The Brilliant Fighting Master
1337 A Weak Teammate
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1337 A Weak Teammate

In the Fifth Zone, the Sacred Spirit took the team led by Jiang Chen to the Evil Blood Emperor. At the center of a basin, the ground looked like it had been hammered by the gods. It was basically a giant crater with a diameter of 600 miles. In the deepest part of the crater, there was a creature shaped like a human that was almost 33 feet tall. As they approached, the team thought he was probably a demon. He had a red body, as if he did not have any skin. His hair was hanging loose. No one could see his lowered face.

Some people descended a little closer to check him out from different angles. They were scared out of their wits when they saw the Evil Blood Emperor's face. It was not a human face at all. His chin stuck out. His sharp teeth were exposed. His eyes looked like two empty black holes. There was nothing in them. Different from what they had imagined, he was not chained. Nothing was preventing him from moving around.

No one dared even breathe hard. They were afraid they would catch the attention of the Evil Blood Emperor.

"He can't leave the deep crater. You stay outside to back me up." Jiang Chen analyzed the situation calmly and gave the order.

"On what grounds do you think he can't leave the crater?" Xiao Yuan could not help but doubt his judgment.

"I don't need to explain it to you. It's my judgment and instinct. You don't have to listen to me," said Jiang Chen coldly.

Xiao Yuan was about to say something more, but he found the others had landed beside the crater and stood by according to Jiang Chen's orders.

At the same time, the head of the Evil Blood Emperor, who had been as motionless as a statue, suddenly moved slightly. A bloody light flashed in those dark hole eyes.

"I'll go down first to check him out," Jiang Chen said to Man Tianyin and the others. Then he landed in the crater.

Ao Yue felt a little bit worried.

The Evil Blood Emperor was totally irritated. He lifted his head abruptly. The bloody light in his eyes strengthened. Jumping up, he approached Jiang Chen as quickly as lightning. He brandished his right arm downward. The disturbance created was great. Wind started whooshing.

As soon as that dreadful giant hand stretched out, Jiang Chen disappeared.

The Evil Blood Emperor left some startling deep scratches on the ground. He was struck dumb, but soon he turned into a flowing light too.

The people beside the crater could only see the two of them exchanging blows very rapidly. Sand and stones were flying in the wind. Dust was everywhere.

Soon, Jiang Chen came back into the air. He looked a little bit disheveled. "He is great indeed." He said to the others, "Don't act on impulse for the moment." He just had to wait until the true body came back with the Buddhist Relic. This practicing body could not get Buddha's power. He had almost died in the blow exchanges with the Evil Blood Emperor.

"Huh, you woke him up, and now you are going to just wait here. What if he manages to leave the crater?" Xiao Yuan asked unhappily. He was obviously kicking Jiang Chen when the latter was down.

"So, what plan do you have?" Jiang Chen asked him.

"The crater was created by the Sacred Spirit, using the power of the universe. The Evil Blood Emperor isn't completely awake yet. It's our chance to attack him."

Xiao Yuan did have a plan. Raising his voice gradually, he said, "Jiang Chen, you are not the only one who has external force!" Then, his handleless blade emitted an azure light. A fruit-like crystal appeared out of it. Xiao Yuan opened his mouth to swallow the crystal down. In the next few seconds, Xiao Yuan's sword energy was getting sharper and sharper. His sword radiance was eye-catching.

"Sword Heart!"

The swordsmen there all recognized what it was immediately. Like the heart of Monster Kings, Sword Heart was also an external force that could enhance one's fighting power to a large extent. The difference was Sword Heart was not anyone's mind or intelligence. It was the achievements and gains of venerable sword practitioners. They left their inheritances in their swords. People had figured out that Xiao Yuan's blade was not simple. They all felt envious. Jiang Chen also supposed that the blade used to belong to some senior swordsman.

"Are you going down?" Seeing him so complacent, Jiang Chen said, "You couldn't even deal with a Martial Arts Saint, but now you are going to fight with an emperor alone?"

He had hit Xiao Yuan's sore point. Xiao Yuan looked like he wished he could kill Jiang Chen right there on the spot. Jiang Chen showed a small smile. He had said that out of good intentions, as a way to tell Xiao Yuan not to act on impulse.

"The Evil Blood Emperor is the weakest at this moment. I have no idea what Jiang Chen is waiting for. However, before the thing he is waiting for shows up, we'd better take the chance to weaken the Evil Blood Emperor!" It turned out Xiao Yuan assumed the Evil Blood Emperor was not very strong after seeing Jiang Chen come back into the air safely without using external force. However, he had underestimated Jiang Chen's physical movements and the deep crater's influence on the Evil Blood Emperor.

"Follow me!" Xiao Yuan descended in a straight line as he spoke, with the blade pointed at the Evil Blood Emperor. The Evil Blood Emperor had been muddleheaded since Jiang Chen had left. Not until Xiao Yuan was only 60 miles away from him did he lift his head again.

"Sword Lotus Eliminates the World!"

Eager to prove to people that he was the number one on the Sacred Lord List, Xiao Yuan exerted his strongest sword movement. The blade showed its greatest power. The sword radiance filled the whole crater. It seemed the Evil Blood Emperor would be decapitated in a second. Others felt encouraged. A few strongmen were going to launch an attack as well.


To their surprise, the Evil Blood Emperor did not move at all. Xiao Yuan fell onto the ground. His sword momentum collapsed right away. When people started feeling confused, Xiao Yuan was lifted into the air by an invisible force. His limbs were being torn off. His chest swelled.

"Aah! Save…save me! It's that Blood Elixir!" Xiao Yuan screamed. His face was bloodless. It occurred to people that back in the safe area, Xiao Yuan was the first and the only one to take the Blood Elixir. They did not see anything wrong with Xiao Yuan afterwards, and he also took various antidotes.

Jiang Chen could have checked him, but since the two were enemies, he certainly would not ask for this favor.

"What a pest!" Jiang Chen immediately realized what effect the Blood Elixir had. He charged down, intending to save Xiao Yuan.

"It's too late." Man Tianyin stopped him.

"It's all right. I'm a practicing body," said Jiang Chen.

"Even though you are a practicing body, I don't want to see you die in front of me," Man Tianyin said unhappily.

Jiang Chen was speechless. And Xiao Yuan already looked like a dead man, so he had to give up the idea. And now everyone realized what effect the Blood Elixir had. The Blood Elixir pierced through Xiao Yuan's chest after absorbing every drop of his essence blood. The giant blood ball then flew toward the Evil Blood Emperor. It turned out Xiao Yuan had been fine because he had not run into the Evil Blood Emperor yet. After making contact with the Evil Blood Emperor, the Blood Elixir functioned right away! The thought of the evil intentions of the Martial Arts Saint who had tried to force them to take the Blood Elixir sent shivers down Yi Ya and others' spines.

"We should stop the Evil Blood Emperor from taking the blood ball!" Someone thought. Right at this moment, a flowing light flew over. It hit the blood ball and burst it. The place was shrouded in a bloody fog immediately.

"Great!" Recognizing it was the arrow of the Human Emperor, people could not help but exclaim. Jiang Chen was not going to save Xiao Yuan, but he did not want to see the Evil Blood Emperor get stronger either. However, despite the success, he looked serious instead of joyful. The bloody fog spread all over until it finally made contact with the Evil Blood Emperor. People heard the monster screaming delightedly. His body was greedily absorbing the fog. The bloody fog vanished in an instant. And the Evil Blood Emperor had transformed.

The bloody light in his eyes finally took the shape of pupils. He rolled his bloody eyes. Everyone felt like they had been given an electric shock.

"So many delicious foods."


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