The Brilliant Fighting Master
1319 Night Sky Demonic Monarch
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1319 Night Sky Demonic Monarch

The division into realm levels also existed among humans, and regardless if it was the Bloody Sea Realm, the Nine Realms, or other independent realms, there was still a strict hierarchy in them. Such matters were revealed in all aspects, such as magical and martial techniques, scriptures, weapons, etcetera. It even included the altitude of flight. Jiang Chen's words and actions were disrespectful to Xiao Yuan, Ao Yue, and Man Tianyin.

But it was fortunate that the two women didn't say anything, while Xiao Yuan had a very prominent status and wouldn't cause any trouble for Jiang Chen due to this. He just revealed a warm smile and didn't pay any heed to him.

"There are still many experts who aren't classified in the Sacred Lord List. So please come out," Xiao Yuan spoke to the people on the ground.

The Sacred Lord List had ranked only Sacred Lords, but there were still many people with great power in the Bloody Sea Realm who weren't recognized by the Sacred Spirits. When Xiao Yuan's words echoed, more than ten people flew into the air.

Jiang Chen wasn't in the mood to listen to Xiao Yuan's words, and he just communicated with Man Tianyin. "Regardless of what you have in mind, it will be futile to try to avoid this matter, and we must treat each other frankly."

As Jiang Chen spoke up to here, he stopped for a moment, before he said, "If you want to put an end to our relationship, I won't force you to do anything."

"If I said that it has ended, can you accept this openly?" Man Tianyin's emotions were stirred up too much.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief, because this demonstrated that Man Tianyin still held him in her heart.

"Why are you taking such actions?" Jiang Chen asked.

"My previous life's memory has awakened, and I recalled a certain person that I loved dearly. I can't forget about him."

Even though Man Tianyin used a sound transmission, Jiang Chen could still discern her pain. Jiang Chen felt quite unwell, but he was still aware that he couldn't blame Man Tianyin.

"I had assumed that this person's image in my mind would become vaguer as time elapsed. But this didn't happen, and my previous life's memory has only become clearer." Man Tianyin spoke once again, "If I accompanied you with another man still in my heart, it would be too unfair to you."

Jiang Chen shook his head. He wanted to know who this person was. But what was important was that her previous life's sweetheart should have already died along with the Sacred Zone. As Man Tianyin looked into the restless and agitated crowd in the safe zone, she immersed herself in her memories.

"In the past, my family ran across a powerful enemy. We had a deep feud and the enemy wanted to exterminate my whole family. That enemy was one of the previous Sacred Zone's Ten Greatest Demonic Monarchs. He cultivated an evil art, and no one could rival him. The factions in our vicinity weren't willing to help us, and that was why I followed my parents to meet a person and ask for his help."

Jiang Chen listened to her calmly. He knew the Ten Greatest Demonic Monarchs, and it was only apex experts that could contend against a Demonic Monarch.

"At that time, I didn't believe that he could provide any help to us, as even though he had resounding fame, he didn't possess any cultivation base. But, my parents still believed firmly that he could help us. I went to meet him while still harboring many suspicions about this matter. His age was the same as mine, and he gave me an amiable feeling, while he also didn't possess any cultivation base."

Upon listening up to here, an odd look appeared on Jiang Chen's face.

"After that person got to know our plight, he suggested we dispatch our whole family's experts and make a battle appointment with the Demonic Monarch at Heaven-Seeking Peak. At that time, I couldn't believe what my ears had heard. Heaven-Seeking Peak was one of the Sacred Zone's highest mountain peaks, while that Demonic Monarch was titled Night Sky Demonic Monarch. He possessed outstanding movement techniques, and he could release greater power in high regions. I wasn't the only confused person, as this was also the case for my parents. But since we trusted that guy, we still followed his instructions, while when Night Sky Demonic Monarch got to know the location, he went there excitedly and mocked us and called us fools. At first, my family's experts were at a disadvantage and weren't a match for the enemy. But when we assumed that the guy had harmed us on purpose, an incident occurred abruptly. On that day's afternoon, the rarely seen celestial phenomenon, the Sun-Devouring Celestial Dog, appeared. The evil art cultivated by Night Sky Demonic Monarch was restricted greatly, and he couldn't even use a third of his power. This is how our crisis was resolved, and my family still managed to kill Night Sky Demonic Monarch and become famous. As for me, I couldn't forget that guy's image."

As Man Tianyin narrated what was in her mind, a reminiscent look appeared on her face.

This is slightly awkward. Jiang Chen stroked his chin. He didn't know what he should say. Even though Man Tianyin didn't state any name, it was obvious that this person was him. He was aware that the evil art cultivated by Night Sky Demonic Monarch wasn't complete, and he could also calculate precisely the timing of Sun-Devouring Celestial Dog's phenomenon. This was he could set a ploy for slaying that demon. It could be said that Night Sky Demonic Monarch was killed by Jiang Chen, who didn't possess any cultivation power. This was why Jiang Chen always said that knowledge was the strongest weapon.

As Jiang Chen observed the confused look apparent on Man Tianyin's face, he desired to reveal the truth to her. But he didn't know how he should mention this matter.

"Why are you still in a daze? Why are you so distracted even at this time?" It was at this moment that an irritated voice rang out near Jiang Chen's ears, and he discovered that everyone's gazes were focused on him.

It seemed as if Xiao Yuan had said something crucial.

"What?" Jiang Chen didn't hide anything, and his gaze fell on the Sacred Lord ranked seventh that had just spoken.

When the people on the ground realized that Jiang Chen wasn't listening to even a single word, an uproar arose among them, and mocking laughter even echoed.

"They want to ask you to take out the Human Emperor Bow to verify whether anyone here can pull it open." Yiya quickly used a sound transmission to explain to Jiang Chen what had happened. She said, "Xiao Yuan said a while ago that we will have a great advantage if we have any force that can shoot death at people at a long distance."

Such speech pushed Jiang Chen into the heart of the struggle, and it didn't matter any longer whether Xiao Yuan intended to do so on purpose.

"If one didn't have the Human Emperor Bones, he won't manage to pull open the Human Emperor Bow. I probably don't need to emphasize this matter," Jiang Chen said.

"Do we still need you to inform us about this? You know this matter so clearly. So, why have you killed the Younger Human Emperor?" The half-monster ranked seventh spoke angrily.

"If you utter another word, it will become your last word." Jiang Chen swept that guy with his ice-cold gaze.

The guy ranked seventh was startled, and he realized that Jiang Chen wasn't joking.

However, since he had managed to get into the seventh position, dealing with him wouldn't be so easy. "Let's not talk about the fact that you didn't use your true power to kill Tian Shenyi, as even if it were the case, you don't have the right to bark in front of me." The guy soared into the air and challenged Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen held in his right hand the Immeasurable Ruler that had returned to its previous state, while he emanated great fighting spirit. He wasn't afraid at all!

"Sirs, please give regard to the greater picture," Xiao Yuan said softly.

"I have a clear view of matters, but a certain person is speaking inappropriately, while he's still reckless and ignorant." The guy ranked seventh snorted coldly. He still didn't give vent to his anger.

"Fine, take out the Human Emperor Bow," Xiao Yuan waved his hand, while speaking in a slightly helpless tone.

The patience of the people on the ground would be shortly exhausted, and they all looked at Jiang Chen with a reproachful gaze.

"Ha, ha, ha." Jiang Chen laughed heartily and boldly, before he flew up and said loudly, "It turns out that this is the Sacred Spirits' punishment for my murder of the Human Emperor? It's really boring. The Human Emperor Bow is my spoils of war, and if you want me to give regard to the greater picture, then you must be more polite. If you will criticize me for killing the Human Emperor and say that I deprived you of a chance to escape with your life, then I can send you ahead into the underworld to interact with the Human Emperor."

Such statements stunned the whole crowd, but after a brief moment, an intense reaction arose among them.

"This guy is really too arrogant."

"It seems like he doesn't want to take responsibility for his mistakes."

"Let's kill him and take back the Human Emperor Bow."


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