The Brilliant Fighting Master
1342 Internal and External Troubles
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1342 Internal and External Troubles

He got the Human Emperor Bow of the Junior Human Emperor from the Sacred Spirit. He supposed the Sacred Spirit must have lots of great stuff. However, Jiang Chen asked about the Sacred Zone first. But, unfortunately, the Sacred Spirit did not know any more than he did.

Jiang Chen was kind of disappointed, but anyway, he had not really expected very much. Then he asked the divine tree to make a list of the good things it had.

He certainly had enough elixirs. As to legendary weapons, the two Doctrine Swords aside, in his current state, even the Infinite Sai was too good for him to use. For fake immortal weapons, many Martial Arts Saints had never even touched them. Jiang Chen naturally wanted something related to martial arts and theurgies.

"Do you have the 36 theurgies created by the Goddess of Empyrean?" asked Jiang Chen. To his surprise, the Sacred Spirit did have them, all of them. However, Jiang Chen soon found that almost none of them was either suitable for him or wanted by him. It was not true that these theurgies were not great, but Jiang Chen was kind of a peculiar case. What he wanted was something regarding Sword Doctrine, but none of these theurgies was related to that.

In the end, he picked none of them. He had to leave them aside and take off from the tree crown. Flying into the clouds, he saw magnificent palaces right away. They looked as if they had been built on the clouds. Jiang Chen could say none of the forces in the Seventh Realm had constructions as special as his Heavenly Palace.

Outside the Cloud Reaching Hall, Jiang Chen found his master, Wu Ming. He did not expect Jiang Qingyu and Gao Yue to be there too. The three were busy with something. They were all pleasantly surprised to see Jiang Chen back all of a sudden.

"Father, mother, why are you here?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"Son, how could you leave the enormous Heavenly Palace to your master alone? It's impossible for him to handle everything in person." No matter what a high state and a high position Jiang Chen was in, it was all the same for Gao Yue. He would always be her son. When no outsider was there, she scolded him.

Jiang Chen looked awkward, throwing his father a glance. However, the latter looked away, ignoring his look asking for help.

"Your father won't help you," Gao Yue said complacently after capturing his look.

"Heh, heh, mother, but my master didn't complain to me," Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Gao Yue stopped complaining. She told him a lot of things were happening recently, and Wu Ming was as busy as a bee. That was why she and Jiang Qingyu were here.

"But the Divine Prison Continent is closed, and so is the Heavenly Palace." Jiang Chen felt weird. He asked his master whether anything had gone wrong.

"We Heavenly Palace are the black sheep here. No one would leave us in peace," Wu Ming said. However, leaving that aside, he cared more about his apprentice's change. "Jiang Chen, are you already a Martial something?"

Feeling Jiang Chen's change, Wu Ming kind of guessed it, but he wanted to hear it from Jiang Chen in person. Jiang Qingyu and Gao Yue were pleasantly surprised to hear the news also. They gazed at their son proudly.

"Yes. I've gained a lot during this trip," said Jiang Chen.

"Ha, ha, ha, great!"

"Who dares to say the lord of the Heavenly Palace isn't even a Martial something?!"

All of the three were thrilled. They felt proud of Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen was extremely anxious, wondering what on earth had happened.

"We are facing both internal and external troubles," Wu Ming said, "Almost all of the forces in the Eighth Realm are acting together. They are advancing from the periphery of the Divine Prison Continent."

"What?" Jiang Chen was puzzled. "How dare those people be so aggressive toward the Divine Tree of Creatures?"

"They don't intend to attack us. They are just building things in order to occupy the territory of the Divine Prison Continent."

"The divine tree hasn't been focusing on what's been happening here recently either. The divine tree should have been paying attention to what was happening in the World of Bloody Sea."

"What's the internal trouble?" This confused Jiang Chen even more.

The Jiangs, the Gaos, and the Heavenly Palace were the only forces on the continent. The Jiangs and the Gaos had settled down in the best two parts of the continent. Everything was perfect.

"Jiang Chen, when you brought the two families to the Seventh Realm, you only brought your clansmen who were in the clan lands, didn't you?" Jiang Qingyu was the one who was responsible for telling him about the internal trouble.

"Yeah, that's right." It was quite urgent. Jiang Chen did not have the time to find everyone. Since even he could not find everyone, he supposed the Wizard Race could not carry out any revenge either.

"During this time while you've been gone, those who were left behind have been reuniting with us," said Gao Yue.

"They came here from the Realm of Nine Heavens?" Jiang Chen asked with doubt. Then he kind of realized what had happened. It was the three academies. They had been infiltrating the two families. His parents just could not turn away from their clansmen.

"Since we let them in, the atmosphere in the two families have changed. Small groups have been formed. And they are now having doubts about the Heavenly Palace," said Jiang Qingyu.

"Advancing from the periphery, disintegrating from the inside, what a smart move," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile. Then he learned that among those who had recently arrived there were Martial Emperors and Martial Arts Saints.

In this way, he was almost sure someone was behind this. There might be one or two Martial Emperors or Martial Arts Saints from the Realm of Nine Heavens, but there could not be so many. That was absurd.

The Jiangs were all right. It used to be only a small force in the Hundred Thousand Mountains of the Fire Field. Only a few people came to join them. The problem was with his mother's side. As an aristocratic family of inheritance, the genuine blood of celestial phoenix was a significant bloodline. It did not only exist in the Realm of Nine Heavens, but also existed in the Realm of Milky and the Realm of True Force. They even had relatives in the Three Middle Realms.

Among those who had come, the strongest one was a chieftain from the aristocratic family of inheritance of the celestial phoenix. He was a Martial Arts Saint, strong enough to fight with Wu Ming.

"Your grandpa and your uncle certainly support you, but others have been persuaded by him. Now there are two camps in the Gaos," Gao Yue said.

"I anticipated this." The start of any dynasty is accompanied by cruel wars and blood. If Jiang Chen wanted to start a force here, power struggles like this would be inevitable. "It's actually a good opportunity for me to do a purge. Those who are not loyal don't need to stay here at all."

The other three nodded involuntarily, agreeing with him. Since Jiang Chen had not been around, the three had had no idea what strategy they should take against those so-called relatives.

"Those people went to the Jiangs today to seek support," said Jiang Qingyu.

"Great. Let's go and support them." Jiang Chen smiled coldly. His mighty side was fully shown.

The Divine Prison Continent was spacious. The single continent was twice the size of the whole Dragon Field of the Realm of Nine Heavens. After the magic trees and ferocious beasts had been removed, this place became a resourceful treasure land full of spirits of the universe. The new clan land of the Jiangs was situated on a plain. A magnificent city had been built there. Judging from the new city walls, the city had just been built not long ago. Interestingly, there was a giant statue at the city gate. It was the statue of Jiang Chen!

For the people from the mountains, Jiang Chen had an irreplaceable position in their minds. It was he who took them out of the Hundred Thousand Mountains to this heavenly place. If the Jiangs could develop into a super-force after many generations, they would tell this story to their descendants. The mere thought of it thrilled them.

All of a sudden, a fierce flame flew over and hit the face of the statue. The stone was burned black. Jiang Chen's statue looked funny and ridiculous.


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