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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1329 Stupidity

Jiang Chen didn't make smooth progress during the next three days, even though he had two magical clones. The reason was that Jiang Chen wanted to make a general path for himself to follow so that he wouldn't waste too much time and energy. Moreover, he discovered that creating magical techniques by himself was more difficult than he had imagined, and he was still too immature in comparison to Martial Sovereigns and Martial Gods. Even if he managed to create a magical technique, its might wouldn't be satisfying.

After Jiang Chen got the golden lightning, his Sword Doctrine couldn't keep up with his other aspects, and the only exception to this was Heaven Destruction Sword Move, which he could only use through coordinating with his magical clones.

Besides that, it was only the Instantaneous Sword Move, Peerless and Magnificent Wind Move, and Lightning Disaster of Myriad Swords Technique that could still be considered exceptional.

I need to cultivate properly for a long period, Jiang Chen thought inwardly.

Even though the main body's progress in the Sword Doctrine was small, the two magical clones' results were quite pleasing. Jiang Chen's holy skill progressed well due to Xiao Ying's help, which let him get good accomplishments in lightning techniques, and he reached the Void Domain. The Foot Apart World Technique was fused with the Void Escape Technique, and he invented a unique movement technique. Moreover, he learned divine lightning's true principles. He wouldn't any longer use lightning power to bombard enemies' defenses, and he could now condense it into a thin bolt and use it to penetrate the enemies' defenses.

Jiang Chen got good achievements with the Human Emperor Bow, and in just three short days, he already became able to shoot two linked arrows. When Jiang Chen pulled open the Human Emperor Bow in the correct way, a helmet appeared atop his head and many circular crystals around his eyes. They allowed him to clearly see the situation of the third area's safe zone from his current location.

Jiang Chen finally experienced the feeling the Young Human Emperor had while shooting arrows from the dark. However, it still wasn't easy to shoot dead an enemy while separated by a whole continent. Every arrow he would shoot would consume power, which wasn't any less than what he would consume by using an ultimate technique. Even though Jiang Chen's divine body was vigorous and robust, his magical clone could only shoot two times in succession. However, the shots' might surpassed the might of the Young Human Emperor's shots greatly, and the reason behind this was the great power of Jiang Chen and his flawless divine body, as well as his Martial Dais's grade. That was right, shooting arrows was related to even the Martial Dais because such archery was like a magical technique, and when Jiang Chen successfully managed to shoot two linked arrows, he felt as if he had gotten enlightened about many aspects.

Jiang Chen wouldn't say anything further about this, and, after he prepared well, he brought Tianyin, Yiya, and the others with him and rushed toward the safe zone. At this moment, the safe zone's ambiance was quite stifling. The number of captured Sacred Lords had already surpassed 50, and such a number satisfied greatly the mad people inside the safe zone, and they all started negotiating with the Sacred Spirits. Their method was quite simple—they would start before noon killing a Sacred Lord every hour, and they would continue until the Sacred Spirits released them.

However, since people who weren't Sacred Lords couldn't hear Sacred Spirits' voices, it was the captured Sacred Lords who would convey what the Sacred Spirits had to say.

"It's useless! They all don't care about this, aren't you aware of that?"

"The Sacred Spirits don't possess any feelings of sympathy."

The Sacred Lords almost had a mental breakdown because they didn't know how they should explain such a matter to these barbarian people.

"You should inform the Sacred Spirits that if they don't open the channel and let us leave, we will deliver your fresh blood to the fifth area. We will swear loyalty to the Evil Blood Emperor and become his Blood Slaves."

"Since the Sacred Spirits are so afraid of the Evil Blood Emperor, then he's surely powerful enough to threaten the Sacred Spirits and lead us out of this land."

The Sacred Lords didn't expect that the people here were crazier than they ever imagined, and their expressions changed drastically. The person who stated such words was one of the three leaders. His name was Wu Changqing and was from the half-monster clan. He had sunken eyes and an aquiline nose. Even though Wu Changqing didn't have a monster's special traits, one could still discern that his half-monster part was from an eagle monster through observing his facial features.

Wu Changqing's words didn't just scare the Sacred Lords, even the people following him looked at each other in dismay. 

Joining the Evil Blood Emperor and becoming Blood Slaves? This was a matter, which many people had never considered. But as they pondered it, they realized that this was a great threat for the Sacred Spirits, and that was why much cheering echoed out. The Sacred Lords exchanged a glance and started trying to communicate with the Sacred Spirits.

"You have already violated the rules by coming into the Bloody Sea Realm to train and you have taken advantage of the rules' loopholes. But now that you ended up stranded, you want to make bogus accusations? What kind of reason is this?" One of the captured Sacred Lords stood up and questioned Wu Changqing.

"It's hopeless, you haven't seen the fourth area's Blood Clan army, and everyone can only flee in defeat if he faced them. So, don't even talk about trying to kill the Evil Blood Emperor." 

Wu Changqing wore a stern look and didn't say anything, while someone next to him started to act as a mediator between them. It was a young woman, who was in her 30s, and her youthful air was in conflict with her mature charm. The woman's words let many people recall the despair they felt while facing the Blood Clan great army, and it let them resolve themselves to forcing the Sacred Spirits to open a channel so that they could get a chance for survival.

"The Sacred Spirits responded." It was at this moment that a Sacred Lord stood up and said, "The Blood Clan great army was lured into the fourth area, and the fifth area's Evil Blood Emperor has been isolated. This is a golden opportunity."

When such words echoed around the area, many discussions arose.

"I have already heard similar statements, and I don't believe them. It's also your Sacred Spirits' statements that have drawn us into the fourth area, and we ended up encircled by the Blood Clan great army due to them." Wu Changqing rebuked them angrily, "There is no room for discussion. You just have to open the channel and let us leave."

"That is right, let us leave!"

"What rights do you have to imprison us here?"

"That is right! That is right!"

Many voices echoed one after the other like waves, and they all supported this matter.

"It's because you have entered here by yourself, and it's because you have gotten many benefits here." However, a voice that expressed a different view echoed from the sky, and this meant that someone had come to confront them.

The crowd raised their heads to have a look, and they witnessed the person at the top of the Sacred Lord List, Xiao Yuan, as well as Ao Yue, who was ranked third. They both came one after the other, and there were several powerful Sacred Lords behind them, as well as experts, who weren't Sacred Lords. After all, it wasn't like everyone had lost their minds.

"Good, pretty good! Both of you have gotten the inheritance, and the Sacred Spirits fancied you."

"If we capture you, the Sacred Spirits will surely give in, and obey us."

The people in the city weren't angry. Instead, they laughed heartily, and they assumed that Xiao Yuan and the others had just walked right into the trap.

"Sirs, if you go with us to the fifth area, we will still have a chance." Xiao Yuan still seemed as graceful and elegant as last time.

"Who knows whether a colossal Blood Clan army is awaiting us?" Wu Changqing spoke in mockery.

"Last time, the Sacred Lords had to maintain secrecy because people possessed by evil spirits were among us. But now, they have already achieved their goals and separated the great army from the Evil Blood Emperor," Ao Yue said.

Xiao Yuan also said, "The people possessed by evil spirits were aware that they fell into a trap, and that was why they tried to sow discord between us, and they caused the current situation."

This pair of a man and a woman had great prestige, and many people on the ground were swayed by their speech.

"Are you implying that I'm possessed by an evil spirit? You are really scheming!" Wu Changqing squinted his eyes that flickered brightly. All of a sudden, his body moved, and he flew through the air to attack Xiao Yuan. He pounced at him accurately and fiercely like an eagle pouncing on its prey.

Xiao Yuan shook his head, and a sword blade appeared between his fingers once again. It didn't have any hilt or guard. As Xiao Yuan thrust his sword casually, a sword beam shuttled through space, and it didn't just block Wu Changqing's attack, it also forced him to move back.

When Wu Changqing managed to gain back his balance, he found out that his palm was drenched with blood.

"The person at the top of the list is really at the top."

The captured Sacred Lords on the ground became spirited, and they felt like they had sighted upon a glimmer of hope.


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