The Brilliant Fighting Master
1346 The King’s Trial
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1346 The King’s Trial

The Evil Blood Emperor became one of the eight groups of spiritual beings. In addition, thanks to the Buddhist Relic, naga and deva's strengths had reached new heights.

After all, the Evil Blood Emperor alone might be enough to kill this old man.

\"Stop!\" The old man cried uneasily. He was really afraid that Jiang Chen would kill him mercilessly.

However, when he had called for a truce, Azure Demon kept on attacking him. Jiang Chen did not say anything either.

\"Won't you stop until one of us dies for real? I'll burn this place down. Do you believe it or not? All of your clansmen will die tragically!\" the old man cursed cruelly. Despite being a Martial Arts Saint, he was really clutching at straws at the moment--he would say whatever it took.

\"It's impossible,\" Jiang Chen said coldly.

Jiang Chen called the black dragon out to collaborate with the Azure Demon just in case the old man overreacted.

\"My gosh! It's a dragon!\" The people from the mountain were dumbfounded. Except for a few people who had shrieked, most of them were speechless with their mouths wide open.

Dragons used to be the overlords of this world. Even in this era, they were still in a high position. Among so many dragon clans, golden dragons were the mightiest, but in terms of potency, black dragons were second to none!

Its giant body looked like it was made of iron. Under the sunshine, its dragon scales had a unique luster that looked especially beautiful.

The black dragon turned into a human in the air, as if it thought it would not have to go all out, since Azure Demon and it would fight together. This man was built like an iron tower and was extremely oppressive. He charged forward and exerted a set of Dragon Fist movements.

It is worth mentioning that Jiang Chen had promised he would not keep the black dragon in the Buddhist Relic.

However, when they were leaving the World of Bloody Sea, he had to make the black dragon and Azure Demon stay in the Buddhist Relic in order to take them out of the Land of Bloody Sea.

\"Son, is this your subordinate as well?\" Gao Yue gulped. Her face, which usually looked calm and elegant, looked extremely shocked at the moment.

Jiang Chen nodded slightly, gazing at the battlefield at the same time. Once the enemy did anything threatening to his clansmen, he would give the order to kill.

Fortunately, the black dragon and the Azure Demon did not disappoint him. The old man was attacked continuously by the Dragon Fist. Even fierce flames were beaten out of his body.

When blood appeared at the corners of his mouth, a ferocious look showed up in his eyes. It seemed like the happening of something irredeemable was inevitable.

PAH! The black dragon gave him a punch to make him give up the idea immediately, not leaving him any chance to fight back.

In the end, the old man was at his last gasp. With his strength sealed, he was brought up to Jiang Chen.

\"I don't want to hear any meaningless words. If you want to threaten me again, I suggest you save the energy to greet death,\" Jiang Chen said indifferently. Although he was still quite young, he had started to adopt the air of a mighty lord.

\"Understood?\" he asked.

The old man blinked. The resolution in his eyes was going away little by little. \"Understood,\" he answered in a weak voice.

\"Your name.\"

\"Gao Yanfei. My title…\"

\"I'm not interested in your title,\" Jiang Chen interrupted him cruelly.

The old man almost choked to death. Every Martial Arts Saint had a title. Otherwise, it would be really embarrassing if a Martial Arts Saint was called something like \"Goudan\", which meant \"a dog's balls\" in Chinese.

\"Is the royal family of the celestial phoenix planning to take over my territory?\"

After hesitating for a while, the old man finally nodded.

\"Why would they do that? And who gave them the idea?\" asked Jiang Chen.

\"All of the three academies sent people to get in touch with the royal family. They claimed they would like to give the royal family a spacious sanctity-level continent, providing that 30 percent of the land would go to them.\"

The old man answered Jiang Chen very quickly. Since he had opened up, he did not have any concerns anymore.

\"You haven't answered my previous question yet,\" said Jiang Chen.

The old man was struck dumb. The previous question was why would they do that, but the answer to this question concerned the secret of the royal family.

He opened his mouth, about to make up a lie to fool Jiang Chen. However, under the latter's cold gaze, he chose to tell the latter the truth in the end.

\"The royal family of the celestial phoenix lost in the power competition in the Three Middle Realms. Then they went to the World of Meson to seek shelter. To their surprise, they found the seventh most powerful Alien Flame there. It's called the Heart-Burning Heavenly Flame.\"

\"No way!\" Even Jiang Chen could not accept such a fact.

The Alien Flame List was a special ranking. All of the top ten Alien Flames were either fires whose kindles had completely extinguished or those which only existed in legends.

They were used to prevent other Alien Flame owners from killing each other to compete for a higher rank. For example, it was impossible for anyone to master the Genuine Fire of the Sun, ranked first on the Alien Flame List.

Similarly, the Heart-Burning Heavenly Flame was an Alien Flame that existed in ancient times. It had disappeared in the Era of Darkness or the Era of Hero in ancient times.

As a result, how could Jiang Chen believe that a declining aristocratic family of inheritance found this Alien Flame in the World of Meson? In addition, since the celestial phoenix had the talent for fire, if they really had this Alien Flame, it absolutely would be a great help for them.

\"I don't need to make up such an absurd thing to fool you. Besides, this isn't the most important point. The royal family of celestial phoenix has the right to put all inheritors of the celestial phoenix on trial,\" said the old man.

Seeing Jiang Chen perplexed, the old man said, \"Didn't your family tell you about that?\"

Gao Yue flew over. Since she had been evicted from her family for more than ten years, she barely mentioned anything about the celestial phoenix to her son.

As a result, Jiang Chen held no respect for the so-called royal family of the celestial phoenix at all. Moreover, he lacked lots of knowledge in this regard.

\"The power of bloodline can be inherited and has connections with the previous generations. The royal family is the king because this family is the start of this bloodline.\"

Gao Yue said, \"The king can make the blood of celestial phoenix in us flow in reverse or deteriorate. In this way, we'll be killed and no evidence will be found.\" At the mention of that, she sounded panicked.

\"Don't worry. That so-called prince wasn't able to do anything to me, was he?\" Jiang Chen tried to soothe her.

\"It's the one with the crown instead of the prince that has the right to try!\" the old man repeated his argument emotionally.

Curling his lip, Jiang Chen said, \"So, is your king also here?\"

\"He will be here very soon,\" said the old man.

Jiang Chen snorted coldly. He connected to the Divine Tree of Creatures to ask it whether the Divine Prison Continent had any intruders.

\"No one has intruded, because they are already here,\" the Divine Tree of Creatures answered.

Jiang Chen was shocked. He asked the old man how they had entered.

\"So, you really know nothing about the celestial phoenix! The descendants of aristocratic families of inheritance can call their kings and build a mysterious passage via their blood,\" said the old man.

Jiang Chen realized right away that some people from the royal family were among those who had come to reunite with the family. They had tried to persuade the Gaos. After winning some supporters over, they started to bring their people here through their blood.

\"Father, take the clansmen to the Heavenly Palace. With my master there, it should be safe.\"

Jiang Chen started to make plans. He let all of the clansmen stay in the city. Then he turned on the big transmission formation he had prepared. In this way, he sent his clansmen and his parents away.

Soon, Jiang Chen, the old man, and the three subdued ones from the royal family of the celestial family were the only people there.

\"This isn't a competition about power. Once the head starts the trial, the genuine blood of the celestial phoenix in your body will surrender.\" The old man tried to talk Jiang Chen out of his plan. He wanted Jiang Chen to give up on the idea of resisting.

\"I'm sorry. I don't buy it,\" Jiang Chen said disdainfully.

\"But the right to trial is real,\" the old man objected in a tough way. Speaking of this, he could not agree with Jiang Chen. However, what he got was a punch in the face from the black dragon.

\"Huh, the so-called king's trial?\"


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