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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1312 God

Nearly all the Divine Recluse Clan members spoke in the same tone. They were all arrogant and haughty.

Yiya's expression became grave, and she looked at the Divine Recluse Clan man outside the chains. She felt a great wave of pressure emanating from them, and she couldn't even breathe properly due to it. After a short moment, Yiya took a long breath and said in a deep voice, "We have passed all the tests about the doubtful aspects of people possessed by evil spirits. So, why don't you release us?"

"Are you questioning me?" The Divine Recluse Clan man spoke with displeasure.

"This is called an investigation, don't your Divine Recluse Clan members speak with even the least bit of reason?" Yiya spoke angrily.

"The words of my Clan members are the supreme truth. So, why is there any need for a reason?" The Divine Recluse Clan man spoke.

Yiya couldn't help but roll her eyes at him, while the people in the vicinity laughed up their sleeves. An argument with the Divine Recluse Clan members would always end up like this.

"I will state it for the last time. Release us, or you will bear dreadful consequences for your actions," Yiya spoke coldly. It seemed from her current appearance that she was depending upon something, and the crowd couldn't help but discuss this matter. They were clearly aware that the influence of Yiya's family wasn't any lower than the Divine Recluse Clan's influence.

"You dare to affront a God!" The Divine Recluse Clan man was infuriated, and he rolled his eyes, while the chains shone with a radiant white light. Yiya, who was standing next to the chains, was sent flying, as if she had suffered an electric shock, and she fell on the ground. She really seemed to be in a difficult situation!

"You have really gone overboard! Who has given you such rights?" Wen Tao and the others supported Yiya, and they all couldn't control their anger.

"It's God's privilege, and he doesn't need anyone to bestow him anything," the Divine Recluse Clan man spoke.

"Are you willing to let yourselves be pushed around by such an ignorant guy?" Wen Tao shouted at the people outside. He wanted to depend on the power of a large number of people to drive away the Divine Recluse Clan man. However, there wasn't anyone who responded, as even though most of them were angry, no one dared to speak. The reason behind this was that there weren't just Divine Recluse Clan warriors here, there was also a Divine Recluse Clan man who was ranked number eight. It was Tian Shenyi!

There was just a little difference between his name and the name of Tian Weiyi, who had been killed by Jiang Chen. But there was still a great disparity between them. Tian Shenyi had in his name the word Shen that meant god, and it was obvious that his status in the Divine Recluse Clan was tantamount to a prince.

Tian Shenyi's robe shook slightly, and Wen Tao, who was on the plaza, was held by a mystical power and brought outside.

"You are inciting the crowd and trying to sow discord to waste our power. It's likely that you are possessed by an evil spirit," Tian Shenyi said.

Wen Tao started raining curses upon him, and Tian Shenyi couldn't help but furrow his brows. Such a slight frown made the ambiance become grave, and everyone felt like a great boulder was weighing upon their hearts. Just after this, Wen Tao screamed miserably, as his shoulder was penetrated by a weapon, and he was hung high in the sky.

"It's only a person possessed by an evil spirit that dares to insult a God," Tian Shenyi said.

Yiya wanted to save Wen Tao. But she didn't have any way of dealing with this. If the Bloody Sea Realm hadn't been sealed, she might still have been able to call on her people. The Divine Recluse Clan members were probably conceited. But they surely weren't stupid.

Yiya had a special status, and that was why they didn't dare to attack her openly, and thus they could give vent to their anger on Wen Tao. Wen Tao was hung high in the sky, and he bore great pain. As the crowd observed his miserable state, they couldn't help but sigh, and they resolved themselves to never intervene regardless of what would happen.


"Do all Divine Recluse Clan members have the same character? Isn't there even a single sane person among you?" When Wen Tao was about to die, a voice echoed out suddenly. Just after this, golden lightning arcs fell upon Wen Tao and broke apart the weapon that had penetrated his back. When Wen Tao started falling down, a person appeared there and caught him.

Upon witnessing the person who had arrived, both Yiya and Wen Tao were overjoyed. It was Jiang Chen!. Jiang Chen hadn't expected that the Divine Recluse Clan would take control of this land, and when he witnessed Wen Tao's state, he intervened without the least bit of hesitation.

"It's you," Tian Shenyi recognized Jiang Chen, and his gaze became gloomy, while his anger let his body's awe-inspiring aura become more terrifying. It was obvious that Tian Shenyi didn't plan to let off the hook someone who had killed his clansmen.

"Release these people!" Jiang Chen didn't bother arguing with Tian Shenyi and pointed at the chains outside the stage. The crowd was dumbstruck. It was probably because they were habituated to suffering in silence in front of the Divine Recluse Clan. Upon witnessing someone acting so overbearingly, they were shocked.

Tian Shenyi furrowed his brows and didn't speak.

Jiang Chen didn't waste his breath. His immeasurable Ruler took a spear form, and he thrust it at the chains around the plaza.

"How daring!" Tian Shenyi's expression became unsightly, and he waved his blade at Jiang Chen. His blade shone brightly, and its aura changed drastically.

Bang! However, the spear's light beam managed to strike the chains first, and, as a loud rumbling sound echoed, several pieces of chains were broken, and the people inside recovered their freedom. But there wasn't anyone among them who escaped, and it was only Yiya and several people who walked out.

Tian Shenyi's blade beam reached its target and cut Jiang Chen in half. However, it was just Jiang Chen's afterimage that was cut in half.

"What clumsy movements!" Jiang Chen appeared in another place and mocked Tian Shenyi.

"He's so fast!" The spectators exclaimed in alarm. A moment ago, they had even assumed that Jiang Chen would be killed and didn't expect that he could still dodge Tian Shenyi's attack quickly after finishing his spear attack. It seemed from this that Jiang Chen's power was on a par with Tian Shenyi's.

"You didn't just affront a God, you are still disturbing order. You have been already possessed by evil spirits," Tian Shenyi said in a sharp voice. The people imprisoned on the plaza weren't only from Yiya's team, and there were other suspicious people. Jiang Chen's actions were rash and irresponsible.

But this was only the case because other people weren't aware of Jiang Chen's attainments on the Buddhist Path. Also, since he had gone through the previous affair with Xiao Qin, he had cultivated an all-seeing eye that could discern all evil spirits or evil beings. There wasn't anyone possessed by evil spirits among the people suspected by the Divine Recluse Clan, and, on the contrary, Jiang Chen noticed suspicious people in the city. Jiang Chen's body disappeared from his former place, and, as he flew in the air, he formed a powerful gale, which let sand and stones fly around in the street.

"Do you want to escape?" Tian Shenyi didn't plan to just give up on this matter.

But, when Tian Shenyi was about to start taking action, Jiang Chen came back from a distant place while holding the head of a woman from the Divine Recluse Clan.

"What do you want to do? Release me! Contemptible human!" The Divine Recluse Clan woman cursed him loudly. The crowd couldn't understand what Jiang Chen meant by this.

"Release her!" Tian Shenyi was already infuriated, and he seemed like he would flare up at any moment.

"You have taken control of the third area, imprisoned innocent people, and allowed evil spirits to move around in the city." As Jiang Chen spoke, he started reading the scripture aloud. The expression of the Divine Recluse Clan woman held by him changed drastically, and her eyes turned blood-red, while the veins around her eyes sockets stuck out. The miserable cries of a Blood Clan member echoed from the woman's mouth.

An uproar arose in the whole city. It was obvious that this woman was possessed by an evil spirit. Jiang Chen stopped reading the scripture and pushed the woman to the ground.

"You don't need to thank me." Jiang Chen had managed to get rid of the evil spirit inside the woman's body because it still hadn't fused with her completely, and it was awaiting a chance while inside the woman's body. This was why it was still possible to purify her.

What no one had expected was that a blade would be thrust at the chest of the woman, who was still in a daze. Tian Shenyi pulled out his blade from her apathetically and didn't spare the woman's falling corpse even a single glance.

"Gods don't owe mortals anything," Tian Shenyi spoke coldly, "Now, you have to explain clearly how did you manage to discern this matter."


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