The Brilliant Fighting Master
1325 Divine Soul
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1325 Divine Soul

It was a beautiful woman, and immeasurable and vigorous power was hidden beneath her pretty outward appearance, which could captivate any man.

"It seems like you have already gone through the adaptation period." When the woman detected that Man Tianyin was different than before, she showed an interest in her.

"Liu Yiyi, you still have a chance to leave," Man Tianyin said.

The woman called Liu Yiyi didn't reply and just smiled, while she pointed her hand at what was below her. "Hand him over to me, and I won't make things difficult for you." The person she pointed at was Jiang Chen who was in the water sphere.

"Why do you want him?" Man Tianyin controlled her anger and asked calmly.

"Human Emperor Bow," Liu Yiyi uttered just three words.

The Young Human Emperor was from the Martial God Palace, and he was from the same faction as Liu Yiyi. This was why she wanted to take back a divine weapon such as the Human Emperor Bow.

"That is his war spoils," Man Tianyin said. Such words ended up exposing her close relationship with Jiang Chen.

"It's no wonder that you are so resentful. But why do you need to do this? His fire dragon's main source was taken away, and he can't keep his divine body. He will never get back to his peak state," Liu Yiyi spoke mockingly.

"It seems as if you don't plan to leave." Man Tianyin took out her sword.

"You still didn't understand your current situation, and, if this wasn't the case, you wouldn't be angry. Instead, you would be afraid." Liu Yiyi sneered coldly and didn't let herself be outdone. A curved blade appeared in her hand, while the people that came with her dived down fast. They planned to attack Jiang Chen.

"Protect Jiang Chen."

"Immeasurable Ocean!" Hai Xi passed down an order and attacked without using a weapon. She thrust out her fair arm, and vigorous power rivaling raging waves that swept everything erupted out of her palm. Hai Xi had previously been slapped by Jiang Chen, and she wasn't able to deal with him. But she was still ranked ninth. As Hai Xi thrust her palm, more than half of the people that dived down were heavily injured and were sent flying away.

"Don't assume that the Sacred Lord List can determine one's power within the Bloody Sea Realm." However, when the palm's power was about to reach its peak, a deep voice echoed. A 1,000-foot-long sword beam shot down and split open the palm's power and made it explode. Hai Xi suffered from the backlash and ended up moving back four or five steps.

"Heavenly Sword Envoy!" When Hai Xi had a clear look at the person that arrived, she realized that Liu Yiyi wasn't the sole expert here. The Heavenly Sword Envoy was also not recognized by any Sacred Spirits. But he still possessed fighting prowess that rivaled the Sacred Lord List's top ten. Moreover, what was different between him and other people was that he cared about this matter, and he was quite angry because he couldn't become a Sacred Lord. This was why the Heavenly Sword Envoy was more proactive than other people in this operation that targeted Sacred Lords.

"You won't resolve the issue like this." Yiya took advantage of such an occasion to speak. "If you fight with us, you won't be any longer able to pose a threat to the Evil Blood Emperor."

"We can also leave without dealing with the Evil Blood Emperor. But the Sacred Spirits closed the channel. However, when we imprison all the Sacred Lords, we can obviously force the Sacred Spirits to do our bidding," the Heavenly Sword Envoy said. He was 25 or 26 years old and was wearing a black robe. He had an average stature and regular facial features.

"You have never come in contact with them. The difference between Sacred Spirits and other intelligent beings is that they don't have any compassion, and they won't care about this matter regardless of how many people die," Yiya said anxiously. Any Sacred Lord that interacted with Sacred Spirits would have such a feeling, and this was the case for even Jiang Chen.

"Stop trying to use such tricks on me, I don't want to be stranded here until my death." However, such words only infuriated the Heavenly Sword Envoy who had been brooding over the Sacred Lords' affair.

"You should then stop uttering rubbish." After Hai Xi recovered, she soared into the air. The previous sword strike had aroused her competitive nature.

Yiya didn't say anything else. The situation had gone out of control, and both sides started fighting. Yiya could only stay next to Jiang Chen to protect him so that no one could take advantage of such a chance to get him.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, it's a rare matter. There is still someone in the Bloody Sea Realm that will protect a person at all costs."

At the highest region, Man Tianyin and Liu Yiyi exchanged more than several hundred blows. As Liu Yiyi observed the situation on the ground, she got curious about this matter.

"You don't understand this matter," Man Tianyin said, and she recalled once again her past life's memory. Even though Jiang Chen didn't understand this, she was already sure that they were the same person. "Now, it's me who will protect you." Man Tianyin hardened her resolve. A long sword streaked across the air and flew up and down repeatedly, while a peculiar power was contained within the shining sword.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, you quickly started using your whole power? Let me see how formidable is a Sovereign Spirit's inheritance." Liu Yiyi still wore a smile as before, while a rumbling sound echoed from the blade in her hand, as if a terrifying monster was just released. "Sky-Devouring Divine Soul!""A Blade Split Open the Sky!" It seemed like Liu Yiyi first activated a certain special mode, before she used her ultimate technique.

What was worth mentioning was that her Martial Soul's shape resembled a blade perfectly, and as she waved down her blade, the Blade Soul assisted her. But the most terrible was still the Sky-Devouring Divine Soul, as it emanated in a boundless imposing manner.

"A Sovereign Spirit is contending against a Divine Soul. Many people stopped fighting temporarily and raised their heads to observe such a confrontation.

The Martial God Palace's name didn't refer to the last realm level of the martial-grade. Instead, it referred to Gods' inheritance, and they were a existence above the Half-God Clan.

A blade and a sword were in confrontation, and the crowd couldn't evade their attacks in time, while the terrain was destroyed and razed to the ground.

Jiang Chen who couldn't move was brought away by Yiya, and, if she hadn't done so, the consequences would have been too horrible to contemplate.

Before the confrontation's shockwaves disappeared, Liu Yiyi's crisp laughter echoed out. Yiya and the others were confused, and they assumed that Man Tianyin had suffered heavy injuries. But when they raised their heads to take a look, they discovered that Man Tianyin was safe and sound. The two people were equally matched.

"It isn't possible for you to dispose of me in a short time," Liu Yiyi said complacently.

"That surely isn't the case." Man Tianyin frowned, and it seemed like she just took a certain firm decision. Her expression changed, while boundless power erupted out of her body.

"What is this?" Liu Yiyi was taken aback for a moment, before her expression changed drastically, and she cried out in surprise, "Holy Skill! Did you grasp a Holy Skill?" A Holy Skill referred to the Divine Recluse Clan's inheritance, as well as the gift of people with a Holy Pulse.

For example, Jiang Chen had Nine Clouds Holy Pulse and grasped all kinds of lightning techniques, as well as Du Tian Divine Lightning. He managed to achieve it thanks to the Holy Pulse. However, Jiang Chen found a Holy Skill matching him only thanks to Man Tianyin's help. Tianyin also had a holy pulse, and while she was looking for a Holy Skill, she ended up accidentally finding one matching Nine Clouds Holy Pulse.

"I still got some benefits by joining the Sovereign Spirit Palace." This time, it was Man Tianyin that curled the corners of her mouth and revealed a faint smile, while she weaved hand signs with both hands.

On the other side, Liu Yiyi wore a stern look and concentrated fully. She didn't dare to take this matter carelessly. But when Man Tianyin's Holy Skill's power was revealed, Liu Yiyi turned pale with fright, and she didn't have any fighting spirit left.

"Spatial, spatial-grade Holy Skill."

The onlookers were also stunned and stood in a daze in their former places, while their limbs became numb.

All of a sudden, Liu Yiyi shouted loudly, "Come out quickly! Will you continue observing this matter until my death?"

When such words echoed out, the crowd was confused. Was there still another expert in the dark who hadn't attacked?

When the crowd was just thinking this, a fist appeared behind Man Tianyin and struck her heart region heavily. Man Tianyin's body was almost torn apart, and she ended up spouting a mouthful of blood, while her Holy Skill's usage failed, and she ended up suffering a backlash.

"Contemptible!" Yiya scolded the assaulter loudly. That person mounted a sneak attack and it was when his target was building up power. This was disgraceful!


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