The Brilliant Fighting Master
1320 External Power“s Confrontation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1320 External Power“s Confrontation

Jiang Chen felt as if he was being ostracized and that this was somehow related to his murder of the Young Human Emperor. The Sacred Spirits wanted to use this method to punish him. But the more they gave him a hard time, the more a person like Jiang Chen, who didn't compromise easily, would fight back.

"No one stated that the Human Emperor Bow wasn't yours. We just hope that you can see the big picture and lend it to us for the time being." It seemed as if Xiao Yuan's patience was getting exhausted, and he didn't speak amicably.

"See the big picture? What a good excuse. So if I don't lend it to you, it means that I don't care about protecting our world from the Blood Clan? You force people to do your bidding so easily. It's really admirable!" Jiang Chen said mockingly.

"Does this mean that you aren't willing to hand over the Human Emperor Bow?" The guy ranked seventh, who felt as if he were protected from fighting with Jiang Chen, raised this question with an ulterior motive. If Jiang Chen answered that he wanted to keep the bow, he would end up offending everyone here.

"What if that's the case?" Jiang Chen spoke.

"You are a stubborn and obstinate person, and you have killed the Young Human Emperor and Tian Shenyi. Yet, you still aren't willing to make up for what you have done. I'm Man Han, and I will fight and subdue you. Sirs, what do you have to say about this?" The guy ranked seventh spoke loudly.

The people on the ground stayed quiet at first, before infuriated and indignant voices echoed out.

"Teach him a lesson, and beat him to death."

"His death isn't worth anything. He doesn't deserve any sympathy."

"We would have a greater chance if he wasn't here."

People's emotions had been stirred up. They were all prejudiced against Jiang Chen. Moreover, the people who kept their cool didn't speak up to help Jiang Chen because they weren't close to him.

"I will use my whole power to save time and energy. But please don't have any prejudice against me due to this." The man ranked seventh, Ma Han, grinned, before his monster energy soared into the sky, while power erupted out of his heart.

"Monster King's Heart!"

The crowd immediately realized what Ma Han meant by his previous words. He wanted to use external power, and all the means up his sleeves. It seemed as if Ma Han still suspected that Jiang Chen had used tricks to defeat Tian Shenyi. But, since he had just witnessed Jiang Chen challenging all the outstanding heroes, he didn't dare to not take him seriously.

The Monster King's Heart was a supreme treasure left behind by a Monster Clan king after his death, and it contained that king's will as well as his power. Ma Han was a half-monster, so he couldn't just use the Human Clan's martial and magical techniques, he could also use monster power. Ma Han's realm level was already at the Martial Emperor's Peak, but as the Monster King's heart started throbbing, his fighting prowess started rising gradually and reached a Martial Saint's level.

"Tian Shenyi's divine techniques were quite powerful, but, truthfully speaking, the reason why he got into the eighth position was because of his divine armor. However, it's different for me. My power as a person ranked seventh is reflected in my offense. Let me see how strong a person from the Nine Realms like you is."

While Ma Han's power was rising, he blabbered ceaselessly because he wanted to destabilize Jiang Chen's mind. But after he witnessed that Jiang Chen was unmoved, he snorted coldly and revealed his techniques. Ma Han was weaving hand signs ceaselessly, and his power erupted out instantly, while a buzzing sound reverberated throughout the world.

"Great Magical Technique: Mountain Cracking Seal!" When the magical seal just started appearing, someone recognized it.

"The Heart of the Monster Clan's Monster King, as well as the Human Clan's great magical technique. The fusion of these two aspects is this half-monster's strong point."

"I wonder how Jiang Chen will deal with this."

"He will likely end up dead."

Ma Han stated that he would subdue Jiang Chen, but it was apparent that he didn't plan to stop midway. The Mountain Cracking Seal was quickly formed, and it attacked Jiang Chen. A natural force flew at Jiang Chen. At first, the space around Jiang Chen was sealed, before it was torn apart by a formless power. This was an attack at the same level as a Martial Saint, and it was stronger than any attack Jiang Chen had suffered previously.

"External power? Do you think that you are the only person that has one." Jiang Chen was now the Heavenly Palace's Lord, and, if he was inferior to a young half-monster in such an aspect, then he would be just a good-for-nothing.

Jiang Chen threw out something with his hand casually, and seven light beams flew through the air and struggled with the Mountain Cracking Seal. That wasn't all, as a starry map formed atop both people's heads, and it had two shining stars in it.

"What is this? A domain? No, impossible! He couldn't be so strong."

The confident Ma Han became flustered. His Mountain Cracking Seal was crushed directly, and he found this matter unbelievable.

"Are those your last words?" As Jiang Chen spoke, his Immeasurable Ruler took a spear's shape. When the people at the top of the Sacred Lord List looked at that realistic-looking golden spear and detected the electrical energy contained within it, surprise appeared on their faces.

"An Immortal Artifact? It's impossible." Since the golden spear's might was greater than a Doctrine Artifact, then it could only be an Immortal Artifact. But since it suddenly appeared in front of their eyes, many people found this slightly unbelievable. As a matter of fact, the spear was just a pseudo-Immortal Artifact, and this was due to Xiao Ying and Du Tian Divine Lightning's help.

At this moment, Jiang Chen moved forward, and he and his spear turned into a silver luminous bolt. The crowd got to see the might of Heavenly Punishment Lightning that was straightened by the starry gate, and Ma Han's Monster King Heart seemed quite ordinary in comparison to the lightning. At this critical juncture, Ma Han demonstrated a disappointing performance. He didn't dare to face the spear head-on, and he tried to escape. Ma Han attacked the space membrane with a sharp dagger, and he opened a crevice in it. He escaped into it and left the starry formation.

"Fool!" However, it wasn't so easy to break the starry formation. Jiang Chen pointed his spear at the void, and dazzling lightning emanated from it and engulfed the whole starry diagram, while rumbling sounds echoed ceaselessly. The starry diagram disappeared first, before the energy scattered wholly and disappeared.

Everyone could feel a strong wind blowing on their cheeks, while the shock waves caused a distant great mountain to collapse. The earth quaked and the mountains shook for a moment, as if this was the end of the world. Such a disturbance continued for several minutes before it stopped, and soon only Jiang Chen alone was left on the land where they had fought previously. Ma Han had disappeared thoroughly.

The crowd couldn't ascertain whether Ma Han had escaped or was turned into ashes by the lightning arcs.

Jiang Chen let the Immeasurable Ruler recover its original form, before he put it away.

When the crowd witnessed this demonstration, they were left dumbstruck.

"Is this real?"

The information conveyed by Jiang Chen's actions was that Ma Han wouldn't appear again, which meant that he had died.

"He died."

In the end, Xiao Yuan confirmed this matter, while wearing a slightly grave expression.

Many surprised and terrified cries echoed from the safe zone. They had assumed that Ma Han could teach Jiang Chen a severe lesson with his external power, and they were surprised to find that the Monster King's heart would be so ordinary. However, the crowd was aware that the reason behind this was that Jiang Chen's external power was stronger.

"Who still wants to take a look at my Human Emperor Bow?" Jiang Chen looked at the ground with his sword-like sharp gaze.

Everyone, including Hai Xi, avoided Jiang Chen's gaze, and they lowered their heads.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You have once again killed someone with a power rivaling a Martial Saint. You are really impressive and awe-inspiring." However, a peculiar voice echoed out. It was from someone who wasn't ranked in the Sacred Lord List, but his power was on a par with the top ten people. Such words evoked once again the crowd's anger against Jiang Chen. But when people were about to take advantage of their large numbers to attack Jiang Chen, someone finally spoke up for Jiang Chen.

"It's your group who is forcing his actions, and it's also your group that attacked first. Yet now, you want Jiang Chen to take responsibility for the consequences? Why don't you just ask him to cut his own throat and put an end to his life?"

The person who spoke was Man Tianyin, as she finally couldn't bear observing this matter any longer. She spoke in a sharp tone and wore an expression befitting the previous impressive robber she had been.


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