The Brilliant Fighting Master
1343 As Humble as Dus
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1343 As Humble as Dus

The folks who lived on the mountain were furious when they realized what had happened. They all picked up their weapons to go and look for the perpetrators.

The perpetrators showed up in an arrogant manner. They were some good-looking youngsters flying around the air

"Heavens. They are all Star Venerables! And all of them are either seven-star or eight-star!"

"Where are they from?"

"What should we do?"

The folks from the mountain panicked. In their eyes, these elegant people who were Star Venerables were like gods.

"A bunch of rednecks. You want to live in this spiritual land? Dream on!"

"How dare a guy who isn't even a Martial something start a new force and name it the Heavenly Palace."

"And these people made such a magnificent statue for him. That's really ridiculous. I'm laughing my head off."

These people did not even try to hide their disdain and contempt for Jiang Chen and theJiangs.

"Who are you?!" Fan Tu flew into the air with some people. He was Jiang Qingyu's subordinate, very loyal to the Jiangs. He had almost watched Jiang Chen grow up. He had also benefited from Jiang Chen's achievements. He had become a Star Venerable, which was something he had never had the nerve to think about in the first half of his life.

"Oh, it turns out there is a Star Venerable. I thought Reaching Heaven State was the best you had here."

"Unfortunately, only a two-star."

These youngsters were showing no respect to Fan Tu, who was much older than them, because even the weakest one among them was an eight-star!

Fan Tu was angry. Keeping a poker face, he said, "My lord is at the peak of Star Venerable. My young lord is a Martial Arts Saint. If you want to exchange blows with them, I can invite them over."

"What about the young generation of the Jiangs? Call them over here." These people were not threatened at all. The most aggressive one among them was an average-looking, short-haired woman. Her thin lips made her look mean. It was she who had turned Jiang Chen's statue into charcoal.

In the city, the young generation of Jiangs were also following the incident. Some of them could not take anymore after hearing how they were being insulted. Jiang Feng, Jiang Jian, Jiang Lu, and some other disciples of the direct line of descent came into the air one after another. Since they had come to the Divine Prison Continent, they had improved themselves a lot thanks to the fruits of the Divine Tree of Creatures. All of them had become Star Venerables.

"You might have more Constellation Palaces than we do, but in the Jiangs, we also have someone as strong as you!" Jiang Lu said coldly.

TUT! TUT! TUT! "A bunch of guys below five stars, but you are talking very big. That someone you mentioned is Jiang Chen. Am I right?" the short-haired woman asked, amused. Gazing at the Jiangs' disciples, who obviously were not happy with her, her smile became a little more snide. She asked, "I'm wondering whether the Jiangs have a Martial something."

As soon as she finished speaking, a brilliant, strong energy fell from the sky.

"Martial Emperor!" Jiang Lu and the others turned pale, especially after that person showed up. It was a man about Jiang Chen's age, as good-looking as Jiang Chen as well. Despite the heat he gave off, his face looked pretty cold. In comparison, the disciples of the Jiangs were like lame amateurs.

"Are you here to show off your useless superiority?" asked Fan Tu.

"We are here to see what the family who has a continent of the Seventh Realm looks like. But we are quite disappointed." The short-haired woman said sarcastically again in her high-pitched voice.

"Since you know to whom this continent belongs, you should stop now when it isn't too late." Jiang Chen's uncle, Jiang Tianxiong, flew into the air. He was tall, large, and heroic-looking. He was an eight-star strongman. "According to my nephew's character, he won't let what happened go easily." He meant what had happened to the statue. He threw the short-haired woman a sharp look.

"Huh, even if he won't let it go, what can he do? A Star Venerable working on only one qi is bluffing me?!" The short-haired woman was irritated instead of being intimidated. A fierce flame with black smoke surged around her.

Taking a closer look, the Jiangs found these people also had the property of fire.

They thought about the Gaos. They guessed these people were the newly arrived aristocratic family of inheritance.

"Gao Ying." Seeing the short-haired woman about to launch an attack against Jiang Tianxiong, the youngster who was a Martial Emperor raised his hand to stop her. "We are not here to trash talk."The youngster walked ahead slowly. After every step he took, a fiery footprint would appear on the ground.

Gazing at the Jiangs, who obviously felt threatened, he said with a cold smile, "Aren't you ashamed that the Jiangs are based on the best area of this continent?"

"It's the Jiangs who won this place!" Jiang Tianxiong yelled in anger after realizing what the youngster was up to.

"Oh?" The youngster raised his eyebrow. A pressure from the Martial Emperor swept over like a tide.

Jiang Tianxiong instantly felt like he had been pressed by a mountain. Half kneeling on the ground, he got very pale.

"Father!" Jiang Jian and Jiang Feng panicked. They hurried to approach him, but Jiang Tianxiong stopped them by waving his hand. "See? Even the man who can represent you isn't that great. Do you still think you can stay here daydreaming?"

The short-haired woman showed a complacent smile. Then, knitting her long brows together, she said in a stern voice, "Get away! Now!" Her voice was like a striking thunder echoing over the city.

The folks from the mountain went into an uproar. However, they were not panicked or scared. They looked like they were not convinced. Serious and determined, they were ready to sacrifice their lives.

"These people?" The short-haired woman did not expect these people as humble as ants to be so bold. She was in a trance for a moment. When she came to herself again, she flew into a rage. She made a mudra rapidly with her right hand and then threw out a giant fireball. The target was Jiang Chen's statue!

"You! Get out of the way!" Shocked, Jiang Tianxiong screamed toward the people in the city immediately.

The fireball hit the chest part of the statue. The statue collapsed easily after its power was released. Sparks and stones splashed everywhere. They fell like raindrops. The whole world was shaking violently. The mountain people in the city did not even have the time to find a place to hide. Instantly, screams and children's crying could be heard everywhere in the city. The short-haired woman pulled up the corners of her mouth into a smile. She looked happy for having vented her anger.

"Jerk!" Jiang Tianxiong flew into a rage. He could hear his clansmen's tragic screams. Children were crying next to their parent's dead bodies.

"Watch your attitude!" The short-haired woman strode forward to come up to Jiang Tianxiong. She gave him two slaps on his resolute face.

"Darn it!" Seeing their father humiliated, Jiang Feng and Jiang Jian became hotblooded. They charged over regardless of any possible danger.

"You asked for it!" The short-haired woman was certainly fearless. A shrewd look flashed in her eyes. She threw her palms over. And then a wave of fire swept over.

Seeing Jiang Jian and Jiang Feng about to be burned to death, the chieftain Luo Jianying arrived in time to save the two brothers. However, Luo Jianying was affected by the hot wave. He was breathing too fast. His chest was heaving up and down.

"Are our lives so humble in your eyes? Don't our kinship, our feelings matter?!" Luo Jianying accused the youngsters.

The short-haired woman did not think it a big deal. She said in a mocking manner, "Will you think about ants' feelings when you step on them and kill them?"

"Leave here. Go to some place far away from here. The farther, the better. The desolate areas of the Three Middle Realms are perfect for you," the young Martial Emperor said slowly. He looked impatient, as if he wanted this farce to end as soon as possible.


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