The Brilliant Fighting Master
1326 Acting Like a Hero
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1326 Acting Like a Hero

Jiang Chen didn't realize what had happened outside the water sphere, and he would never have imagined that the demented people would assault Sacred Lords.

Jiang Chen transformed into the flawless divine body according to the Sacred Spirits' cultivation methods, and, while he was practicing it, he realized that the Sacred Spirits had not exaggerated their praise of the flawless divine body.

Once the flawless divine body was formed, Jiang Chen would be much more proficient with the Human Emperor Bow, as all his traits and strengths would get a great promotion. At the same time, the Invincible Golden Body Technique taught to him by Yue'e would once again display its marvelous effects.

According to what the Sacred Spirits had said, Jiang Chen was able to easily form a flawless divine body became he had managed to let his divine body approach completion without using any cultivation methods.

If the people outside the sphere had been carefully observing Jiang Chen, who was within a water sphere, they would also have discovered that he was going through a transformation.

However, at such a tense juncture, the crowd was more concerned with Man Tianyin, and they were all looking at her.

Man Tianyin had suffered heavy injuries. Luckily, it was fortunate that she had consumed an elixir in time. If she hadn't done so, the consequences would have been too horrible to imagine.

Man Tianyin was aware of her collapse's consequences, and her ice-cold eyes became sharp and fierce-looking.

"Do you want to become the second Sacred Lord to die because he fought back."

Liu Yiyi spoke in a frosty voice, while she observed Man Tianyin's current state.

It seemed that the person who had launched the sneak attack had found his own actions disgraceful, as he didn't show himself.

Man Tianyin pursed her lips, and a resolute look appeared on her face.

"Fine." Liu Yiyi shook her head helplessly as she raised her blade.

Hai Xi, who was on the other side, wanted to go to the rescue, but she was obstructed by the Heavenly Sword Envoy.

The sharp blade didn't attack Man Tianyin's vital regions. Even at such a crucial time, Liu Yiyi still showed leniency. She just wanted to knock out her opponent.

But Man Tianyin evaded the strike and used her power of the Holy Skill, even though it wasn't condensed completely yet.

Fright appeared on Liu Yiyi's face, and she forcefully used her body's power to soar up into the air. She managed to avoid Man Tianyin's attack with great difficulty, and, when she came to a stop, her face was extremely pale, while her whole body's energy and blood were raging.

"I showed you due respect, but you didn't accept it." Liu Yiyi flew into a rage and attacked ruthlessly with her blade, as the power of her divine soul erupted.

But just when Liu Yiyi had waved her blade, a rumbling sound could be heard from the ground, and it attracted everyone's attention.

It could be seen that the water sphere that had covered Jiang Chen had ruptured. Water flowed down and submerged the ground.

Jiang Chen was lying on the ground, shocked by all the water. He was coughing intensely.

Upon witnessing this, Man Tianyin assumed that an accident had occurred, and she flew down and landed next to Jiang Chen.

A marvelous transformation was taking place within Jiang Chen's body. His outward appearance was still miserable-looking, and he seemed to be in a grave state.

But this was only a temporary matter.

"Who did this?"

Jiang Chen immediately noticed the state of Man Tianyin's injuries, and his eyes became bright with determination.

"I will shield you, so go away and escape." Man Tianyin shook her head and didn't say much.

"Jiang Chen, the current situation is special..."

Yiya rushed over and wanted to explain this affair to him.

"Tell me who did it?" Jiang Chen didn't listen at all to her, and he repeated the same question twice

Man Tianyin and Yiya didn't know how they should reply, while Hai Xi and the other people shook their heads helplessly.

Jiang Chen, who had just woken up, probably still didn't know that he had lost his power, while he also didn't know how powerful the enemy camp was. This was why he dared to reveal his anger.

"It is I who did it."

The person who had mounted a sneak attack was irritated by Jiang Chen's tone, and he wanted to see how he could deal with him.

Jiang Chen and the others with him raised their heads to take a look. A black-clothed person appeared next to Liu Yiyi. His head was covered by a hood, and its shadow made the guy's face seem indistinct, though his eyes still shone brightly.

"Hei Yun!"

Someone recognized the person who had spoken out, and he was startled.

"It's no wonder that he could mount a sneak attack so stealthily."

Hei Yun's black robe was covered by patterns of clouds, and this was where he had gotten his name, which meant black clouds.

He was one of the Bloody Sea Realm's most mysterious people, and he always operated alone. This was the case even in the third area and the other areas beyond it.

Hei Yun had become famous recently because the Sacred Lord List's chief, Xiao Yuan, suspected that Hei Yun was possessed by an evil spirit, and he had attacked him personally.

They had had a brief confrontation, in which Xiao Yuan had not managed to get the upper hand, while Hei Yun had managed to escape.

Some people said that Hei Yun's movement technique was ranked first in the whole Bloody Sea Realm. It wasn't just a question of speed, as his technique reached Void Technique's mastery level.

Jiang Chen didn't care who this person was, because since he had injured his woman so gravely, he surely wouldn't forgive him.

Jiang Chen's feet left the ground as he flew up into the air. However, he didn't manage to get higher than ten yards before his body stopped responding. He ended up falling back down and he only regained his balance with great difficulty.

Hei Yun and his companions laughed heartily, as they found Jiang Chen too comical and ridiculous.

"Since you are in such a state, it would be better for you to abstain from showing off."

"It's so disgraceful! Why don't you take a look at your current state."

"Serves him right since he's always so fond of acting like a hero."

Everyone here was aware of Jiang Chen's current state because they had witnessed the fire dragon stealing his main source.

Moreover, what was most crucial was that afterward the fire dragon had bragged everywhere that Jiang Chen wouldn't be able to flaunt his might any longer since he didn't have a fire dragon's main source.

As they regarded Jiang Chen's current state, they were reminded of this news that was affirmed by the present circumstances.

But Jiang Chen was still oblivious to this matter, and so he flew with great difficulty until he reached an altitude of approximately 1,000 yards. He floated in front of Hei Yun with his pale face and a mouth stained with blood.

"Do you want me to provide you several healing elixirs?"

Upon witnessing Jiang Chen's current state, Hei Yun couldn't help but make fun of him.

Yiya, who was on the ground, was so worried, and she asked Man Tianyin what they should do. However, Man Tianyin didn't take any action, partly because she was still injured and partly because she had an unwavering faith in Jiang Chen.

"It's you."

Jiang Chen took several glances at Hei Yun, before he spoke, "I didn't want to kill people at such a crucial juncture, but you have done something that mustn't ever be done."

When these words echoed all around, the ambience became awkward.

But Liu Yiyi still wore a bright smile.

Hei Yun, who was as arrogant as always, shook his head wonderingly as his mouth curled into a mocking smile.

"Oh, please, don't you understand your current state? Do you think you are qualified to say such words."

The Heavenly Sword Envoy went to their side. He couldn't bear observing Jiang Chen.

He was full of resentment toward the Sacred Lords, and this was why he disliked Jiang Chen so much because Jiang Chen had gotten a Saint Aura. He assumed that Jiang Chen was mediocre, and this was especially true now due to his current appearance.

Jiang Chen didn't speak. His body would shortly recover to a satisfying degree, and, at that time, the flawless divine body's great power would complete his body's healing process.

"I'm speaking to you, didn't you hear me?"

The Heavenly Sword Envoy was infuriated, and he thrust out his sword. The sharp and shining sword struck Jiang Chen's chest heavily.

Jiang Chen couldn't fight back, and he ended up struck and forced to move back by ten yards, while the blood flowed out of him.

At this moment, Yiya and her companions, who still had hope in Jiang Chen and assumed that he would be able to defend himself, descended into despair. At the same time, an intense murderous aura emanated from Man Tianyin's body, and she was about to attack the Heavenly Sword Envoy.

"So, you are another person who is courting death," Jiang Chen raised his head and spoke in the same tone as before.

Jiang Chen's flawless divine body had been stimulated by the sword strike. It gave rise to an intense reaction, and it started recovering quickly.

It could be seen that Jiang Chen's body shone brightly, while his flesh became sparkling, as if his whole body was made out of glass. But it still possessed vigorous power.

Such a sudden transformation startled everyone.

"How is this possible?"

The Heavenly Sword Envoy assumed that it was his sword that had made Jiang Chen go through such a transformation, and his face was filled with surprise and amazement.


Liu Yiyi and Hei Yun exchanged glances. They both understood something.

"It's a flawless divine body! He has gotten the approval of all the Sacred Spirits."

Hai Xi was pleasantly surprised. She was one of the Sacred Lords, and she was aware of the history of the flawless divine body.

Once a Sacred Lord was outstanding enough, he would get a lucky chance that would be provided to him by the Sacred Spirits.

It was obvious that Jiang Chen had achieved this chance.

"A single one."

Jiang Chen's gaze became sharp, and he stated several words that confused the crowd.


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