The Brilliant Fighting Master
1314 A God“s Gif
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1314 A God“s Gif

After Jiang Chen and Tian Shenyi had gone through an intense confrontation, they appeared once again in front of the crowd. Neither of them appeared to have sustained any injuries, and they seemed evenly matched. As the crowd recalled Tian Shenyi's power and looked once again at Jiang Chen, surprise appeared on their faces. They recalled that Jiang Chen had appeared in the Bloody Sea Realm just several months ago. He was then just a Star Venerable. Yet somehow he still managed to get instant success and possess his current power. They found this incredulous, and some of them couldn't help but wonder whether Jiang Chen was really possessed by an evil spirit.

"You will pay a grave price for your crazy ravings." Tian Shenyi didn't have any thoughts about this, and, even though he was infuriated, he was still confident and didn't take Jiang Chen seriously. It was just like how the person ranked first wouldn't care whether someone ranked 30th had reached the tenth position.

When Tian Shenyi's voice echoed out, the blade in his hand started burning with golden flames that illuminated the dusky sky. The raging flames possessed great might, which rivaled an erupting volcano.

"Divine Fury!" Many people exclaimed in alarm. They didn't expect that Tian Shenyi was so determined to kill his opponent that he would use powerful divine techniques consecutively. However, as they pondered this matter, they realized that with the character of the Divine Recluse Clan members, it would be impossible for them to tolerate and accept what Jiang Chen had said previously.

"A Heavenly God Exterminates Evil!" Tian Shenyi used another blade move, and his blade shone with a bright light rivaling the rising sun. It was so radiant that no one could look straight at it! If such a blade move hit its target, the target might end up losing his life.

A grave look appeared on Jiang Chen's face, and he didn't dare to take it carelessly. He raised the Immeasurable Sword and called out Xiao Ying's name. Xiao Ying understood his intentions, and, as deafening thunder rolls echoed all around, Xiao Ying appeared here. A sea of lightning appeared at a high altitude in the sky, and it attacked the sword and fused with it. The black sword released endless lightning arcs, which extinguished the golden blade beam, and they flew around like silver dragons. When the sword and beam collided once again, the whole sky was shaken, and many terrifying shock waves ran amok like a storm. Spatial crevices appeared between the sword and the beam, and they were spreading quickly. It was for these moments that Tian Shenyi wore the divine armor and depended upon it to counteract the force of any impacts.

Jiang Chen flew in a straight line and managed to keep his balance without falling down. However, when he came to a stop, white smoke arose around him due to the high speed he was traveling in causing friction against the air.

It seemed as if Jiang Chen was at a disadvantage. But people with discerning eyes understood that if Tian Shenyi wasn't wearing the divine armor, the outcome would be unpredictable. But the divine armor was obviously a part of Tian Shenyi's power, and they couldn't say anything against this.

"If the Divine Recluse Clan members were just servant of Gods, why is the gift possessed by these servants so outstanding?"

"It isn't likely that they were just servants. Jiang Chen probably narrated such a story just to infuriate Tian Shenyi."

"It seemed now like it was foolish. Jiang Chen showed off his eloquence for a short while, and the price he will have to pay for it will be his life, as Tian Shenyi will surely kill him."

Upon witnessing that Jiang Chen was at a disadvantage, many discussions, which didn't favor him, arose, and they echoed all around the area.

Yiya frowned. She was analyzing the current situation. Jiang Chen's current performance was already better than in his fights in the Soul Palace, but it seemed like the situation was quite unfavorable to Jiang Chen. It was likely that the results of Jiang Chen's cultivation for the last period were limited to what he was showing now, which meant that he had already reached his limit. As Yiya looked once again at Tian Shenyi's current appearance, she realized that it wouldn't be easy to defeat him.

"It's this d*mn tortoise shell once again." Upon witnessing the divine armor, Jiang Chen shook his head. The Divine Recluse Clan's gift was really annoying!

"You aren't willing to admit anything, are you?" Tian Shenyi's eyes were filled with flames of anger, while it was also the case for his divine armor and the blade in his hand—they were all burning with golden flames.

Tian Shenyi, who had carried out a divine transformation, seemed awe-inspiring, and he had a unique aura that wasn't possessed by anyone from any other clan. When the crowd witnessed his current appearance, many of them had an impulse to kneel down and worship him.

"A Myriad Changes in an Instant!" Tian Shenyi used the same trick again. He used a blade technique, which didn't have any advantages at the beginning. But everyone was aware that this blade move's might would be completely different because Tian Shenyi was using it while in a Divine Fury state.

"Sure enough, what's above the top ten is a great dividing line." Jiang Chen sighed and realized that he must get serious. Jiang Chen hadn't made any great advancements in the last period because he didn't have enough time. He had just consolidated his foundation.

Both the magical clones and the main body focused on the Void Divine Wind, Solar Golden Flame, and Du Tian Divine Lightning. They focused especially on Du Tian Divine Lightning, and it managed to achieve a qualitative change due to the help of the Lightning Spirit, Xiao Ying. It was like what Xiao Qin and the others had said—Du Tian Divine Lightning was a type of force that the divine lightning possessed by Jiang Chen would only be considered a little puddle. He must accumulate enough of it and slowly turn it into a river,a great flowing river.

Jiang Chen had divided such changes into nine levels, and, previously, his wind, fire, and lightning forces didn't even reach the first level. He could be considered just a novice. But at this moment, his Du Tian Divine Lightning would shortly reach the second level. This wasn't really important, as what was crucial was that he managed to master the Lightning Rule due to Xiao Ying. The lightning, wind, fire, and water were all worldly powers, and, as cultivators controlled them, the higher their attainment in such fields, the greater would be the power released by them.

However, divine lightning was born from chaos, and most people's knowledge about divine lightning would be limited to its primary section even if they exhausted their whole lives studying it. Even lightning method's inheritors just depended upon the amount of their divine lightning to raise its might. But Jiang Chen had the help of Xiao Ying and had managed to find a regular order among such a chaotic path. As the Lightning Rule controlled the Du Tian Divine Lightning, it got even more marvelous functions, and it possessed a terrifying might.

Jiang Chen changed once again the shape of the Immeasurable Ruler. But this time, he didn't make something as simple as turning it from a sword to a spear. The Immeasurable Ruler went through complex changes, and no one could discern clearly what was happening. This continued until the Immeasurable Ruler fell on Jiang Chen's shoulder and started growing according to his body's size.

In the end, a tight black armor covered Jiang Chen's body, and even his neck was protected by it, while his head was left outside. The black armor didn't make Jiang Chen's body seem obese. Instead, it fit him well, and such a skintight metallic armor seemed filled with power. Even though it has taken a long while to describe the whole process, everything had occurred in a moment, and when the Immeasurable Ruler finished turning into armor, Tian Shenyi's Myriad Changes in an Instant Technique attacked its target.

Jiang Chen, who didn't hold any swords in his hand, revealed an ice-cold sneer, and he interlocked his index and middle fingers and started using a sword art. "A Lightning Disaster of Myriad Swords!"

Myriad flickering lightning swords erupted out, and it was at the same moment that Tian Shenyi's blade fell upon Jiang Chen.


At this moment, the anger of Tian Shenyi cooled down slightly, and an odd look appeared on this face. But it was also then that the confrontation started. Rumbling sounds echoed ceaselessly, and many energy waves spread in the sky, while the shining sword and blade beams flew around everywhere.

The crowd raised their heads and looked at the sky. It seemed like the sky had turned into a painting, and many varied colors formed a spectacular piece of art. When such a disturbance calmed down slightly, the crowd had a clear look at the battle situation

This time, it wasn't Jiang Chen who was at a disadvantage. The crowd discovered in alarm that many cracks appeared on the blade in Tian Shenyi's hand, and its radiance as a divine weapon had disappeared, while the golden flames had also disappeared. Moreover, it still seemed like the golden flames on the divine armor would be shortly extinguished, as if they were flames in the face of wind.

Tian Shenyi gasped for breath, while his cheeks were covered with sweat. "Contemptible ant, you have unexpectedly made me cut a sorry figure!"


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