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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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"Don't rush it!" Jiang Chen forbade the eight groups of spiritual beings from fighting because the spirit shell was on the verge of collapse, and this supreme treasure would be ruined thoroughly if they fought another time. Jiang Chen could repair it once again, but its boundless Buddhist Power, as well as the Azure Demon and Black Dragon, would disappear completely. Jiang Chen was able to build his own eight groups of spiritual beings' box since he was in the Nine Heavens Realm. But since this one had accumulated great power so far, Jiang Chen wouldn't easily ruin it.

However, the current issue was that he couldn't deal with the infuriated Martial Saint without using the eight groups of spiritual beings. The Red Cloud Sword released Du Tian Divine Lightning and Solar Golden Flames, which possessed boundless power, but the Martial Saint could recover by taking just a few breaths.

"Lightning Disaster of Myriad Swords!" Jiang Chen tried to use his ultimate technique and planned to beat the Martial Saint so severely that he couldn't put up any resistance. But the blood-red energy bubbles couldn't just inflict harm upon others, they could also protect the Martial Saint's body.

After a short while, Jiang Chen's injuries surpassed the upper limit of his recovery power, and his situation started going downhill. Both Jiang Chen and the Martial Saint possessed great recovery power. But it was Jiang Chen who ended up surpassing his upper limit first. Moreover, Jiang Chen didn't possess an immortal body, and the Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood hadn't reached a high enough intensity that would allow him to come back to life.

"Illusory Void Absolute Death!"

At this moment, a Holy Technique struck the Martial Saint's back, and it left a hideous and bloody hole in it. It was Man Tianyin! She couldn't bear attacking, and she had managed to succeed by depending upon her Holy Skill. But she didn't have Buddhist Power's assistance, and the bloody hole made by her attack recovered quickly at a noticeable speed.

"Get lost!" The Martial Saint waved his hand casually, slapped Man Tianyin as one would swat a fly, and ended up sending her flying. Man Tianyin flew in the air like a kite whose string was broken, and she lost a large amount of blood.

"I will take your life!" Upon witnessing such a sight, Jiang Chen flew into a rage.

"You still aren't willing to admit defeat, are you?" The Martial Saint thrust out his fist, directing his punch at Jiang Chen's face.

However, this time, Jiang Chen had unexpectedly reacted quickly, and he thrust the Red Cloud Sword at his opponent's fist. The sword's blade cut open the fist's flesh, and even the fist's white bones could be clearly seen. However, the Martial Saint didn't care about this, and he still exerted his power on his arm, catching the Red Cloud Sword. But, in the next second, the Martial Saint started regretting his stupid actions. Jiang Chen's Du Tian Divine Lightning fused along with the Sky-burning Evil Flame, which was strengthened by the Solar Golden Flame, and they formed a type of berserk power.

The results of the fusion of these two forces weren't something as simple as one plus one, and their might rose by several folds. This power's upper limit couldn't be measured. Even the Red Cloud Sword couldn't bear such a berserk power, and the sword's cries echoed ceaselessly. The Martial Saint started trying to take back his arm. But, when he had just started trying, a power erupted out, bombarded his body, and tore it apart.


Such a sudden change made the crowd realize that anger was able to force out a person's whole potential, and such a great power almost exhausted the Solar Golden Flame's whole energy.

"Don't move again!" Jiang Chen looked at the Martial Saint who was torn apart and scolded him.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, you are bound to die in despair." The Martial Saint's voice still echoed all around.

Jiang Chen had never run into such a thorny opponent, and as he cursed him loudly, he continued controlling the previous power he had used to destroy wholly the Martial Saint's damaged body. However, it was a pity that he had exhausted most of his power and couldn't get again great effects such as he had had a moment ago

"This is the humans' weakness, their life force isn't as vigorous as a dragon's, and their power isn't as great as a monster, while their magical techniques aren't as mystical as the Wizard Clan. They can't even rival Spirits when it comes to communicating with worldly forces." The Martial Saint's voice was filled with excitement, and it seemed like he would shortly lose his mind. Getting the victory in such a way gave the Martial Saint a great sense of achievement.

"It's a pity for you that it's the Human Clan who will be flourishing," Jiang Chen replied, and what delighted the crowd was that it seemed from his voice that he was still brimming with power. When the crowd observed him carefully, they realized that the magical clone, who had been fighting with the fire dragon, had come back. As for the outcome of the fight with the fire dragon? It could only be said that there was one less respected dragon in the world.

"What can you do? You also have exhausted your power," the Martial Saint said.

"That surely isn't the case," Jiang Chen spoke and pointed his right hand at the Martial Saint's damaged body, while he released divine lightning and raging flames. The genius Jiang Chen remembered the mysterious principles he was in touch with when he was infuriated, and, since both the main body and the magical clone had the same consciousness, the other Jiang Chen, who had just finished his battle against the fire dragon, could also achieve it easily. Moreover, the technique's might was greater by several folds than a moment ago, and he quickly managed to surpass the Martial Saint's upper limit.

"How is this possible? How is this possible, this body doesn't possess any external power." The Martial Saint turned pale with fright, and since his emotions had gone through a great change quickly, his voice seemed slightly hoarse.

"You want to know the answer? Why don't you take a look at the fire dragon's corpse?" The two Jiang Chens spoke at the same time.

"The fire dragon's corpse?" The Martial Saint and the crowd looked for it everywhere. But they couldn't see the fire dragon's corpse. It was as if the fire dragon had disappeared wholly from the world. The answer was that there wasn't any corpse, as it had been refined and absorbed by Jiang Chen. This was why Jiang Chen's energy wasn't exhausted.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen's Solar Golden Flame had also surpassed Du Tian Divine Lightning, and it had reached the second level before the latter. After Du Tian Divine Lightning and the Sky-burning Evil Flame, which was strengthened by the Solar Golden Flame, fused together, they formed lightning that possessed great power. Jiang Chen instantly came up with a name for it, Aflame Divine Lightning. As the Martial Saint was burned mercilessly by the Aflame Divine Lightning, his vigorous life force started disappearing.

"Strive harder! Strive harder!"


Everyone was excited, and they started shouting at the same time. It was at this moment that several people appeared in the safe zone, and they all pounced at Jiang Chen to obstruct him. These people were possessed by evil spirits! When these people just got close to Jiang Chen, they were obstructed by Ao Yue and Xiao Yuan.

In the end, the Martial Saint died screaming resentful shouts. He was burned and refined until nothing was left of him. There was nothing for Jiang Chen to absorb. However, it was fortunate that a fire dragon had already filled his belly.

"According to the ancient rules of the clan, I must kill you without giving regard to anything. But you are my hero." The proud Ao Yue went toward Jiang Chen and slightly lowered her head. She expressed her respect!

"Jiang Chen!" Everyone shouted Jiang Chen's name, and that was especially the case for the rescued Sacred Lords.

Jiang Chen rushed toward Man Tianyin as soon as he could. He had sustained more than 100 blows from the Martial Saint, yet his injuries could only be considered slightly grave. As for the pitiful Man Tianyin, she was heavily injured by the Martial Saint.

"Didn't the Sovereign Spirit Palace provide you with any methods for protecting your life?" Jiang Chen treated her injuries, while he reproached the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

"Who would have expected that something like this could occur?" Man Tianyin said. Man Tianyin managed to quickly recover completely due to Jiang Chen's brilliant medical expertise. Then he helped her stand up. When they had just stood up, a large group of people rushed toward them. They all raised their right hands high and extended their thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers.

"This is the highest respect they can express," Man Tianyin said in a low voice.

"I know it." Jiang Chen raised his right hand and did the same hand gesture.

"Let's not look into the grudges between us, and let's not take revenge against anyone for now. In any case, we all have been deceived and fooled by the Blood Slave," Jiang Chen said. There wasn't anyone who had any objection because Jiang Chen's current words were tantamount to an imperial edict.

Xiao Yuan who was in the air felt quite unwell as he witnessed how everyone revered Jiang Chen. "It's merely an external power," Xiao Yuan muttered to himself. All of a sudden, Xiao Yuan recalled his own sneak attack and sword strike. He couldn't help but wonder whether Jiang Chen would look for him and take revenge. If Jiang Chen really attacked him, there wouldn't be anyone who would stand by his side.

However, it was fortunate that it seemed as if Jiang Chen didn't plan to take such an action.


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