The Brilliant Fighting Master
1331 Falling Hair
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1331 Falling Hair

In people's eyes, it seemed like Jiang Chen didn't have any respect for all the world's beings. He wouldn't care whether one was from the Divine Recluse Clan or the Magical Wizard Clan—he would just kill them. Even if it was a Martial Saint, so what? He was still as arrogant and carefree as before.

The words stated by Jiang Chen gave rise to heated debate. Was the dignified Martial Saint in front of them in fact a Blood Slave?

The Martial Saint frowned and pursed his lips.

The team of people led by Jiang Chen arrived. Jiang Chen wore a long robe and he didn't have any protective equipment. But intense confidence emanated from him, and it affected even the people next to him.

"Don't talk rubbish. This isn't a suitable time for you to mess around." When Jiang Chen appeared, Xiao Yuan reprimanded him and asked him to not affront the Martial Saint. After all, they were all Sacred Lords, and they could be considered members of the same camp.

"Who the h*ll are you? I still haven't paid you back. So, don't start trying to boss people around." Jiang Chen still didn't forget Xiao Yuan's sneak attack, and the sword strike he had delivered to him.

"You killed my close friend, and that sword strike could even be considered light retribution," Xiao Yuan admitted it openly and spoke confidently.

However, Jiang Chen was aware that the reason Xiao Yuan attacked him wasn't Shi Lezhi alone.

"I'm really curious what is your relationship with that woman? Why are you afraid that people will learn of it?" Jiang Chen said.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Xiao Yuan didn't admit it.

On the other side, the wave of pressure emanating from the Martial Saint oppressed people so much that they almost couldn't breathe properly.

Jiang Chen had slandered the Martial Saint. But he didn't explain anything clearly and then he had started arguing with another person. It was obvious that the Martial Saint would take offense.

"You have said that I'm a Blood Slave, didn't you?" The Martial Saint spoke coldly.

Before Jiang Chen could answer, Xiao Yuan said, "Elder, don't pay attention to what he said, I will teach him a lesson."

After Xiao Yuan spoke, he transmitted his voice to Jiang Chen once again and he said, "If the Martial Saint is determined to attack us, all of us Sacred Lords will lose our lives. Aren't you aware of this?"

"So, you will ignore his identity just because of this reason, will you?" Jiang Chen asked back.

Xiao Yuan was left at a loss for words, and, after he quieted for a moment, he said, "I will give you ten second, and if you can't provide any proof, I will unsheathe my sword."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and stood his ground without moving. Time slowly elapsed second by second, while the ambiance was still so odd, and everyone felt like time was elapsing too slowly. As Jiang Chen took his eleventh breath, he took a deep breath on purpose. He didn't wait for Xiao Yuan to attack, and he started quickly weaving hand signs with both hands, while boundless Buddhist Power emanated from him.

"Buddhist Radiance Illumination!"

Golden light erupted out, and Jiang Chen seemed like a scorching sun hung high in the sky. No one could escape from the light! The Martial Saint was the first to bear its brunt, and his body emitted an intense reaction as the Buddhist Light shone upon him. His whole body's hair started burning, and it was also the case for his brow, beard, and long hair. His heroic appearance disappeared, and he seemed now funny and ridiculous. But no one dared to laugh because the Martial Saint's gaze was ice-cold.

Xiao Yuan, who was about to attack with his sword, was stunned by such a sight.

"A Blood Slave!"

Everyone was still safe and sound when the Buddhist Light shone upon them, and they even felt peace and serenity. As for the Martial Saint, everyone witnessed his changes with their own eyes, and they realized that what Jiang Chen had said was true.

However, panic didn't appear on the face of the Martial Saint through the whole process, and he just wore a gloomy look, while his gaze became scary. The Martial Saint wasn't afraid of getting exposed. Or rather, he wasn't able to hide anything in front of the Buddhist Light, and that was why he didn't bother wasting time getting panicky over it. This was a resolute man, which meant that he was also vicious and ruthless.

"B*stard!" Xiao Yuan sweated. It was unknown whether he was cursing Jiang Chen or the situation unfolding in front of his eyes.

As they now had a Martial Saint enemy, it wasn't just Xiao Yuan alone who was affected. Despair appeared on the face of even Ao Yue.

"It's precisely because I'm a Blood Slave that I know how we can get out." The Martial Saint didn't bother hiding anything, and he spoke boldly. When the crowd heard that they could get out, they started forgetting their fright of the Blood Slave.

"The Sacred Spirits left us here to die and to go and deal with the Evil Blood Emperor, who we can't defeat. They have harmed me, and it's because of them that I ended up becoming a Blood Slave. However, the Evil Blood Emperor isn't as unreasonable as the Sacred Spirits, and he can take us out of here." The Martial Saint started trying to instigate the crowd.

"What will we do after leaving? Should we become the Xuanhuan Realm's traitors?" Jiang Chen didn't talk at length about this matter, and he managed to persuade the people, who were about to be bewitched by the Martial Saint, with several words.

Many people came back to their senses. It would be better for them to die while fighting, rather than ending up in such a situation. But it wasn't like everyone had such a resolution, and some people felt like a bad life was better than an honorable death.

"It's you who have forced my hand. Moreover, the Blood Clan isn't as bad as you say, and just the eternal life alone is a gift that none can refuse," the Martial Saint said.

"If anyone of you has visited a prison, he will discover that all those criminals, who had a fiendish aura, had common traits, and it's that they all believed that they were left without a choice and were forced by their circumstances to harm other people. Those people are like the current you," when Jiang Chen finished speaking, he looked at the Martial Saint.

"What about you? What can you do after coming here for such a virtuous cause?" The Martial Saint discovered that he couldn't outspeak Jiang Chen, and that was why he became exasperated and flustered.

"What I will do next is quite simple, I will dispose of you, kill the Evil Blood Emperor, and leave the Bloody Sea Realm. I will then go into secluded cultivation for a while and come up with new sword techniques, before going to the Spirit Zone..."

"Shut up!" When the Martial Saint heard Jiang Chen describing what he would do earnestly, he flew into a rage.

However, they were many people who started laughing. They felt like the stifling feeling the Martial Saint had introduced was much alleviated by Jiang Chen. 

"Sirs, asking you to make a decision now is a cruel matter because all you want is just to survive. If you aren't provided even an opportunity for survival, then you will obviously try to overthrow anything in your way," Jiang Chen spoke to the people on the safe zone's ground.

"That's right!"

"You aren't mistaken!"

"We just want to survive."

Jiang Chen's words reached these people's hearts.

"This is why you don't need to do anything now. If I end up being killed by this guy, you will just have to follow the Blood Clan and join it. But if I can kill him, let's go look for the Evil Blood Emperor, how about it?" Jiang Chen said.

As such words echoed, many people looked at each other, and they all couldn't help but nod. Jiang Chen had previously sacrificed himself to save other people, and many people adored him due to this. It was the case for even the people who had attacked the Sacred Lords. After a short while, the safe zone's people became less hostile to them than before by much, and most of them chose what Jiang Chen had suggested. They abstained from doing anything.

It's no wonder that he can get a Saint Aura. Sacred Lords like Ao Yue and Hai Xi couldn't help but have such thoughts.

If one got a Sacred Spirit's approval, he must shoulder the responsibility of keeping the Xuanhuan Realm in safety and fighting against the Blood Clan. However, they all couldn't be compared to Jiang Chen, as they just used their titles to compete with each other. They weren't prepared themselves for dealing with affairs of state and diplomacy.

Pah! Upon witnessing that Jiang Chen's prestige was so great, Xiao Yuan felt quite unwell.

"You have the gift of the gab, you really have the gift of the gab. But I have suddenly realized that I don't need to outspeak you." The Martial Saint started losing his reason.

"I have a question, and I really want to get to know the answer," Jiang Chen spoke earnestly and honestly. "I'm just wondering that since your hair all fell out after becoming a Blood Slave, did that thing down below also fall down?"

When these words echoed out, Man Tianyin, Yiya, Ao Yue, and the other women all turned their heads and looked at him in disbelief, while their cheeks became flushed.

As for the men, they all had a tacit mutual understanding, and they all erupted into laughter.

"Die!" The Martial Saint went insane thoroughly.


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