The Brilliant Fighting Master
1334 The Blood Slave
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1334 The Blood Slave

It seemed in comparison as if Jiang Chen's fight against the fire dragon was just like playing. Of course, this wasn't really the case. And besides the eight groups of spiritual beings' Buddhist Power could only be used on a single person.


Returning to the main topic, the deformed Martial Saint flew around in the air, and, when he was about to fall down on the ground, a crackling sound similar to that of fried beans emanated from his body. However, the Martial Saint's injuries quickly recovered, and, after a short while, he was injury-free.

The Martial Saint flew into the air before the Sacred Lords' shocked gazes and said in a deep voice, "I have to ask you how many times can you use such a palm strike?" His ice-cold voice was filled with mockery, and he was ridiculing Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen frowned. The True Void Hand Seal was an ultimate killing technique, and it could achieve unexpected results. But now, it seemed like he had made a grave mistake.

"Did you really assume that I didn't get any benefits from turning into a Blood Slave." After the Martial Saint spoke, he charged once again at Jiang Chen in close quarters, as if he didn't possess any mystical magical techniques or martial techniques.

"You are speaking as if you didn't lose anything," Jiang Chen said in reply. The transformation into a Blood Slave let the Martial Saint get great recovery power. But he also couldn't use magical techniques and martial techniques any longer. Such a matter was very grave for a human. He was now like a wild beast, who had lost its claws and fangs.

"Humph, after I quit this state, I will obviously manage to learn them once again. It's a pity that you can't wait until then," the Martial Saint said.

"The only pitiful person here is you." Jiang Chen's eyes shone brightly. It seemed like they were able to penetrate the void, and no one could escape from them. When Jiang Chen detected the Martial Saint's aura, he thrust his sword without the least bit of hesitation. This was a simple stab, which didn't possess any Sword Doctrine power. But it still had the power of the Lightning Method's Penetrative True Will.

BANG! What no one had expected was that two hands were suddenly folded over the blade, and they held the Heavenly Fault Sword. It was the Martial Saint who had done it! The blade had obviously injured his hands. But he didn't care at all, and he revealed a sinister smile at Jiang Chen. He kicked his leg out at Jiang Chen then and his vigorous power extinguished Jiang Chen's lightning and tore his Buddhist Robe. As Jiang Chen was sent flying backward, the Heavenly Fault Sword fell completely out of his hands. The Martial Saint threw away the sword.

"How can this be beneficial to us? This guy can't be beaten to death."

"It's no wonder that he wanted to become a Blood Slave. He got so many benefits."

"Losing one's hair is nothing in comparison to this matter."

"What are you saying? Do you want to become a Blood Slave?"

Upon witnessing such a sight, the spirited crowd became restless once again, and many arguing voices echoed out.

"That's enough!" Ao Yue rebuked them impatiently. "The fight still hasn't come to an end. So, why are you so anxious?" That was right, the fight still hadn't come to an end, and Jiang Chen hadn't suffered any harm. Jiang Chen looked down toward the Heavenly Fault Sword and pulled out the Red Cloud Sword.

"An immortal body? It seems like you have paid a grave price for it," as Jiang Chen spoke, he started examining his opponent with his eyes.

"What? Are you trying to get information from me?" The Martial Saint laughed disdainfully, as he saw through Jiang Chen's plan.

"You have lost your martial techniques and magical abilities, and you just have brute power left. Don't you think that that is stupid? If I start using movement techniques, what can you do?" Jiang Chen said.

"It isn't like everyone is proficient in void-grade movement techniques," as the Martial Saint spoke, he looked playfully at the battle's spectators.

Jiang Chen just shook his head and smiled bitterly, before the crowd could come back to their senses. He was at a loss for words.

"Moreover, when did I say that I have just speed and power?"

"You will never manage to experience how powerful is a Blood Clan's member."

"They have eternal life, and a gift that they are allowed to be compatible with all myriad clans. What reason one has to defy such a clan?" The Martial Saint became more excited the more he spoke, and the magnetic field around him started twisting, and it seemed like liquid energy appeared around him. But what was different about it was that it wasn't transparent, but blood-red.

"Regardless of whether it has eternal life or compatibility with myriad clans doesn't matter. One can only get them through harming other people, and such a clan is just a cancer." Jiang Chen stated his opinion of the Blood Clan openly. If the Blood Clan's members didn't get fresh blood, they would just fall into sleep, and, after a certain period had passed, they would lose their minds and start killing each other. They would become terrifying beings! Regardless if it was to the Human Clan, the Spirit Clan, or the Dragon Clan, the Blood Clan was just a scourge.

"The weak are prey to the strong! Isn't this statement repeated by us constantly." The Martial Saint couldn't argue with Jiang Chen, and he became flustered and exasperated. That was why he let his power erupt out once again, and the blood-red energy bubbles around him started flying everywhere. The energy bubbles exploded around Jiang Chen, and they caused great destruction, which affected even the void.

Jiang Chen was forced then to wear the Tathagata Buddhist Robe, and he ended up losing the Invincible Golden Body state. These two states couldn't be used together. If it had been possible, Jiang Chen's defensive power would be so great that he could just stand in one place and let people attack him like they wanted. However, he still had Du Tian Divine Lightning because it depended upon the Doctrine Heart and Buddhist Bones.

As a matter of fact, the Tathagata Buddhist Robe's defensive power was lower than the Invincible Golden Body. But it was able to restrain the Blood Clan's members, and when the blood-red energy bubbles came in contact with the Buddhist Robe, their might fell greatly.

Jiang Chen didn't leave the Martial Saint enough time to respond, and he soared into the sky, while he waved his right hand. A small bronze cauldron appeared there, and it started becoming bigger as it flew down. It rammed the Martial Saint's body. As a rumbling sound echoed out, the Martial Saint was almost turned into a meat paste.

Jiang Chen delivered another blow and used the Solar Golden Flame to increase the Sky-burning Evil Flame's might. He burned the Martial Saint. The Solar Golden Flame and Sky-burning Evil Flame were both independent forces, which weren't related to his own body's power, and that was why they weren't restricted by the Buddhist Technique.

People held their breaths and awaited the outcome nervously. But they only ended up falling into despair because complacent laughter echoed from the flames. The Martial Saint twisted his body slightly, and it recovered as before without any injury.

Jiang Chen collected the bronze cauldron. He had a strong intense impulse to start cursing.

"You are a Martial Emperor, yet the supreme treasures possessed by you rival the supreme treasure of a Holy Land's Master." The Martial Saint stared at the bronze cauldron with his shining eyes. "Once I adapt to my current state, I will make full use of those supreme treasures for you."

"Well? Will you turn those supreme treasures into the Blood Clan's claws after getting them, and will you hide in the Xuanhuan Realm to slaughter your clansmen?" Jiang Chen spoke in mockery.

"Clansmen? I don't have such a thing." The Martial Saint threw caution to the wind, and he even denied his status as a human.

"His immortal body is surely due to an evil technique, and Buddhist Power should be able to purify it and melt it. Oh, that is right, I don't have a Buddhist Heart, and my Buddhist Power is much weaker. But divine lightning is also able to annihilate evil beings." As Jiang Chen was having these thoughts, he asked Xiao Ying to prepare the strongest lightning power he possessed.

When Jiang Chen was just fretting over how could he kill his opponent, the Sacred Spirits' voices reached his mind. "After you defeat it, don't stop, and continue using the Du Tian Divine Lightning and the Alien Flames ceaselessly." It seemed like even the Sacred Spirits were paying attention to this affair.

"It's my turn." The Martial Saint was beaten two times in succession into a miserable state, in which he couldn't even retaliate, and he was quite resentful. He revealed an evil smile and attacked once again, while blood-red energy bubbles revolved around him. Jiang Chen depended upon the Tathagata Buddhist Robe to face the Martial Saint head on. But even though the Buddhist Robe was able to weaken the energy bubbles' destructive power, the Martial Saint's brute power wasn't affected by it.

Since Jiang Chen wasn't using his Invincible Golden Body, he shortly ended up spitting up blood as he suffered the Martial Saint's punches and kicks. Jiang Chen quickly exchanged the Tathagata Buddhist Robe with the Invincible Golden Body. But then he ended up bombarded ceaselessly by the energy bubbles, and he got dizzy.

"Why don't you continue acting arrogantly? Why don't you continue showing off with clever talk?" The Martial Saint treated Jiang Chen like a punching bag and ravaged him mercilessly. He was giving vent to his anger!

"Let's go there!" The Azure Demon and the Black Dragon became anxious. They were ready to attack at any moment.


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