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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1344 Kill!

The fire of anger was burning fiercely in the folks from the mountain. It certainly did not feel good when others were trampling on their dignity and taking their lives away. What the short-haired woman called Gao Ying had said was especially irritating. Numerous people picked up their weapons. No matter how this would end, they would throw caution to the wind and fight to the death with the enemy.

\"Why is this happening?\" Gao Ying and her companions were struck dumb. They had come here to intimidate these country people so that they would move away in the end. However, these people were ready to sacrifice their lives. This attitude of theirs made things tricky.

\"So, you've chosen to die.\" The Martial Emperor, who had been very impatient already, was getting angry. His look was as sharp as a knife.

In the end, the Jiangs all had a hunch that something terrible was going to happen.

Suddenly, the air became charged with extreme tension and a rapid whooshing sound could be heard. Jiang Chen was traveling there at high speed. Jiang Qingyu and Gao Yue were not as fast as he was, so they lagged behind.

Jiang Chen's arrival at this moment surprised everyone. No one had ever anticipated that. The Jiangs felt extremely motivated now, because they saw hope. Some people were screaming excitedly.

Gao Ying looked panic-stricken. She looked toward the youngster, asking for his help.

\"Stay behind me,\" the youngster said.

Not until then did Gao Ying feel relieved.

\"Grandpa! Uncle!\" Jiang Chen gazed at the bombed city, with a brilliant light flashing in his eyes.

\"Jiang Chen! Avenge our clansmen!\" Jiang Jian was the first to speak.

\"Nonsense!\" Jiang Tianxiong scolded his son. Neither he nor Luo Jiangying wanted Jiang Chen to take any risks. After all, the enemy had a Martial Emperor. Although Jiang Chen had killed a Martial Arts Saint, they had chosen to pick a fight in spite of the knowledge of that. They obviously had someone powerful behind them. And none of them had left since Jiang Chen had showed up, which was a further evidence of that.

\"Tell me what happened,\" Jiang Chen asked Jiang Jian to tell him everything that had happened.

Jiang Jian plucked up his courage to tell him the whole story. The short-haired woman burned the statue first, and then she picked a fight and attacked.

Listening to Jiang Jian's account, Jiang Chen flew into a rage. His face became gloomier and gloomier.

\"Jiang Chen, don't act on impulse. They must have come with a plan,\" Luo Jiangying said worriedly.

Shaking his head, Jiang Chen looked toward the five newcomers. He had just come back from the World of Bloody Sea and learned everything that had happened in the Sacred Zone. He was feeling guilty for having been unable to protect his family. At the moment, his family was experiencing something like this on his own territory. He would not put up with such things usually, and at the moment even less. He could not forgive those five people at all. Especially that Gao Ying.

\"You are Jiang Chen? You look pretty normal.\" Hiding behind the youngster, Gao Ying thought she was safe. She just could not stop provoking Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen walked ahead toward her without saying anything.

The youngster standing in the middle frowned. He was not just angry at the moment. He flew into a fit of rage. \"I know you have some powerful destructive weapons that can kill Martial Arts Saints, but, believe me, you won't want to use them,\" said the youngster.

Jiang Chen ignored him, as if he had heard nothing. He kept walking ahead.

The Jiangs also held their breaths, extremely nervous.

\"I'm Gao Jin, from the royal family of the descent of the celestial phoenix. Your mother's family is governed by us. To be precise, all of the aristocratic families of the inheritance of the celestial phoenix in the Three Lower Realms are governed by my family.\" The youngster spoke faster and faster, intending to intimidate Jiang Chen with these facts. However, Jiang Chen was not affected at all, which made him very angry.

\"You didn't kneel down before me. That's already very disrespectful! If you dare attack me, you'll provoke the wrath of the celestial phoenix!\" said Gao Jin.

This time Jiang Chen did react to his threat. But his reaction was simply a cold smile. As a result, Gao Jin knew he would not be able to talk Jiang Chen out of this.

\"It seems he isn't carrying any external force,\" Gao Ying said in a low voice.

Gao Jin was pretty happy with this information. \"Pay the price for your stupidity.\"

Gao Jin started to make a mudra. He pressed his thumbs against his index fingers. An oval shape formed between his fingers, from where the fire came.

\"The Wrath of the God of Fire!\"

Gao Ying and the others were shocked. They immediately knew Gao Jin was

really irritated. Gao Jin hesitated for half a second. Seeing Jiang Chen with no intention to stop, Gao Jin threw the seal of fire over. Aided by the bible of the aristocratic family of inheritance, the Alien Flame empowered by the Solar Golden Flame transformed into a fiery dragon. The aggressive fiery dragon charged toward Jiang Chen. The overwhelming energy it was giving off was dreadful.

What was really scary was that Jiang Chen did not care a fig. He did not even try to dodge it, which was the easiest thing to do. He just let himself be swallowed by the fiery dragon.

The members of the Gaos were exclaiming, \"He turns out to be an idiot.\"

Gao Ying smiled and she thought, \"Even if you were strong, you should have some way to protect yourself from such a powerful attack. That was the least you could do. However, that was Jiang Chen's reaction. Who did he think he was? How dare a Star Venerable ignore an attack from a Martial Emperor?\"

After swallowing Jiang Chen, the fiery dragon kept advancing. Its 1,100-foot-long body did not stop. Soon, swinging its tail, the fiery dragon started to disappear little by little after its energy had been exhausted.

\"My gosh!\"

However, to everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen looked safe and sound. Not a single hair on his head was harmed. Without stopping walking, he was very close to his target.

\"You! You!\" Seeing him getting closer and closer, Gao Jin started to panic. He threw his fist over involuntarily, but Jiang Chen caught it without effort. The fist power exploded in Jiang Chen's hand. In the end, it was Gao Jin who was sent flying.

\"Martial…Martial Emperor!\" Gao Jin shouted. His voice went hoarse. The pain in his arm told him that Jiang Chen was not only a Martial Emperor, but also a Martial Emperor much stronger than he was. It was even more unbelievable for Gao Ying! Without the protection of Gao Jin, she was as fragile as a piece of paper before Jiang Chen.

\"Don't…don't come over! Get away! Get away!\" Gao Ying totally panicked. She was trying to run away while screaming loudly. However, as soon as she turned around, a sword blade stained by her blood pierced through her chest.

Jiang Chen was holding the Red Cloud Sword in his right hand. He looked pretty indifferent. His look was freezing. He had made up his mind. Then a fierce flame showed up on the Red Cloud Sword. Gao Ying was being burned like grilled meat on a stick. She died screaming in pain.

Jiang Chen's facial expression remained the same. He took the Red Cloud Sword back, shaking the blood off the blade. He glanced over at Gao Jin and the others with a cold look. The sword energy charged through the air.

\"You…you killed a clansman of yours! You are screwed! You are doomed!\" Gao Jin said incoherently, unable to handle the stress. They had come here to irritate Jiang Chen by dealing with the Jiangs. They had wanted him to attack them. Their goal had been achieved, though the situation was a little out of control.

Jiang Chen walked toward Gao Jin again, carrying his sword. Gao Jin was scared out of his wits. He did not just stand there like a fool but turned around to run away immediately.

Electric arcs were jumping all over Jiang Chen's body. He appeared behind Gao Jin. Grasping the latter's hair, Jiang Chen pressed the Red Cloud Sword against his neck.

\"You…what are you up to?!\" Death was approaching. Gao Jin almost went mad.

When Jiang Chen was about to finish the job, the man behind the scenes finally showed up.

\"Stop!\" In the air, a fire was burning. When it had extinguished, a large old man showed up.

\"Martial Arts Saint!\"

Those from the Jiangs felt like there was a giant mountain overhead. It was the energy given off by the old man.

\"Trash! Let go of the prince immediately!\" The old man yelled in anger.

\"Huh.\" Jiang Chen showed a cold smile. He moved his wrist. The Red Cloud Sword pierced into Gao Jin's throat with a strong effort. Blood gushed out. He was piercing the sword into Gao Jin's throat extremely slowly, so that this arrogant guy would feel the greatest pain.

The face of the old man in the air had a really interesting look.


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