The Brilliant Fighting Master
1322 Sun and Moon, Heaven and Earth, Wind and Fire
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1322 Sun and Moon, Heaven and Earth, Wind and Fire

The people outside could discern that the safe zone's barrier was on the verge of collapse, while the Blood Clan army was advancing forward ceaselessly. The Blood Clan members marched in order and focused on their objective, the safe zone, while they didn't bother with Jiang Chen and his companions.

"They will surely die."

"Only a few people will manage to escape, and this will be a great disaster."

It was apparent from the faces of Yiya, Wen Tao, and their companions that their emotions were stirred up, and they all rejoiced that they had obeyed Jiang Chen's instructions.

"You should wait here, and, if there is anything amiss with the situation, you should immediately escape." All of a sudden, they heard Jiang Chen's voice.

"Jiang Chen?" Yiya wore a skeptical look as she regarded Jiang Chen with eyes filled with disbelief.

"You want to go inside to save the people? Don't do it, it's too dangerous. If you were inside, they surely wouldn't have tried to save you." Wen Tao couldn't bear to let Jiang Chen take such risks.

"The several hundred people inside have consumed countless resources to get their achievements, and their meaningless sacrifice would be a tragedy for the whole world." Jiang Chen's voice seemed quite calm.

At this moment, Yiya and Wen Tao finally understood why Jiang Chen could get a Saint Aura. The disparity between them wasn't in power alone, as even their way of thinking was different. If Yiya or Wen Tao had been in Jiang Chen's stead, they surely wouldn't have been so resolute.

"What should we do?" Man Tianyin recovered from the shock, and she also planned to save people.

"While the Blood Clan army is advancing to the interior, we open a path from the rear."

Man Tianyin was ranked third on the Sacred Lord List, and her ranking was higher than even Jiang Chen's. This was why there wasn't any reason to forbid her from fighting. Yiya and Wen Tao were affected by the others, and they also made up their minds. "Okay!"

When Jiang Chen witnessed that his group had taken a firm decision, he didn't say anything further, and he summoned his two magical clones.


As the barrier's scope became smaller, everyone in the safe zone felt an intense stifling feeling, while the hideous faces of the Blood Clan members, as well their bloody tongues, made many people turn pale with fright.

"Let's break out of the siege."

When only 100 meters were left of the barrier's scope, the crowd decided to stop waiting there for their deaths. Xiao Yuan held a sword's blade between his fingers. It didn't have a hilt or guard. But it wasn't any less sharp than a Doctrine Sword.

"Boundless Sword Strike!"

Both the sword and its owner possessed a Supreme Will, and as a sword beam shone brightly, innumerable Blood Clan members lost their lives. The rainbow-like sword beam sped through the air and penetrated ceaselessly the firm wall formed by the Blood Clan's Great Army. The other people imitated Xiao Yuan, but only a few of them were able to break out of the siege alone. The Golden Dragon Clan's woman was the strongest of them, and she charged into the Blood Clan members, while waving her fists ceaselessly. Every time her fist fell down, both Blood Kings and Blood Generals alike would be turned into a meat paste.

"The Dragon Punch!" Someone discerned that this was the Dragon Clan's supreme draconic technique. But it was a pity that this wasn't a suitable time to admire it.

"Take us with you." Some people shouted, and they didn't care whether the other people agreed. They just followed the people breaking out of the siege. It seemed like if they couldn't survive, they would drag others down with them. Moreover, since the scope of the safe zone's barrier was less than 50 yards now, casualties started appearing, and some people were being devoured by Blood Clan members.

Bang! A loud noise echoed as the barrier burst open. Its last bit of strength injured people from both sides and caused great casualties, while the Blood Clan members that had gathered together formed a storm and trapped everyone within the storm. The people who still hadn't left even at this moment didn't have any way to escape. The people who had managed to leave rejoiced inwardly.

"What are they doing?" Before Hai Xi could take a breather, she discovered that Jiang Chen and his companions were next to the storm.

"They are rescuing people." Another person ranked among the top ten on the Sacred Lord List exclaimed in surprise, while wearing a complex look. They had all looked down on Jiang Chen and disparaged him, while they had also provoked him ceaselessly. But it seemed that it was them who had been petty and insignificant.

"Let's attack too from outside..." Xiao Yuan showed himself righteous. He wanted to assemble the people who had broken out of the siege. But before Xiao Yuan had finished his speech, a shocking aura appeared in a distant place and it was closing in on them.

"Oh, my God!" Even Ao Yue who was known for her vigorous aura turned pale with fright when she detected this aura.

"The Evil Blood Emperor has surely come."

At this moment, the people that had escaped with great difficulty started running around in all directions.

"The Bloody Sea Realm is sealed, and, if you escape now, we won't once again get enough power to make a counterattack." Not all the people were cowards, and some understood that the current juncture was an important moment that would decide their fates, life or death. But the unorganized crowd turned a deaf ear to such an argument, and they quickly disappeared.

"Let's also leave, before trying to come up with a solution." Ao Yue brought the Dragon Clan's warriors with her and left.

In the twinkling of an eye, only a few people were left outside.

"Let's go to help Jiang Chen." What was surprising was that Hai Xi who had been slapped by Jiang Chen was still among the crowd, and she fought along with the remaining people. On the other side, Jiang Chen ran into an obstruction, and he had to make an opening. But he had to advance to do it. However, the Blood Clan's Great Army had already formed a storm, and its members couldn't be easily killed any longer. They were too dangerous! Many of the Blood Clan members were Blood Kings that had recovered two-tenths of their power.

"I will help you." Man Tianyin discerned Jiang Chen's thoughts and went to the front.

"Sun and moon, heaven and earth, wind and fire." Man Tianyin waved the Doctrine Sword in her hands in the air three times as if she was drawing, and surging sword energy erupted out of it, while her fine black hair fluttered with the wind.

When the last stroke was finished, a sword beam shot forward imposingly and got rid of the Blood Clan members in its way.

This sword strike...has already reached a magical technique's level, Jiang Chen muttered to himself, while he took advantage of this chance and leaped toward the destination of Man Tianyin's sword strike along with his magical clones. Jiang Chen ended up advancing several hundred yards more than he wanted.

It's surely a magical technique from an era known by the Sovereign Spirits. Jiang Chen finally understood how Man Tianyin had gotten a position among the top three.

"Great Void Palm Seal!"

Just after this, the three Jiang Chens used their special state, Doctrine Heart and Buddhist Fights, while they shot shining golden palm seals that turned all the Blood Clan members into blood mist.

"Is it a god?" The crowd encircled by the numerous Blood Clan members was engulfed by darkness, and the Buddhist Radiance that appeared suddenly, as well as the opening made there, let the desperate people believe in a glimmer of hope, and they all became excited. They all looked impatiently at the god to get a clear look at his appearance. When the dignified Jiang Chen appeared, the crowd wished to kneel down and worship him. But they found this god familiar-looking, as if they had seen him somewhere.

"Why are you still in a daze? Get lost!" Just after this, the heavenly god rained a torrent of curses on the crowd. It was only at this moment that the crowd came back to their senses, and they quickly ran away while the opening was available.

"Jiang Chen?"

The crowd finally recognized the person who had rescued them.

"Thank you, thank you."

"We were wrong, and we shouldn't have said such terrible things about you."

"You are a hero!"

The people were so touched that they wept bitterly, and they all passed by Jiang Chen's side while thanking him repeatedly.

"Get lost! Get lost! Get lost!" Jiang Chen scolded them without reservation.

The Great Void Palm Seal's divine might would only be effective for a brief moment in the face of such a great army of the Blood Clan. This was especially the case since the Blood Clan members were converging here.

"Let's go!"

Jiang Chen sent the two magical clones to bring up the rear every time they crossed a certain distance, while Jiang Chen himself brought Tianyin and the other people with him and left.

"Hurry up!"

The people witnessed that the Blood Clan's Great Army changed its target, and it wanted to strand Jiang Chen and his companions. A magical clone that was bringing up the rear was engulfed. But he exploded himself before his blood could be sucked.


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