. Their clansmen's dead bodies had been carried away as well.

But there was still blood that had not dried up. More than 30 people had either been killed or injured!

Some of these people were fathers, and others were mothers. There were even children among them. They did nothing wrong. They died tragically only because some people wanted to show off their mighty power!

At such a thought, Jiang Chen was so angry that he felt like he was about to explode.

The Queen of Celestial Phoenix looked emotionless. She looked down. No one knew what was on her mind.

However, a woman standing behind her said in anger, \"How could the lives of some despicable civilians be compared to those of the royal family members?\"

Jiang Chen frowned at her. Some cracking sounds arose, and he disappeared from where he had been. The woman who had just spoken sensed an unprecedentedly great danger.

\"The despicable civilians you mentioned are my clansmen!\" It sounded like a voice from the heavens, and it sent surprisingly cold air over to freeze the woman.

\"How dare you!\" As the woman was dying, the Queen of the Celestial Phoenix launched an attack right away.

A flame of a unique color surrounded the woman, swirling upward. Now it was Jiang Chen who sensed a great danger. He moved away from the dreadful flame as fast as possible.

\"Heart-Burning Heavenly Flame!\"

When he was far enough away, Jiang Chen was able to see what the Alien Flame ranked in the top ten list was like.

\"Everything you have is from the inheritance of the celestial phoenix, but you hold no respect for it at all. What an ungrateful person you are. Is such a person eligible to be the lord of the Heavenly Palace?!\" The Queen of the Celestial Phoenix said in anger.

\"It's my parents who gave me life and brought me up. What does it have to do with the royal family of the celestial phoenix?\" Her accusation only made Jiang Chen laugh.

\"My father was imprisoned at the Black Dragon Pool by the Nings. He was in agony. Did you show up then?\"

\"I was being hunted down in the Dragon Field, for which I had to leave the Realm of Nine Heavens. Did you show up then?\"

\"When the Sacred Martial Arts Institute in the Realm of True Force was dealing with me, where were you?\"

\"In the Spirit Zone of the Three Middle Realms, I was being chased by various forces, and I was possessed by a demon. Did you help me then?\"

Jiang Chen finished up. \"After going through so many difficulties, I've finally established myself in the Seventh Realm and got a sanctity-level continent. And now, the great royal family of the celestial phoenix has finally shown up.\"

Jiang Chen's sarcastic comment embarrassed the Queen of the Celestial Phoenix.

\"The blood flowing in your body is the greatest gift the royal family gave you!\" Under her companions' protection, the woman refuted his argument loudly, feeling so ashamed that she flew into a rage.

\"You have acknowledged yourself as the king. But it can't prove your ancestor was the ancestor of my bloodline,\" said Jiang Chen.

The woman was speechless. The Queen of the Celestial Phoenix shook her head slightly. \"If you are so stubborn, just accept the result of the trial!\" The Queen of the Celestial Phoenix said.

\"Exactly. The trial is the best evidence of the inheritance and the connections with the bloodline. Teach this ungrateful guy a good lesson!\" said a woman excitedly.

In this way, the Queen of the Celestial Phoenix started the trial. The blood of the celestial phoenix was burning in her body. Soon a fiery phoenix showed up, chiming loudly.

The woman and the others from the Celestial Phoenix Dynasty looked very excited. The phoenix chime was the signal of the start of the trial. Jiang Chen would be in agony soon.

However, the phoenix chime started and then ended, but nothing happened to Jiang Chen throughout the whole process.

When the chime had totally disappeared and the fiery phoenix had also vanished, Jiang Chen was still standing there, as solid as a rock.

\"How…how was this possible?!\" The Queen of the Celestial Phoenix found it incredible.

\"Ha, ha, ha, what a joke you are. You call yourself the royal family and are cheating people with the so-called inheritance.\"

Seeing those people's reactions, Jiang Chen said with a cold smile, \"I'll disclose the secret for you. You played tricks to the bible of the inheritance, so that everyone who practices the bible is poisoned. The so-called trial is only a despicable way to make the poison work.\"

Every aristocratic family of inheritance had a bible of inheritance, in which the greatest effects of their bloodline were written.

Jiang Chen did not rely on the power of the bloodline much early on, so he had never followed the bible to practice very often. When he had realized what the trial was about, he removed the gains he had gotten from the bible right away. As a result, he was fine facing the trial.

\"I was wondering why aristocratic families of inheritance could only live in the Three Lower Realms despite the unique advantages they had. It turns out you, the so-called royal family, modified the bible for your own interests, so that numerous compatriots couldn't improve their attainments. They can't even exert 60 or 70 percent of the power of the bloodline!\"

Gazing at the shocked Queen of the Celestial Phoenix, Jiang Chen went on, \"You are sinners of the inheritance of the celestial phoenix!\" His voice echoed in the queen's ears like thunderbolts.


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