The Brilliant Fighting Master
1328 Sorting Things out Once Again
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1328 Sorting Things out Once Again

After Jiang Chen became a Martial Emperor, he didn't bother about magical techniques because he possessed Du Tian Divine Lightning. But this didn't mean that magical techniques weren't important. On the contrary, if a martial-grade expert couldn't use magical techniques, it would be difficult for him to make any progress.

But Jiang Chen had achieved a breakthrough only after entering the Bloody Sea Realm, and his situation was understandable. If Jiang Chen faced an opponent who had a magical movement technique, it wouldn't matter how powerful the Du Tian Divine Lightning was, as it would be useless if he couldn't hit his opponent.

But it was fortunate that Hei Yun was too confident in himself, and he had provided Jiang Chen with an answer. The Eternal Instant Technique? He could also use it, and, even though his own wouldn't be authentic, it would still have the same principles. When Jiang Chen used a sword move, Hei Yun regretted the fact that he had blabbered too much. He felt an intense sense of crisis, and he realized that he must take this matter seriously.

Hei Yun exerted his power, and he immediately disappeared from his former place. He wasn't escaping—he was just dealing with Jiang Chen's sword move in this way. "Changeable Movement Technique!" Hei Yun seemed like a ball jumping around everywhere in the air. No one could find him or catch him.

However, Jiang Chen didn't release his sword move's power even after a long while, and his eyes shone brightly, as he tried to find his opponent.

The crowd held their breaths, and they all realized that this was a crucial juncture.

Jiang Chen had only several seconds to look for his target, and, after that, his sword power would go out of control and injure him. Jiang Chen quickly realized that he couldn't lock into Hei Yun, and his Sword Doctrine's expertise wasn't able to help him find someone hiding in the void. But, this didn't mean that he didn't have any ways of dealing with this matter. Since he couldn't target his opponent, he would just have to engulf the whole void.

"Sword, rise!"

Jiang Chen soared into the sky while holding his sword, and the whole 100-mile-radius around him was affected, and myriad sword beams turned into bolts shooting all around. After the sword beams reached their pinnacle, they didn't disappear due to the Eternal Instant Technique, and they lasted for a long time without disappearing.

In the end, the sword beams formed a transparent bud, and when the bud blossomed, all the sword beams shot backward and went back once again to Jiang Chen's sword.

No one could understand what had just happened, and, as a strong wind blew, their hair fluttered.

Ahhhh! Suddenly, a miserable scream echoed out, and Hei Yun appeared once again in front of the crowd, as if he had just fallen from a tall terrace. His whole body was covered with cuts and injuries. Every sword injury wasn't significant by itself, but since dozens of wounds had been inflicted upon him, his injuries became quite grave.

The crowd sucked in a breath of cold air. This fight still ended with Jiang Chen getting the victory, and, even Hei Yun, who had the greatest movement techniques, couldn't escape from Jiang Chen's sword.

The people who had come here along with Hei Yun reacted quickly. They were all aware that they wouldn't have any hope left even if they stayed here, and they quickly escaped at their highest speeds. This was also the case for Liu Yiyi, but she was obstructed by Man Tianyin. Man Tianyin's injuries still hadn't recovered, but Man Tianyin didn't dare to attack her because she couldn't withstand Jiang Chen's anger.

"D*mn!" Hei Yun shouted loudly in pain, while white light emanated from his chest. However, before the white light started shining brightly, a sword descended from the sky and penetrated the white light. At this moment, Hei Yun became anxious and panicky. There was a space-time spirit seal in his breast bone, and, regardless of where he was, and how dangerous was the land, as long as he activated it, he could immediately run away.

But Jiang Chen had noticed it early. He destroyed the spirit seal with a sword strike and killed Hei Yun.

"Do you want to become the third one?"

While facing many respectful gazes, Jiang Chen went toward Liu Yiyi and questioned her coldly.

"No, I don't want to." Liu Yiyi shook her head quickly.

The Heavenly Sword Envoy and Hei Yun had died one after the other, and she understood what Jiang Chen meant by the third one.

"Inform me of everything I need to know, and I may spare your life," Jiang Chen said.

Liu Yiyi wasn't sure what Jiang Chen needed to know, and that was why she just stated everything she knew.

What was really coincidental was that the people who captured the Sacred Lords to threaten the Sacred Spirits had taken the third area's safe zone as their base camp, and it was Jiang Chen who was in charge of this land.

They had captured more than 40 Sacred Lords and imprisoned them in the city. The people leading such an operation were three middle-aged men, who didn't have the best talent among the people here, but they still surpassed others due to their old age, because they had built up great power over a long time.

Their realm level had almost reached the Martial Saint Realm's threshold. As for their fighting prowess, it was needless to mention since those three people would use external power, and their power could now only be described by the words deep and immeasurable.

Besides them, there were still many people who were as famous as the Sacred Lord List's top ten, and one of them was the fire dragon. After he got a fire dragon's main source, his power advanced by leaps and bounds, and he could now even fight the golden dragon, Ao Yue, without suffering a defeat.

After Jiang Chen understood this affair clearly, he handed over Liu Yiyi to Man Tianyin, and let her deal with Liu Yiyi as she wanted. Man Tianyin let this woman leave because Liu Yiyi hadn't wanted to kill her. In any case, many people had already escaped, and another one wouldn't make any difference.

"Jiang Chen, what should we do now?" The remaining people went to Jiang Chen's side and awaited his instructions. These people were all the Bloody Sea Realm's best experts, and that could be discerned from the fact that they had planned previously to take part in the hunt for the Evil Blood Emperor.

As Jiang Chen looked at Hai Xi, he heard from Yiya what he had done in the past few days.

Could it be that my palm and slaps are able to teach people how to follow a righteous path? Jiang Chen thought inwardly, before he expressed his thanks to Hai Xi and put an end to the feud between them.

"The Blood Clan's great army is trapped in the fourth area, while the Evil Blood Emperor is in the fifth area. This is a golden opportunity, and we must quickly start taking actions," Jiang Chen said. "Our current people aren't enough to deal with him, and we still need to cooperate with others."

If Jiang Chen didn't take his external power into consideration, he wouldn't then dare to state that he was the strongest, and that was why he wouldn't take such risks.

"But those people won't obey us," Yiya said.

Yiya recalled her argument with the Heavenly Sword Envoy, and she could surmise from it that it wasn't easy to persuade those people. As a matter of fact, this was really the case, and Jiang Chen even detected the presence of Blood Slaves and evil spirits among those people.

"Let's beat them until they agree. But, you still must leave me three days before it." After Jiang Chen fought with Hei Yun, he realized that he must sort out once again everything he had learned in his life so that he could release his Immortal Dais's whole power.

Jiang Chen and the crowd moved to a different location, while Jiang Chen summoned his two magical clones, and they cultivated at the same time so that he could race better against time. Jiang Chen was a swordsman, and regardless if it was the Ksana Sword Method or the Sword Scripture, the moves had to be improved to, at least, reach the level of a magical technique, so that they would befit his current power.

This was what the main body would do. As for the magical clones, one of them would spend his time on the wind and fire aspects, while the other one was holding the Human Emperor Bow, which Liu Yiyi wanted to take back.

Jiang Chen had gotten the strengthened Human Emperor Arrows from the Sacred Spirits, and he put an arrow on the bowstring, before he started trying to pull the string. When Man Tianyin witnessed this action, she was startled because she was aware that it was only someone with the Human Emperor Bones that could pull the string of the Human Emperor Bow. But while she was still hesitating, her pupils suddenly got wide because when Jiang Chen's exerted his power, the bowstring unexpectedly moved.

Jiang Chen's whole being, as well as the Human Emperor Bow, had gone through a mystical transformation, and his peerless divine body had substituted for the Human Emperor Bones, while his heartbeat and breathing and even his pulse fused completely with the bowstring. However, even when Jiang Chen used nearly his whole power, he could only pull the string into a half-moon shape, and when he fired the Human Emperor Arrow, it deviated from its path. But the arrow still possessed great power, and it destroyed all the obstacles in front of it.

"Archery isn't as simple as pulling the string and putting an arrow on it." Jiang Chen understood this matter. The knowledge contained in such a field wasn't probably any lower than the Sword Doctrine.


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