The Brilliant Fighting Master
1321 The Blood Clan“s Great Army
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1321 The Blood Clan“s Great Army

Man Tianyin's words made many people lower their heads in shame. Most people spoke of Jiang Chen viciously because they were displeased by his fame—it could be said bluntly that they did it out of jealousy. Moreover, since someone was fighting against him, they got a chance to give vent to their feelings, and they had been happy to dispose of Jiang Chen. But after Man Tianyin spoke, people who had not lost their minds expressed the same belief, which was that Jiang Chen didn't make any mistakes.

"Sirs, let's settle this matter now. In spite of everything, the Human Emperor Bow belongs to him, and we still have to kill the Evil Blood Emperor." Xiao Yuan spoke diplomatically and settled the matter. He acted as if this affair wasn't related to him. Jiang Chen sized up this guy. A while ago, the crowd's emotions had been stirred up by him. But it was unknown whether he had done it intentionally. Jiang Chen wasn't so naive that he would believe that the guy didn't do it on purpose.

After this, Jiang Chen still didn't forget to express his thanks to Man Tianyin. Her expression changed quickly, and the familiarity he had felt for the old Man Tianyin disappeared, and she recovered her previous dejected look.

"Man Tianyin, the person you spoke about previously isn't any longer in the world, is he?" Jiang Chen asked.

"That is right, he was killed by a sl*t," Man Tianyin gritted her teeth and spoke.

Jiang Chen recalled his wedding day. Tianyin's family had also been there. Jiang Chen couldn't help but apologize to Xiao Nuo inwardly.

"Since this is the case, why are you distancing yourself from me even though you don't want to separate from me?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"But this feeling is quite strange, as I'm in love with two people at the same time."

"As a matter of fact..." Jiang Chen prepared himself to divulge the truth, but when he had just started speaking, his expression changed drastically. This was also the case for everyone here with sharp senses. The crowd in the safe zone looked at the mass of black clouds in the distant sky that was closing in on them.

"Those aren't black clouds, but Blood Clan members."

Alarmed cries echoed all around repeatedly, as this was the largest number of Blood Clan members ever seen by anyone, and they were coming from all directions. There was no way out. 

"It doesn't matter, we are in the safe zone." Someone was still trying to comfort himself.

But the Blood Clan members were also aware of this matter. Yet they were still taking this action. All the people got a restless feeling. When only 1,000 yards were left until the Blood Clan's Great Army reached the safe zone, the Blood Clan members were obstructed by a formless barrier. Black smoke would rise from the bodies of any Blood Clan members that came in contact with the barrier, as if they had been struck by lightning, and they would be turned into ashes.

The crowd heaved a sigh of relief. The safe zone was still effective. However, the next thing that occurred made people's hearts rise up to their throats. The Blood Clan members paid no attention to the barrier and ran right into it and sacrificed themselves to push the barrier. As they pushed it forward, the 1,000-yards distance turned into 900 yards, 800 yards... They were closing in.

The crowd's sight was already obstructed, and they couldn't see distant locations.

"Let's take advantage of the fact that we are still protected, and let's attack." Jiang Chen looked at the crowd that was still in a daze and shouted loudly. Jiang Chen weaved hand signs with a single hand and used the Sky-burning Fury Technique. At this moment, his sea of flames displayed amazing effects, and more than 10,000 Blood Clan members were killed by it.

But what made people's scalps numb was that despite this the fire didn't manage to penetrate the Blood Clan army. They were like a thick wall, and, even if an enormous hole in the wall had been made by the flames, the wall was still firm and stable.

"There are at least 100 million Blood Clan members out there."

"It's only the Evil Emperor that can maneuver so many Blood Clan members. Will we all die here?"

"This is a ploy. They have called us here to let the Blood Clan catch all of us."

Desperate cries echoed throughout the crowd endlessly, while panic and fright infected everyone's minds.

What a group of trash! Jiang Chen cursed inwardly.

These people were Martial Emperors. Yet, they still weren't acting mature and getting a grip on themselves. This would have been an impossible occurrence 500 years ago.

The 500-year period gained by the Sovereign Spirit Palace let us nurture countless young experts. But a large number of them are good-for-nothings.

"Shut up!" As Jiang Chen pondered inwardly, he let out an angry shout that stunned everyone. "The safe zone isn't safe any longer, but it doesn't matter whether this is a ploy or whether the Evil Blood Emperor has controlled people. In any case, we mustn't stay here and wait for death. Let's break through the siege. The experts will open up a path at the front, while the other people will also join in."

Jiang Chen's speech was quite effective, and the crowd's panic was alleviated.

"Let's go!" Jiang Chen pulled Man Tianyin's wrist and asked Yiya and the others to follow them.

"Don't trust him. The safe zone is quite safe. We just have to persevere here and exterminate the Blood Clan."

"Jiang Chen isn't reliable, and he wants us to go throw our lives away."

When the crowd was about to follow Jiang Chen out to break the siege, voices that created a disturbance echoed out one after the other. Many people became hesitant due to this, while the Sacred Lord List's top ten still didn't say anything. If they could affirm that the barrier wouldn't persevere, they would all give an order decisively and make a wise decision. But the issue was that they couldn't affirm this matter, while the Sacred Spirits didn't pass down any commands.

A person's wisdom can be revealed when he has to make a decision regarding unknown matters.

"Someone is making a disturbance." Jiang Chen's heart sank. He wasn't the sole person who had such an opinion, as anyone who faced the Blood Clan members that covered both the land and the sky, would realize that they shouldn't just sit and wait for death.

"Won't you say anything?" Jiang Chen looked at Xiao Yuan. This guy's opinion was quite important

"Are you sure that the barrier can't persevere?"

Xiao Yuan killed Blood Clan members while he questioned Jiang Chen. His fingers were outside the barrier, while he wore a vicious gaze. It turned out that when the barrier was pushed up to the 500-yard radius, it started deflecting the attacks and it obstructed the Blood Clan attacks.

"Hateful! Jiang Chen wants to harm us."

"He has sinister intentions, he has sinister intentions."

"He has surely been possessed by an evil spirit."

When people noticed this, they started raining down curses on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn't say anything else, and he swept the Blood Clan members with his eyes. He got a restless feeling that was only becoming more intense.

"Jiang Chen, what should we do?" Yiya and her companions raised a question.

Man Tianyin exerted her power on her arm and didn't let Jiang Chen pull her as he wanted any longer.

"Believe me, I didn't disappoint you 500 years ago, and I also won't do so now," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, Man Tianyin was taken aback for a moment before she raised her head in surprise while wearing a complex expression.

"Get ready to go out." This was an emergency, and Jiang Chen didn't have enough time to say much about this matter. The Immeasurable Ruler transformed and took a spear's shape. Just after this, Jiang Chen threw it out like a pike. The golden spear was unstoppable, and the Blood Clan members in its way were turned into ashes. An opening was also made by it, and Jiang Chen brought with him his acquaintances and followed the golden spear to break out of the siege.

What was terrifying was that even after they flew for more than a dozen seconds, they still hadn't managed to escape, and their surroundings were filled with badly mangled Blood Clan members. The golden spear's might started weakening, and Jiang Chen was forced to call Xiao Ying's name.

Bark! A dog's bark echoed from the golden spear, while Xiao Ying appeared, and stepped on the golden spear. He was wearing a solemn expression. When Xiao Ying was about to collapse, the golden spear finally managed to penetrate the Blood Clan's wall, and the crowd got to reach the outside. When they turned their heads to take a look back, they discovered that the 1,000-yard-long channel was being closed from the other end by countless Blood Clan members.

"Oh my God!" Yiya cried out in surprise. She couldn't see from outside the safe zone into the interior.

"This is..."

When the safe zone people witnessed that Jiang Chen had really managed to get out, they became hesitant.

"He has escaped because he has a guilty conscience. It's surely him that lured us here."

"It doesn't matter, we have the barrier, and we don't need to worry about anything."

The crowd that drew help from the barrier looked down upon the Blood Clan members, and they were killing them.

All of a sudden, the crowd's scalps became numb, while their pupils enlarged.

The barrier that was at the 500-yard-radius didn't persist for long, and it started contracting once again. But this time, it occurred at a higher speed.

500 yards, 400 yards, 300 yards...

"D*mn it! Jiang Chen wasn't mistaken."


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