The Brilliant Fighting Master
1336 Buddhist Relic
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1336 Buddhist Relic

The dispute was resolved. Jiang Chen had striven hard to save everyone from a desperate crisis and had managed alone to kill a Martial Saint. Once the Bloody Sea Realm's channel was opened again, Jiang Chen's name would surely spread to all independent worlds.

However, everyone was clearly aware that they still hadn't solved the true crisis, and, as long as the Evil Blood Emperor wasn't dead, they would never be able to leave the Bloody Sea Realm. Moreover, they didn't have much time left, as once the Blood Clan's army of the fourth area got back its freedom, they wouldn't have any hopes left.

Jiang Chen, who was the leader, announced that they would rest and prepare for half a day, before setting off. The main body and the magical clones took advantage of such a time to recover to their peak states. Jiang Chen's greatest benefit from his previous battle was obviously the Aflame Divine Lightning, and the second great benefit was the power promotion he got after refining the fire dragon. However, neither of these would be useful in dealing with the Evil Blood Emperor, and his last trump card would probably be the eight groups of spiritual beings. But they still weren't able to fight.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen came up with an idea, and he flew to the sky of the safe zone. He said, "I need a spirit shell, and the greater its spiritual nature the better. Moreover, it mustn't have been used before." Jiang Chen didn't have time to search for one, and so he directly demanded it from people. Most of the Bloody Sea Realm's people were gathered here, and, since they had all explored this realm and searched for treasures in it, there was a great chance that someone would possess what he needed. If it was someone else who had asked the crowd to hand over their treasures, they would have encircled him and attacked him. But since it was Jiang Chen who spoke, it was a different matter.

"Senior brother Jiang Chen, are you making preparation to deal with the Evil Blood Emperor?" Someone asked.

After they got Jiang Chen's reply, the crowd started bustling, and one treasure after another was passed over to Jiang Chen. However, it was a pity that it was only a few that were to Jiang Chen's liking. If he replaced the spirit shell with one that wasn't good enough, the eight groups of spiritual beings' might would be lowered by much.

"Senior brother Jiang Chen, those are Gu Qianren's possessions, and there is among them what you wanted." A pretty woman held several Storage Spirit Artifacts and walked toward Jiang Chen. Both this woman and all the others were safe and sound because Jiang Chen had stated that he would let bygones be bygones.

Gu Qianren, who was mentioned by this woman, was the Martial Saint killed by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen received the objects, but he didn't expect that the pretty woman would take advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention to them to stroke Jiang Chen's palm with her fair fingers. When Jiang Chen looked at her, the pretty woman revealed a bashful smile and cast him flirtatious glances.

"Are you courting death?" Such a scene couldn't escape Man Tianyin's eyes, and she had already put her hand on her sword's hilt. The pretty woman was frightened, and she quickly slipped away.

"I can't help but miss your dejected look," Jiang Chen sighed with emotion and said.

"What did you just say?" Man Tianyin raised her long brows, while her big eyes flickered.

"Nothing, it was nothing!" Jiang Chen shook his head repeatedly and engrossed himself in the Spirit Storage Artifacts.

Man Tianyin snorted coldly and didn't bother him for now.

After Jiang Chen took out all of the Martial Saint's possessions, he found so much good stuff among them that he collected them all without any reservations. After he looked around for a while, Jiang Chen's gaze was attracted by an oval precious stone, and, when he took it in his hand and observed it, he was both delighted and surprised. Even his hand slightly shivered.

"Is it genuine?" Jiang Chen found this matter unbelievable. The object in his hand wasn't a precious stone, but the Buddhist Relic of an enlightened senior monk. This could be considered the perfect spirit shell, which Jiang Chen wanted. It was really a wonder that a Blood Slave such as Gu Qianren possessed such an object. However, he had probably collected it because he was a Blood Slave, and he ended up letting Jiang Chen get such a profit. Jiang Chen wouldn't need to owe anyone a favor because these could be considered his war spoils.

"In the future, I must carefully plunder everything." In the past, Jiang Chen always burned his enemies thoroughly, and this profit made him decide to change his conduct.

The main body, who had the Buddhist Relic, stayed in the safe zone, while the magical clone proceeded in advance and brought the crowd toward the fifth area. As they used teleportation scrolls, more than 1,000 people flickered and disappeared.

Jiang Chen took out the eight groups of spiritual beings' book, which had eight pages. One could discern that it would be ruined at any moment just by observing the book's appearance.The Buddhist Relic in his hand was semi-transparent, and it seemed ordinary and mediocre. But Jiang Chen who possessed outstanding Buddhist Power could detect immeasurable power within the relic. When the Buddhist Relic detected Jiang Chen's Buddhist Technique, it shone brightly and released a Buddhist Light, which was vastly greater than what Jiang Chen had released previously.

"It's pretty good! Once I succeed, dealing with the Evil Blood Emperor will be easy." Jiang Chen couldn't hide his excitement and started shifting the book's mystical power into the Buddhist Relic. Such a matter was an easy task for Jiang Chen.

"What if I can turn the Evil Blood Emperor into one of the eight spiritual beings?" As Jiang Chen carried out this process, he suddenly got a weird idea. He just had such a thought inadvertently. But it still took root in his mind.

The eight groups of spiritual beings consisted of: the celestial, dragon, Yaksha, Garuda, Gandharva, Kinnara, Asura, and Maharaja.

Jiang Chen possessed currently only: the celestial, dragon, Yaksha, and Asura. He still had many empty positions. But the eight groups of spiritual beings were the Buddhist Gate's Protection Heavenly Gods, and he couldn't casually fill them with just anyone.

"Yaksha!" Jiang Chen put his attention on Yaksha. Yaksha was originally a true demon from the Demon Clan, and, when Jiang Chen took him, was considered extremely powerful. But, it couldn't withstand even a single blow from the current Jiang Chen, and it was too weak in comparison to him. It hadn't been able to grow stronger like the celestial and the dragon.

Jiang Chen would obviously not kill Yaksha to make an empty position. It was like how he had promised previously the Azure Demon that he just had to serve him for 20 years, before he would give him back his freedom.

Now, both the Azure Demon and Black Dragon were willing to help him, and he didn't need to mention them for now. As for the true demon, who converted to Buddhism, he also could be considered a good-hearted person, and Jiang Chen planned to make him one of the Heavenly Palace's members after he went back to the Heavenly Palace.

"If you continue exchanging them repeatedly, when will you manage to get all eight spiritual beings?" The Black Dragon questioned Jiang Chen.

At first, Yaksha's position didn't have a true demon, but a Demon Clan's blood demon.

"I would prefer to go with nothing rather than accepting shoddy options," Jiang Chen replied.

After a short while, the Buddhist Relic became the eight groups of spiritual beings' spirit shell, and he could now use them as he wanted. As a dazzling golden light emanated from the relic, both the Azure Demon and the Black Dragon came out of it.

"It's brilliant, too brilliant!" It seemed like the Black Dragon was quite excited and flew around freely. It didn't have a distance restriction any longer. This was one of the greatest changes brought by the Buddhist Relic.

Jiang Chen witnessed the Black Dragon flying to the end of his line of sight and going far away. But Jiang Chen still didn't try to restrict him. Dragons were proud and haughty, and when the Black Dragon was previously trapped in the scripture, it didn't say anything because it just had a Soul Body. But now, it had already reformed its fleshly body once again, and Jiang Chen could clearly detect that it was agitated. By the time the Black Dragon came back, it had already taken a humanoid form, and a tall and robust man with a resolute face appeared. A tyrannical air was emanating from it. The Black Dragon went toward Jiang Chen. It wanted to say something, but it couldn't help but hesitate.

"I won't restrict your freedom, and if you want to stay outside, just stay there. But now, I still need you. So, please fight for me," Jiang Chen understood what the Black Dragon wanted, and he spoke before him. Both the Black Dragon and the Azure Demon had a true body, but since they were still a part of the spiritual beings, they could go back to the spirit shell. They both wouldn't feel the elapsing of time or constriction of space in the spirit shell, and they would be in a mysterious state. Even though they wouldn't feel uncomfortable, like all intelligent beings, the Azure Demon and the Black Dragon yearned for the outside world.

The Black Dragon nodded, and it seemed as solemn as Jiang Chen had imagined. But its next actions surprised Jiang Chen greatly. The Black Dragon raised his right hand and extended three fingers. He expressed his respect for Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen felt quite proud of himself since he could let an arrogant true dragon take such actions.

Jiang Chen looked at the excited Azure Demon and said, "If you follow me, the whole world will shiver beneath our feet."


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