The Brilliant Fighting Master
1340 3,000 Worlds
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1340 3,000 Worlds

What was different about Long Xing was that he had not been trained by Jiang Chen since his childhood. The two had met when they were already adults. They became friends after an adventure. Back then, Jiang Chen had been famous. People would invite him to join them whenever they needed to go to some dangerous place, just in case they ran into anything tricky. Jiang Chen enjoyed traveling to dangerous places as well. His father would always send someone to protect him anyway.

However, one crisis that they fell into surpassed all of the others. He and Long Xing were the only two who survived. And they learned about the Blood Race from that crisis. They learned that the Nine Realms and even the World of Meson were only slaughterhouses for the Blood Race, and the inhabitants were like lambs for the slaughter. Once people grew fat enough, the Blood Race would come to enjoy their big meal.

Jiang Chen decided that he would in no way allow such a thing to happen. So he tried all kinds of ways to prevent this. The Blood Race was shrewd. They had to act before the strong ones of the Black Yellow Great World became Martial Sovereigns. However, to guarantee the quality of the blood, they had to wait patiently.

This was how Jiang Chen came up with the idea of the reincarnation of the Sovereign Spirit. The thing was to make it happen, there were all kinds of difficulties. Such an incredible thing was kind of against nature. Actually, even if it was just an idea that was never realized, natural law would stop him from doing it anyway.

Therefore, Jiang Chen would seal his memory at intervals. Then he would go to see Long Xing to work with the latter. What Long Xing needed to do was to provide his body for Jiang Chen's use and find the latter at certain moments to unseal his memory. Since Long Xing had no idea what he was doing, the natural law did not find his secret out. That was how Jiang Chen managed to accomplish his task. The last step was to deploy a grand formation to isolate the Sacred Zone from the other parts of the world. This was not difficult for Jiang Chen. Everything went smoothly until the Sovereign Spirit Project came to the part of selecting candidates.

Surprisingly, Xiao Nuo insisted on giving her candidacy to Jiang Chen. She killed him with the Infinity Sai.

The reason he had been able to be reborn was probably related to the Sovereign Spirit Project. And it was because the genders did not match that the Sovereign Spirit did not wake up.

Five centuries passed. His plan had yielded an initial result. There had been infinitely more strongmen in Martial-level states in the Black Yellow Great World.

However, why did Long Xing want to kill him? Jiang Chen kind of knew the reason. The Sovereign Spirit Palace used to be an organization that was set up by Jiang Chen, whose purpose was to select candidates to reincarnate. He did not try to develop it in any special way.

Now, the Sovereign Spirit Palace had become one of the three great forces in the Eighth Realm. Since the Sacred Zone in the Ninth Realm had been closed, the Sovereign Spirit Palace actually had surpassed the Over Cloud Palace in the old times. And Long Xing was called a world-saving hero. If the truth was disclosed, that everything about the Sovereign Spirit Palace had actually been done by Jiang Chen, and Long Xing was only a minion, the feeling of hitting rock bottom would definitely break Long Xing down.

"Long Xing. Alas. Long Xing." Jiang Chen shook his head slightly, feeling complicated. Since Long Xing was one of those who knew about the reincarnation of the Sovereign Spirit best, he knew Jiang Chen, killed by Xiao Nuo, would come back one day.


At this moment, the Evil Blood Emperor came up to Jiang Chen, seemingly like the walking dead.

"Tell me everything about the Blood Race," said Jiang Chen. As one of the 12 Blood Emperors, the Evil Blood Emperor must know a lot of secrets. The Evil Blood Emperor looked perplexed. He did not understand what Jiang Chen meant.

"There could be something wrong with his brain due to the intense resistance. He probably has lost the ability to think on his own," Azure Demon guessed.

"Tell me about the Blood Race's plan," Jiang Chen asked a more specific question instead.

"The Black Yellow Great World is one of the 3,000 worlds that came into existence when the universe began. It has been here for an extremely long time. Many species have been created. There are more than 100 billion creatures. This is one of the slaughter plans that the Blood Race will carry out every 1,800 years," the Evil Blood Emperor answered mechanically.

"The start of the universe? One of the 3,000 complete worlds?" It reminded Jiang Chen of the legend where the Goddess of Empyrean got enlightened and headed for another world. So, the story must be real.

"What is the slaughter plan about?" asked Jiang Chen again.

"In the first phase, the royal army of the Blood Race is allowed to hunt for their own interests without restrictions, without ties, to frustrate the Black Yellow Great World to a large extent."

"In the second phase, a blood bank will be established. All creatures will produce blood for the bank continuously as per the value of their blood."

"In the third phase, the blood bank will be taken back to our world. The knowledge about the Blood Race that the creatures living in this world have will be erased. All related records will be destroyed."

"In the fourth phase, eliminate anyone with the possibility of achieving Martial Sovereign status in this world to remove potential risks. The army will withdraw after all missions are accomplished."

The Evil Blood Emperor recited these phases rapidly.

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth. So did Azure Demon and the black dragon. Even if the Evil Blood Emperor ended up being a part of the eight groups, they still wished they could kill him. The four phases were a nightmare for numerous creatures. And they were so well specified and defined that the Blood Race must have implemented them repeatedly again and again.

"No one has ever tried to intervene? Is the Blood Race the only race above the Black Yellow Great World?" asked Jiang Chen.

"The Black Yellow Great World is only a granary," said the Evil Blood Emperor.

Azure Demon and the black dragon were struck dumb. They had no idea what that was supposed to mean. Jiang Chen understood what it meant first. He turned pale right away. It meant in the worlds above, the Blood Race was also at war with other creatures. The Black Yellow Great World was only a tiny stronghold of their battlefields, not worth mentioning at all.

Jiang Chen could not help but look up. Although he was in the World of Bloody Sea, he felt he could see countless worlds, and they were only a sand, a very small sand.

"Tell me how you see the world." Somehow, Jiang Chen needed to pluck up his courage to ask this question.

"The 3,000 worlds that started to exist at the beginning of the universe are classified into three categories: 1,000 small worlds, 1,000 middle worlds, and 1,000 great worlds," the Evil Blood Emperor gave him a brief answer.

"Is the Black Yellow World a small world?" Jiang Chen asked in a cold voice.

"No, the Black Yellow World is a great world. And it was once the most developed world, until it fell apart in a catastrophe. All the races have abandoned it ever since."

Jiang Chen tumbled to the reason that Yue'e called it the Black Yellow Great World when telling him about the secret of the bronze cauldron. The word "great" told of its mystery. It was the mystery of the 3,000 worlds. Yue'e must have been living in the era before the catastrophe mentioned by the Evil Blood Emperor--an era when there were gods! When the catastrophe happened, gods also left for other great worlds. Jiang Chen and millions of other countless creatures were cruelly abandoned here.

"Tell me what happened in the Sacred Zone after the invasion of the Blood Race," Jiang Chen asked.

"Jiang Chen?" Azure Demon did not have the heart to let him go through that. This question was too cruel for him. Although Jiang Chen had never told him anything about this, they had been working together for such a long time, and it was not hard to guess what had happened to him more or less.

Jiang Chen shook his head slightly, meaning he could take it.

"The spearhead attacked the Sacred Zone after we got the report from the Blood Slaves, saying that everything was normal. And then we were going to attack other worlds too. However, the majority of the population of the Sacred Zone was gone. The ones who were still here were too resolute to die. They were just there to confuse us."

Jiang Chen was very surprised. "Does that mean the Sacred Zone was not slaughtered?"

"No. When we attacked the Over Cloud Palace, the place was empty," the Evil Blood Emperor answered.

"So, what you just said never actually happened?" Jiang Chen asked, his heart beating wildly.

"No, it never happened. I didn't kill your father. He was too strong. He almost killed all of the 12 Evil Emperors. I faked my own death to survive," the Evil Blood Emperor said, shaking his head.

"Screw you!" Jiang Chen punched into the Evil Blood Emperor's face. It turned out this guy had just wanted to irritate him. He burst out laughing after venting his anger. Thank heavens!


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