The Brilliant Fighting Master
1338 Fight with Evil Blood Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1338 Fight with Evil Blood Emperor

It was obvious that the Evil Blood Emperor was recovering at a high speed. The restrictions of the deep crater were getting weaker and weaker.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha." All of a sudden, the Evil Blood Emperor laughed in a sarcastic and taunting manner, holding his hand on his forehead. " dare you intend to attack me? I can't believe it!" After laughing for some time, he lifted his head and locked his eyes on Jiang Chen. Xiao Yuan's memory had told him Jiang Chen was the leader.

TUT! TUT! TUT! The Evil Blood Emperor licked his lips, just like a person who had been starving for a long time when he sat down in front of a big dinner. At this moment, a transparent light shell showed up over the deep crater. Tinged with the color of blood, it was sparkling.

"Attack!" Jiang Chen knew this guy was going to struggle out of the crater, so he gave the order right away. In an instant, all kinds of energies transformed into aggressive lights and hit into the deep crater to attack the Evil Blood Emperor.

The Evil Blood Emperor burst out laughing, ignoring them.

When all of the attacks were only six miles away from him, they were all hindered by a distorted magnetic field.

"If I were you, I would run away as far as possible and spend the rest of your lives in this closed world," the Evil Blood Emperor said coldly. When he had finished speaking, the restriction of the deep crater seemed to be collapsing. It was at this crucial moment that two Human Emperor Arrows were shot in a row, and both of them hit the Evil Blood Emperor. The Human Emperor Arrows pierced through his defenses and into his chest. He was pushed away dozens of miles, his feet leaving two furrows on the ground. The crisis of the deep crater was thus temporarily relieved.

However, the Evil Blood Emperor was also irritated. He squeezed out the Human Emperor Arrows shot at his heart little by little. The wound was recovering at a speed that could be observed by the naked eye. That gloomy cold face became even more dreadful.

Jiang Chen was not affected. He descended to some altitude over the deep crater and started to read a scripture text. At the same time, he told others to continue the attack. The resplendent golden lights contained the vast Buddha's spirit. The Evil Blood Emperor in the deep crater had nowhere to hide at all. The Buddha's light was burning the Evil Blood Emperor's body surface. Under others' attacks, his defense was not so perfect as at the beginning anymore. The Evil Blood Emperor was heavily injured by the ceaseless attacks.

Half-kneeling on the ground, the Evil Blood Emperor attempted to get to his feet, but he failed due to the continuous attacks. More people, more power. When almost 1,000 people fought together, even though they were as weak as ants individually, they would be able to exhaust an elephant to death. Seeing hope, people tried their best, intending to get rid of the Evil Blood Emperor at one go.

However, they were evidently too optimistic.

The Evil Blood Emperor's body muscles bulged. He bent his soles to accumulate power. With a bang, the Evil Blood Emperor jumped. A big pit was created where he had been standing. A strong power swept over like a storm. The defense of the deep crater could not hold on anymore. It was completely broken to pieces. The people outside, including Jiang Chen, were sent flying.

The Evil Blood Emperor, who had restored his freedom, was going to start a slaughter. However, to his surprise, in the air, an invisible pressure fell upon his body. It felt like an invisible big mountain. It came from the Sacred Spirit. And it was also the reason that the deep crater was created.

The Evil Blood Emperor, finally flying, was about to be pressed down onto the ground, but this time, the Sacred Spirit failed. Probably due to Xiao Yuan's essence blood, the Evil Blood Emperor was more aggressive than ever. He opened his arms abruptly. Standing straight, he looked overwhelming. That invisible power was broken as if it were a piece of glass.

"He is burning his own blood. It's a good chance to kill him. Tell others to kill him at all costs!" Jiang Chen heard the Sacred Spirit's voice. In the Sacred Spirit's original plan, to resolve the problem, more than half of the people on the scene would die. There was no war in which people did not bleed!

"Retreat!" However, Jiang Chen had his own plan. He charged toward the Evil Blood Emperor after giving this order. This practicing body did not have the eight groups of spiritual beings, but he had the bronze cauldron and the Star Formation. Jiang Chen exerted both of them at the same time, his best move.

"Don't make me laugh!" The Evil Blood Emperor threw a punch over toward the bronze cauldron. The ripples created by the bump between the fist and the cauldron could crush anything in the world. In the end, the bronze cauldron ended up at a disadvantage, which was unbelievable. The Evil Blood Emperor launched another attack. And the Star Formation was easily destroyed also.

Jiang Chen, in his strongest status, was grasped by a giant hand. The hand squeezed his body with effort. His divine body cracked, as if he could not bear the pressure anymore. The Evil Blood Emperor did not say anything to mock Jiang Chen, because he had opened his mouth and flicked that startling tongue out of his mouth like shooting a sharp arrow. This time Jiang Chen did not have the time to explode himself. The Evil Blood Emperor succeeded. Jiang Chen was getting weaker and weaker. The Evil Blood Emperor looked very excited. His blood eyes kept changing. This represented that he was reading Jiang Chen's memory.

"It's you! It's you!"

Somehow, like that Blood King, the Evil Blood Emperor saw from Jiang Chen's memory something that even he himself did not know. An evil light flashed in the Evil Blood Emperor's eyes, as if he had seen the enemy whom he hated the most. All of a sudden, the Evil Blood Emperor turned pale. Some weird sounds kept coming from his body. His tongue seemed to have lost its activity. It turned black quickly. The hand grasping Jiang Chen loosed involuntarily.

"How was it? Did my blood taste good?" Jiang Chen, already at his last gasp, said sarcastically. Not until then did he blow himself up.

After that, people saw the Evil Blood Emperor tumbling in the air, as if he was suffering a great pain.

"Attack!" The others took the chance to launch another round of attacks.

"Jiang Chen is really great. Turns out he had already anticipated that!"

"That Xiao Yuan was a moron. Jiang Chen is way beyond his comparison."

"He took an extremely strong poison and then let the Evil Blood Emperor suck his blood. What a great idea!" It turned out that Jiang Chen had intended to sacrifice himself when he landed in the deep crater. Before leaving, he asked for a Wizard poison from someone from the Wizard Race. The Wizard Race hated him a lot, but the Wizard gave him what he wanted.

At the moment, tortured by the Wizard poison, the Evil Blood Emperor was also suffering from continuous attacks. It lasted for almost one minute before the Evil Blood Emperor came to himself. He opened his mouth and spit up some black blood. He was not greatly affected by the injuries caused during this process. At the moment, he had almost lost his senses. He was going to kill as many people as he could.

"Amitabha!" However, Jiang Chen came to sabotage his intentions again. The true body finally showed up. Wearing the Tathagata Buddhist Robe and holding a golden spear, he was standing on a giant black dragon's back. The black dragon was wiggling its giant body, flying at high speed like a sharp arrow. It arrived at the battlefield instantly.

"Everyone, retreat 30 miles. Don't come back!" Jiang Chen gave the order emotionlessly. He did not want the Evil Blood Emperor strengthened by sucking blood again.

The others hurried to follow his order, except Man Tianyin. She hesitated for a few seconds, but, under Jiang Chen's sharp gaze, she had to retreat as well.

"Evil Blood Emperor, you won't succeed. Just convert to Buddhism." When Jiang Chen and the Evil Blood Emperor were the only two people there, the former shouted in a profound voice. Containing the Buddha's spirit in it, his voice shook the Evil Blood Emperor's mind.

"You alone have made your people's death throes throughout the past 500 years worthwhile." To his surprise, the Evil Blood Emperor complimented him, but judging from that look, it was not difficult to know what he was going to say next.

"That's why I'll destroy you, to take hope away from your world!"


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