The Brilliant Fighting Master
1327 Unhittable, Unbeatable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1327 Unhittable, Unbeatable

As arcs of electricity flickered, the Immeasurable Ruler took on a sword's shape.

"Ksana Sword Method: The Fourth Move!"

This sword strike had Jiang Chen's Supreme Will as its inner core, while it was also supported by the golden lightning that turned the Immeasurable Ruler into a Pseudo-Immortal Artifact. The sword became extremely sharp, while it also released shocking power.


As the sounds of thunder and lightning echoed all around, it seemed as if Jiang Chen tore open the membrane of space and entered it. He disappeared from the crowd's line of sight.

The Heavenly Sword Envoy was a swordsman, and he was aware of how powerful this sword strike was. However, he didn't do anything but use his whole power to form a firm shield.

In the twinkling of an eye, Jiang Chen's sword move was executed.

All the Heavenly Sword Envoy could feel was a wind blowing at him. However, when he had just assumed that Jiang Chen was only bluffing, he discovered that the faces of the people in their vicinity were filled with shock and fright.

When he lowered his head to take a look, he also became terrified. His body had been torn apart even though he didn't feel any pain, and there was still lightning flickering in the gashes on his body, gradually releasing its power.

"Do not..."

The Heavenly Sword Envoy had started to speak, but he only got two words out before thunder rolls echoed loudly, and he was obliterated thoroughly.

The people that had mocked Jiang Chen previously were all dumbstruck, and they found these circumstances hard to believe. They couldn't understand where Jiang Chen, who had been frail and weak a short time ago, had gotten such amazing fighting prowess.

Moreover, when his power erupted, it was so terrifying.

"Look over there quickly."

Someone discovered something and pointed at Jiang Chen, asking others to take a look. A magnetic field that fluctuated intensely appeared around Jiang Chen and caused his clothes to become tattered.

Let it be known that the Heavenly Sword Envoy died before he attacked, and the reason why Jiang Chen ended up in such a state was because his sword move was too strong. It put such a heavy burden on him that his body couldn't bear its power.

If Jiang Chen hadn't had a flawless divine body, the consequences wouldn't have been so simple, and it wouldn't have been only his clothes that were torn. At the same time, if he hadn't had such a special body, he also wouldn't have managed to reach such a high degree of power.

"Two people."

Jiang Chen moved his mouth, and, when he spoke this time, his eyes stared at Hei Yun.

As the crowd thought about the Heavenly Sword Envoy's end, they worried about Hei Yun.

"Come on over!" Hei Yun's robe fluttered in the wind, while his hood fell off and a face with sharp features was revealed. He had an eerie air.

Hei Yun wasn't scared by the Heavenly Sword Envoy's end, and he even provoked Jiang Chen.

"Ksana Sword Method: the Fourth Move."

Jiang Chen used the same move once again, and it was the same sword strike as he had used on the Heavenly Sword Envoy. This frightened many people.

"Is he capable of repeatedly using such a terrifying sword strike?"

The people who had these doubts saw that Jiang Chen had managed to use the sword move smoothly, and it didn't seem as if he found this too strenuous.

"Oh, my God! Such a sword move isn't even his strongest one."

Someone couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

"It's surely not the case."

Yiya and Wen Tao were aware of what Jiang Chen's strongest sword move was, and it wasn't a move that could be used by Jiang Chen alone.

While people were speaking, Jiang Chen's Ksana Sword Move was executed, but it ended up hitting thin air.

It seemed as if Hei Yun had been torn apart, but the crowd quickly discovered that it was just an afterimage.

"The Ksana Sword Method is a peerless technique of the Sword Realm's Eternal Sword Doctrine, but your Supreme Will isn't related to the eternal concept and you aren't able to use Eternal Instant. This is why you can't keep up with me."

Hei Yun appeared behind Jiang Chen. But he still didn't take advantage of such a chance to attack, and he crossed his arms in front of his chest confidently.

"As expected of the person with the greatest movement techniques..."

Upon witnessing this, many people sighed with emotion. Even Jiang Chen's quick sword strike couldn't succeed. So how could they continue fighting?

A Supreme Will was formed through the fusion of Jiang Chen's body with the Immortal Sword Spirit, and, strictly speaking, it should have become an Immortal Supreme Will.

Jiang Chen couldn't form an Eternal Supreme Will because he didn't have the Eternal Sword Doctrine's inheritance.

"If you can't reach Eternal Instant level, your sword techniques won't reach a magical technique level, while my movement technique is a great magical technique. This is the reason why you can't even touch me."

Hei Yun described this without hiding anything. He wasn't afraid that Jiang Chen could bring him any harm upon learning about such matters.

"Now, you have to taste true despair."

Hei Yun lowered his hands as his aura erupted. He turned into a flickering light beam and disappeared from his former place.

"Devil God Reckless Fingers!"

The voice of Hei Yun used a technique transmitted from the void, but no one could discern his location.

Jiang Chen could feel that something locked onto his body. He felt very insecure, as if he couldn't guard against what was incoming.

All of a sudden, splendid light beams shot at his face.

In the previous second, he had been engulfed by darkness, but now he felt like he was being scorched by a blazing sun.

What was terrifying was that those unfathomable light beams were all shot from Hei Yun's fingers, and every finger's beam possessed penetrative power that was so great that even Doctrine Artifact-grade armor couldn't defend against them.

"Oh, my God!"

The onlookers found it hard to believe that Jiang Chen could do anything against this. Hei Yun's power exceeded everyone's expectations.

It was obvious that Hei Yun had held back some of his power when he fought against Xiao Yuan last time.

"Lightning Descent!"

"Invincible Golden Body!"

Jiang Chen would not give up, and he activated his strengthened state. The Nine Transformations Mysterious Method reached the second level due to the flawless divine body, and his Invincible Golden Body's defensive power rose greatly.

The Immeasurable Ruler took a spear's shape, and, as Jiang Chen exerted his power on it, many luminous ripples shot out of it, and they resembled waves in the sea.

The unfathomable fingers' beams, which seemed able to destroy everything, were still shooting at Jiang Chen, whose golden spear could only protect his vital regions.

But despite this, there wasn't any need for worry.

Jiang Chen resembled a Divine Recluse Clan warrior who used divine armor. When the finger beams, which could penetrate even the hardest object, fell on Jiang Chen's body, they were all extinguished.

"This is..."

At this moment, it wasn't just the onlookers who were surprised, as Hei Yun was staring with his eyes open wide.

He had assumed that Jiang Chen would escape into the void to evade the attack. He definitely didn't expect that it would end like this.

"Awesome! One is unhittable, while the other is unbeatable."

The crowd was amazed by the performances of Jiang Chen and Hei Yun, especially by Jiang Chen's great speed and defensive capability.

Even though Hei Yun's speed was higher, he still couldn't achieve what Jiang Chen had done.

"Sacred Spirits' lucky chance," Hei Yun muttered. His envy was apparent in his tone.

What Hei Yun didn't know was that the flawless divine body was only the basic building block of Jiang Chen, and it was the Invincible Golden Body and the golden lightning grasped by Jiang Chen that were his most outstanding aspects.

"It seems like we are deadlocked. You won't manage to kill me today."

Hei Yun, who wasn't willing to accept this situation, started provoking his opponent.

"You won't escape death today," Jiang Chen said.


Hei Yun crossed his hands in front of his chest. He wanted to see what Jiang Chen would do.

Both sides were having trouble dealing with each other, but kept insisting strongly. If one of them didn't manage to succeed, they would both cut sorry figures.

"If you use external power, you won't lay a hand even on my shadow."

Since the Bloody Sea Realm didn't have any restrictions, Hei Yun was forced to emphasize this matter.

"I don't need it to deal with you," Jiang Chen said.

"So bring it on, and don't just talk big." Hei Yun snorted coldly and put on his hood once again, while his eerie eyes shone with an ice-cold glint.

"Ksana Sword Method: Instantaneous Sword Move."

The Immeasurable Ruler took once again a sword's shape, while Jiang Chen used a similar sword move once again.

"Are you a fool? It's only a fool who will repeat the same matter ceaselessly and hope that the outcome will be different," Hei Yun mocked Jiang Chen relentlessly.

"Immortal Supreme Will: Eternal!"

Jiang Chen obviously wouldn't repeat the same mistake again, and, this time, his Supreme Will changed slightly.

Jiang Chen had fought against a disciple of the Sword Realm at the Wizard Clan's banquet, and that was why he understood some things about the Eternal Sword Spirit. However, it wasn't much, only a superficial knowledge about it. However, it could still help his Immortal Supreme Will achieve his objective.

It was the Eternal Instant that Hei Yun had talked about, and it was a sword strike at the level of a magical technique.


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