The Brilliant Fighting Master
1332 Slaying a Dragon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1332 Slaying a Dragon

"A revered saint doesn't need to fight with such an arrogant lad. Just let me deal with him." The fire dragon took the lead. It still chose to fight against the Sacred Lords even though it was aware that the Martial Saint was a Blood Slave.

However, the main reason why the fire dragon was so agreeable was that Jiang Chen was still vigorous and lively, and it assumed that Jiang Chen still had a fiery dragon's main source, which it hadn't stolen yet. This was why it wanted to rush over and attack Jiang Chen before he was killed by the Martial Saint.

"Are you still standing on the side of the Blood Slave?" Ao Yue was displeased, and she spoke in a sharp voice, "Don't you give any regard to the Dragon Clan's honor?"

"The dragons ended up falling from the Xuanhuan Realm's overlords to their current lowly status only because they valued such principles and didn't know how to use all means possible to get ahead." The fire dragon had probably been scolded too much by Ao Yue, using the Dragon Clan's honor as an excuse, and that was why it couldn't keep from answering back out of displeasure.

Just after this, the fire dragon got the Martial Saint's permission and flew toward Jiang Chen. Ao Yue wanted to obstruct it, but she was scared by the Martial Saint's sharp gaze. "The Martial Saint wants to use the dragon to see what Jiang Chen is depending upon to fight," Ao Yue thought to herself.

After so much had occurred, the crowd realized that Jiang Chen wasn't a fool, and, since he dared to act arrogantly even in front of a Martial Saint, he was obviously anything but simple.

"It's a pity that I didn't manage to burn you to ashes the last time we met." The fire dragon looked at Jiang Chen disdainfully and observed the situation of the fiery dragon's main source within Jiang Chen's body. A confused look appeared on the fire dragon's face because it still detected the fiery dragon's main source within Jiang Chen's body. However, the fire dragon couldn't steal it like last time because the source had been completely absorbed by Jiang Chen's body and fused with him. It was tantamount to Jiang Chen getting a dragon body, and it was still at a true dragon grade.

"Your highness the princess, this guy isn't like the humans that used draconic blood to strengthen their bodies; he directly used the main source. It can be said that he has almost altered his body's structure. What should be his punishment according to the Dragon Clan's ancient rules?" The fire dragon, after discovering such a matter, looked in mockery at Ao Yue.

"Everyone who disrespects true dragons must be killed," Ao Yue spoke with displeasure.

"So, shouldn't you fight along with me?" The fire dragon continued to mock Ao Yue.

Ao Yue snorted coldly and ignored him.

"In the past, I didn't have a way of dealing with you. But you should be aware of the magical effects of the Fire God Scripture's fourth layer," the fire dragon said to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was obviously aware of it. The fourth layer was able to turn enemies into pure energy, which could then be absorbed.

"You have reminded me of it." Jiang Chen became quite interested in this fire dragon. The fire dragon's Solar Golden Flame was surely more vigorous than his own, and, if he could absorb it, his Sky-burning Flame would probably reach five-tenths of its whole power.

"Flame Emperor's inheritor, come over," the fire dragon invited Jiang Chen over.

"Last time, you caught me off guard and mounted a sneak attack on me. So please don't speak so grandly," Jiang Chen said.

"What do you want to do?" The fire dragon spoke angrily. The fire dragon could turn a blind eye to Ao Yue, who stated repeatedly that it had brought disgrace to the Dragon Clan, but it still wouldn't allow someone from another clan to insult it.

"Why don't you let me mount a sneak attack on you? Let me try it," Jiang Chen said.

The crowd was flabbergasted and didn't understand what Jiang Chen meant by this.

"Come over then," fire dragon spoke mockingly.

Jiang Chen was probably the first person to talk about a sneak attack so openly and grandly.

Jiang Chen's next actions confused the crowd, as he raised his right arm and pointed it at the fire dragon. However, there weren't any signs that he was building up any power, and everything was still calm and peaceful. However, Jiang Chen's gaze was becoming ice-cold, and killing intent emanated from his eyes. He raised a finger, as if he was about to fire an attack.

"Will you mount a sneak attack on me like this...?"

The fire dragon was just about to mock Jiang Chen, but before it finished speaking, a light beam attacked its body, and as a rumbling sound echoed out, it suffered a heavy blow, and its whole body leaned sideways. As many alarmed cries rang out, draconic blood splattered up in the sky, and a pained dragon roar reverberated throughout the land. Just by listening to it, one could discern that the fire dragon was injured heavily. The fire dragon's humanoid form burst open, and a draconic body that was 1,000 feet long appeared in the sky.

The crowd managed then to see a shining golden arrow was stuck in the dragon's body.

"The Human Emperor Bow!" Liu Yiyi, who was in the safe zone, managed to recognize the arrow, and her words were a reminder to others. They all recalled the Human Emperor Bow! This weapon had a special significance in the Bloody Sea Realm, and they all recalled the Young Human Emperor, who had been killed by Jiang Chen. However, the current issue was who was now using the Human Emperor Bow?

In a distant place, Jiang Chen's magical clone was standing atop a mountain's peak. The Human Emperor Bow's string was vibrating slightly, and the whole world had been affected by it. Just after this, the magical clone took a deep breath and put two Human Emperor Arrows on the string.

In the safe zone's sky, the infuriated fire dragon shot out draconic flames, and a sea of flames ran amok in this land, while many innocent people were burned to ashes by it. Moreover, as fireballs started falling down like drops of rain, the people in the safe zone were frightened, and they quickly took cover.

Jiang Chen was also standing among the sea of flames, and, before his body was engulfed completely by them, the crowd witnessed him rushing forward. Jiang Chen forcefully tore apart the sea of flames, as he rushed forward at a high speed, and his whole body emanated golden light. The fire dragon's draconic flames could inflict burns upon Jiang Chen's body. But he had a flawless divine body and the Invincible Golden Body, and he could resist them for now. The draconic flames were crazily burning Jiang Chen's defenses. But Jiang Chen managed to rush out of the sea of flames before they succeeded in destroying all his defenses.

Jiang Chen held the fire dragon's head with both hands, and he didn't let it even open its mouth. He exerted the power in his arms, and, as he moved his legs, he flung away the fire dragon. As the fire dragon lost control of its body once again, Jiang Chen followed it closely, and his Immeasurable Ruler took a spear's shape. The lightning flickering at the spear's head wasn't as dazzling as before, and it had something slightly different about it. The crowd discovered that everywhere the spear passed by, the space membrane would be torn apart as if it were a frail piece of paper. The draconic scales, which all dragons were proud of, couldn't withstand even a single blow from such a spear, and the spearhead penetrated the dragon's body, while lightning erupted out.

"A Penetrative True Will!"

"The divine lightning had a Penetrative True Will. It's really terrifying."

"Jiang Chen is really unique among all lightning method's inheritors."

The people on the ground immediately noticed the powerful trait of Jiang Chen's spear. A hole was made in the fire dragon's body, and blood spluttered out of it. As the blood came into contact with the raging flames, the blood started burning like kerosene. The fire dragon who was now among the raging flames formed its own shield. This was one of the dragons' amazing abilities. Another amazing ability of the dragons was their tenacious vitality.

The fire dragon, who had suffered such heavy injuries, rushed out of the raging flames, still aggressive and energetic. Everything in the world became a flammable object for the fire dragon, and the sea of flames' scope was only becoming wider. Even though Jiang Chen was using the Invincible Golden Body Technique, he almost couldn't bear the flames any longer.

However, it was fortunate that he managed to escape into the void in time, displaying his brilliant movement techniques.

The fire dragon didn't want to let Jiang Chen off, and it still continued burning everything. It seemed that even the void couldn't bear its flames' might. But Jiang Chen's movement technique was quite special, and he could always leave the sea of flames' scope in time. The crowd could see clearly that the fire dragon was continuously flying upward, and they didn't dare to approach the fighters due to the scalding temperature.

"He, he." The Martial Saint suddenly laughed. The reason he laughed was that if Jiang Chen's power was limited to just this, he really didn't need to worry about anything.

Jiang Chen ended up falling into a bitter fight. A dragon's great power wasn't just a false rumor, and it still possessed tenacious vitality. One couldn't deal with it by just inflicting serious injuries upon it. Jiang Chen had to continue attacking the dragon ceaselessly until he exhausted it to death. But this was only possible if he wouldn't end up getting killed by it. Jiang Chen was now facing the fire dragon's largest attack, and he felt like he was surrounded by peril. But it was fortunate that Jiang Chen had spent three days preparing for this ordeal, and he had comprehended the Void Movement Technique. If he hadn't had it, he would have been defeated by the fire dragon.


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