The Brilliant Fighting Master
1324 Divine Body“s Secre
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1324 Divine Body“s Secre

"The Xuanhuan Realm's troops are stronger compared to our situation 500 years ago, and they depended upon the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnation's Plan to achieve this. However, people who have lived for more than 500 years will discover that the quality of people in any realm level is inferior to that of 500 years ago," the Divine Tree of Creatures said.

Jiang Chen clearly knew this was true, and the most obvious disparity was people's mental fortitude. In the past, resources had been scarce, and anyone who could reach the martial-grade realm had gone through many trials. He overcame many obstacles to reach it. For example, when the martial-grade experts faced the Blood Clan's Great Army 500 years ago, their performance wasn't nearly so poor.

"In the end, this crisis has occurred because you have turned a blind eye to people who have taken advantage of loopholes," Jiang Chen said.

The Sacred Spirits didn't deny this.

"A great sea will sweep away sand, but a certain amount of sand is still required."

"Fine." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and didn't continue speaking about these affairs. "Nevertheless, why have you summoned me here?"

"You have gotten a Saint Aura, and you have displayed an outstanding performance in the face of the Blood Clan's Great Army. We want to offer you a lucky chance."

"You should hurry up, as my divine body will shortly collapse," Jiang Chen said.

The Sacred Spirits got quiet for a moment, and it seemed like they didn't expect that Jiang Chen's reply would be so careless. If someone else had been in Jiang Chen's shoes, he would have become wild with joy upon hearing the words lucky chance.

"You should break everything and begin anew. This matter will be beneficial to you. Your divine body is quite crude, and you have fumbled to come up with a method to get it. If this wasn't the case, it wouldn't have collapsed upon losing its main source. But what is good news for you is that the main source had already changed your body's deep parts, and even if you were deprived of the main source, you can still condense it once again. Moreover, you will also get a chance to form a flawless divine body. At that time, you will be able to pull open the Human Emperor Bow."

The Sacred Spirits spoke one after the other, and it wasn't easy for Jiang Chen to understand what they said.

"Flawless divine body?" Jiang Chen couldn't help but ponder over this matter. Hadn't he already crossed such a stage?

"The previous flawless body you had meant that your body was complete and intact, while the flawless mentioned by us refers to the strongest divine body. Some divine bodies are inborn, while others are acquired, and they are divided into several types like your Draconic Phoenix Divine Body. A divine body is like one's realm level, and you must promote it through practice, while its highest realm is the flawless divine body. Once you form a flawless divine body, you will be able to disregard the Human Emperor Bow's restrictions, and pull it open."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen realized that he didn't need to worry over his divine body's collapse. But he still became more concerned about the Evil Blood Emperor.

"The Blood Clan's Great Army in the fifth area has already been lured away, and the Blood Clan members won't be able to go back to the fifth area due to the efforts we put into this matter. The Evil Blood Emperor is stranded in the fifth area, and he can't leave for now."

It was only now that Jiang Chen understood why the Blood Clan's Great Army was in the safe zone.

"Don't we need to take care of people possessed by evil spirits?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Those evil spirits appeared due to the Evil Blood Emperor, and, as long as you kill him, all evil spirits will die. This is the Blood Clan's greatest weakness."

If a Blood Clan leader was killed, all his subordinates would also die, and it was also the case for the Blood Slaves and evil spirits formed by the leader.


After Jiang Chen got to know this special trait of the Blood Clan, he thought of an extremely scary matter.

"The Blood Clan members don't die of old age, do they?" If this was the case, then the Blood Clan would sooner or later end up exterminated due to its special weakness.

"As long as they have blood, they can survive forever, and even if they don't have blood, they can still survive while at death's door for several hundred years." Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. The Blood Clan was too terrifying.

"You wouldn't ask me to go to the fifth area alone, would you?" Jiang Chen asked.

The Sacred Spirits didn't hide anything from Jiang Chen, and they informed him that he wasn't the sole person to get a lucky chance.

"Does this mean that I'm no longer the sole person with a divine body?"

"That is right. The flawless divine body's cultivation method can let any divine body reach the great completion level. But your divine body approached the great completion level even though you didn't practice the cultivation method, and this is why it isn't difficult for you to form a flawless divine body."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen felt more at ease. He had worked himself to death to get his divine body to such a level, and if anyone could reach it easily, then he would be infuriated greatly.

"So, you should now teach me the cultivation method."


In another region, the affair that occurred in the safe zone made people descend into panic. The people looked forward to the eradication of the Evil Blood Emperor by the experts and didn't expect that their army would be nearly exterminated even though no one had gotten to see the Evil Blood Emperor. Moreover, as they considered that they still hadn't dealt with the evil spirit's possession, many people felt like they didn't have any chance to escape.

Several days hadn't passed before a nasty matter occurred. Many people gave vent to their resentment and rancor on the Sacred Spirits. After all, it was the Sacred Spirits that obstructed them from leaving, not the Evil Blood Emperor. Those people started attacking the recognized the Sacred Lords, and they wanted to catch all the Sacred Lords to threaten and force the Sacred Spirits to open a passage for them.

However, since only Sacred Lords could hear Sacred Spirits' voice, some people started fanning the flames, and they stated that the Sacred Spirits wanted to sacrifice all people that weren't Sacred Lords. Many people responded to such words, and before several other days passed, news spread out that a Sacred Lord died because he put up intense resistance.

"Human nature is scarier than the Blood Clan." When Yiya heard such news, she sighed with emotion. For the past few days, Yiya was protecting Jiang Chen along with Man Tianyin, while Hai Xi and the other people also stayed here. The main reason behind this was because they didn't have any place where they could go.

Jiang Chen slept in the water sphere for several days, and his power had already stopped disappearing. But he still couldn't recover to his peak state.

Hai Xi and the other people knew that it was over for Jiang Chen, as he wouldn't be able to use most of his trump cards and ultimate techniques since he didn't have a divine body. His fighting prowess would drop drastically, and he would become an ordinary primary-stage Martial Emperor.

As they all recalled that Jiang Chen ended up in such a state because he saved them, they all had mixed feelings about this matter.

One day, they discovered that people were rushing toward them from all directions.

"Awful!" They associated this matter with the rumors that had spread in the Bloody Sea Realm, and it wasn't difficult for them to guess what was going on.

Hai Xi, Yiya, Man Tianyin, and Jiang Chen were all Sacred Lords at the top, and they became important targets of the people who had lost their minds. But they were still surprised that those people would run over here since Hai Xi and Man Tianyin possessed great power.

"If you don't want to die, then get lost."

An ice-cold voice echoed out before the people approached them, and everyone felt a chill. It was Man Tianyin. Hai Xi and the others had already discovered that this woman had changed thoroughly. While Jiang Chen was unconscious, she became ice-cold and apathetic and she revealed her whole power. Now, they ended up disturbed by people, and that was why Man Tianyin flew into a rage. An unusual phantom image that came out of Man Tianyin's body appeared in the sky, and it made the people that arrived stop in their tracks.

"The Sovereign Spirit's phenomenon, it's really outstanding."

While everyone was stopped in their tracks, a certain voice ruined the ambiance and helped the crowd get over their shock. "It's a person among the Sacred Lord List's top three." A voice echoed out once again, and it stated provocative words.

Man Tianyin flew into the air. She seemed like an unsheathed sharp sword that shone in dazzling radiance. "It's you." When Man Tianyin saw the person speaking, her expression stiffened slightly. She didn't expect that this person would be here.

"What? Did you assume that it's only your Sovereign Spirit Palace's members that are allowed to enter the Bloody Sea Realm?" This person was from one of the Eighth Realm's three great factions, the Martial God Palace.


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