The Brilliant Fighting Master
1316 Evil Blood Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1316 Evil Blood Emperor

If one observed Jiang Chen's gaze carefully, one would discover that it was firm and resolute, and it wasn't filled with fury and madness like last time. A great heroic spirit emanated from the three Jiang Chens, as if they were able to control the whole world.

Tian Shenyi became flustered and exasperated, and he shouted loudly.

Since the power of three Immortal Daises was used at the same time, they released a might great enough to destroy the land, while the wind, fire, and lightning gathered together and formed a surging starry river.

Tian Shenyi ended up missing the key moment. When experts fight, one mustn't slack off for even an instant. Even such a little while was enough to let one end up led by the nose by one's opponent, suffer defeat, or even lose one's life.

Tian Shenyi didn't have enough time to build up power to use a divine technique to contend against this sword move, and he could only place his hope on the divine armor. He poured his whole divine power into it, and its flames shone brightly. However, when the sword approached Tian Shenyi, he still seemed frail and weak in comparison to it. Everyone was aware of what would be the outcome if a fragile product collided against an iron weapon.

But, as the crowd recalled Tian Shenyi's great power, some of them still found this matter unbelievable, and they still held out hope for him. In the end, their hopes were crushed along with the divine armor.

"This sword move's name is Heaven Destruction." Jiang Chen's deep voice reverberated. Just after Jiang Chen spoke, Tian Shenyi emitted a miserable scream. His divine armor burst open, while he sustained heavy injuries. He was in imminent danger! There were still some people in the dark ready to provide support, and who wanted to intervene and save him. But it was already too late.

Jiang Chen didn't treat Tian Shenyi leniently, and he released his sword move's whole might and killed Tian Shenyi.

At this moment, aggrieved cries echoed from the city, as all the Divine Recluse Clan warriors cried bitterly.

"You are a devil!" As Jiang Chen landed slowly, a warrior accused him out of rancor.

Jiang Chen's response was quite blunt, and he kicked the warrior onto the ground and trampled upon his head.

"You are mistaken, I'm just your nightmare." After Jiang Chen scared the warrior witless, he moved away from him.


"Everyone should assemble now" Just after this, Jiang Chen ordered the crowd, who were still in a daze, while his magical clones and main body flew at a low altitude and formed a triangular area.

Everyone stood in the area. They were confused and weren't aware of what was going on. But they still didn't dare to fight back. Those people had submitted to humiliation even while facing Tian Shenyi, let alone when they were facing Jiang Chen, who didn't have any qualms about anything.

Just after this, Jiang Chen's main body and magical clones started reading the scripture at the same time. A boundless Buddhist Power engulfed everyone and pacified their stirred-up emotions. They all felt peace and serenity! This wasn't Jiang Chen's objective, and as the scripture's content changed, emotions rushed in everyone's hearts, and as they faced the Buddha-like Jiang Chen, they had an impulse of worshipping him.

All of a sudden, several auras erupted, and five people soared into the sky and fled in different directions. The eyes of those people were bloodshot, and they were all possessed by evil spirits. However, how could they be a match for Jiang Chen? He managed to take down all of them, before he threw them into the plaza, and let everyone have a clear view of them.

"It's already difficult to discern those evil spirits, and even Sacred Spirits can't discern them. It's only the Buddhist Path's magical techniques that are effective against them. This is why from now onward, I will take control over the third area," as Jiang Chen spoke, he used flames to burn the five evil spirits to death.

"Ha, ha, ha, you should all wait for death, and you will all follow us."

"You can't leave this land, and you are all just a meal for the Evil Blood Emperor."

The evil spirits, who were at death's door, shouted complacently.

"The Evil Blood Emperor?" The crowd had heard of such a name. it was just limited to this, and they didn't really need to take him seriously, unless...

Everyone was startled, and they all thought of the same matter, and it was whether this Blood Emperor recovered his whole power. If it was really the case, he would be someone at the same level as a Martial Sovereign.

"It can't be the case." Most people weren't willing to believe this, and they persisted in believing that even if a crisis occurred, someone competent would solve it for them—like for example, Jiang Chen. He was a Buddhist Path's disciple and was the bane of the Blood Clan. However, it also seemed like Jiang Chen was the bane of all clans. Regardless of how outstanding was a clan, its members would still get the worst out of everything while facing Jiang Chen.


When Tian Shenyi's name disappeared from the Sacred Lord List, the Bloody Sea Realm descended into a panic. Such a matter occurred at such a crucial juncture, and that was why everyone couldn't help but assume that Tian Shenyi was killed by the Blood Clan. If it was just a fight between Sacred Lords, even if Tian Shenyi suffered a defeat, his ranking would only become lower, and he wouldn't disappear from the list. After the people learned that Tian Shenyi had been killed by Jiang Chen, no one could keep calm. Tian Shenyi possessed a divine armor, and the people able to kill him could be counted on one hand.

"Even at such a time, they are still killing each other, don't they understand that every person represents a force added to us?" Some people were displeased by the fact that Jiang Chen got the limelight, and they started raising complaints. Jealous people wouldn't usually expose their true thoughts, and they would use many honorable reasons to disguise their intentions. They would condemn people by word and pen and would give vent to their vile emotions in such a way.

It was at this moment that the restriction, which prevented people from using external power in the Bloody Sea Realm disappeared. Everyone could use all means up their sleeves. It was obvious that it was the Sacred Spirits who had lifted such a restriction. But no one rejoiced, and everyone became more solemn. It was because they were all aware that this matter meant that greater trouble was awaiting them.

"Why don't you first release us. The evil spirit possession can't really cause anything bothersome."

Some people started protesting against the Sacred Spirits, and they wanted to leave this land. However, the Sacred Spirits didn't respond to them. The Sacred Spirits' silence expressed well that they wouldn't let anyone out until all the bodies possessed by evil spirits were killed, and they wouldn't even care if they ended up completely wiped out.

"Even if all 100 Sacred Lords died completely, the Sacred Spirits would just have to choose another 100 as Sacred Lords. So, don't hold any hope into this matter," someone revealed the truth.

Since then, a name started spreading widely among all five great areas. It was the Evil Blood Emperor! It was rumored that he was someone who had participated in the great battle. What was the great battle? It referred to the battle that occurred in the Bloody Sea Realm and turned this world into a single worldly fragment used for military campaigns.

One of the Sacred Zone's four sages and countless experts participated in the great battle, and they contended against the 20 Evil Emperors, as well as many great armies. The Evil Blood Emperor was one of the past 20 Evil Emperors. He managed to survive, and he slept for 500 years.

There was news stating that the Evil Blood Emperor had woken up several years ago, and he always hid his traits and treated the people coming into the Bloody Sea Realm as prey. He only attacked a few times, and that was why he wasn't discovered, and he continued working slowly and steadily until this day. He had already recovered most of his fighting prowess!

"Assemble in the fourth area's safe zone, and bring with you as many people and forces as possible." On this day, the Sacred Spirits' voices rang out near the ear of all the Sacred Lords.

"It has started!" All the Sacred Lords became nervous. They weren't surprised by this, and they were aware that they would have to deal with the Evil Blood Emperor.

"Anyone who cowers and doesn't fight will lose his qualifications as a Sacred Lord." The situation was so grave that the Sacred Spirits needed to warn them.

"Evil Blood Emperor, don't disappoint me."

Jiang Chen, who got rid of all the people possessed by evil spirits in the third area, was awaiting such an affair expectantly. He brought Yiya and the others with him and went toward the location, where they would work together.

Since everyone was allowed to use external power, then Jiang Chen, who possessed the eight groups of spiritual beings, had a great advantage over others. But it was a pity that the eight groups of spiritual beings Scripture's Spiritual Shell was on the verge of collapse, and he could use the scripture only for a limited number of times. But it was still fortunate that it wouldn't be affected if he just borrowed Buddhist Power from it.


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