The Brilliant Fighting Master
1311 Blood Hunting Team
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1311 Blood Hunting Team

Jiang Chen picked up the Human Emperor Bow, and, after he pondered for a moment, he tried to pull open the bowstring. The reason the Sacred Spirits wanted to protect the Human Emperor was that this bow couldn't be pulled open by anyone unless they possessed the Human Emperor Bones.

Even though the Young Human Emperor was loathsome, this was still a gift possessed by him solely, and when they would face the Blood Clan's invasion, such long-range archery would play an important role in dealing with the powerful Blood Clan. Jiang Chen could understand the Sacred Spirits' thoughts. If a Martial God didn't appear before the great war, then they could only use other methods for killing the Blood Clan's powerful warriors.

Jiang Chen quickly discovered the Human Emperor Bow's special traits. Regardless of how he exerted himself, the bowstring wouldn't budge at all. It was rumored that the bowstring was made from a divine dragon's muscles and tendons, and even Jiang Chen's tremendous power couldn't affect it. When Jiang Chen was about to give up, a sparkling light emanated from the bowstring.

"Well?" Jiang Chen was surprised by this. He was sure that he didn't have Human Emperor Bones, but he still had gotten a mystical resonance with the Human Emperor Bow. However, before Jiang Chen could understand what was going on, such a feeling disappeared, and the Human Emperor Bow went back to its former state.

Jiang Chen shook his head and didn't take this seriously. He put away the Human Emperor Bow and summoned two magical clones. One of them was holding the Red Cloud Sword, while the other received the Heavenly Fault Sword from him. As for the main body, he used the Immeasurable Ruler.

After this, the three people proceeded in different directions. Jiang Chen had come to the Bloody Sea Realm to train. He must get rid of all distracting thoughts and focus on finishing his training. Moreover, he still wanted to form his fighting style to be suitable for the Martial Emperor Realm, because if he didn't do it, he would have to always depend upon his overbearing power to fight against people.


The news of the Human Emperor's death quickly spread in the Bloody Sea Realm. Many people paid attention to this matter because the Human Emperor's name was on the Sacred Lords List, and he also had a divine weapon. Moreover, since he had been chased relentlessly by Jiang Chen, many people awaited the outcome.

"Jiang Chen's rise is really too quick." The people couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

Jiang Chen had spread his name in the first area and the second area, before going to the third area, and his name had even spread to the fourth area. However, after the Human Emperor's death, there wasn't any news spread about Jiang Chen for a whole two weeks. Normally, once a person reached a certain status, he would strike while the iron was hot and make another magnificent feat to become an influential person. But, it seemed to be the opposite for Jiang Chen, and people couldn't help but wonder whether he had been killed by the Blood Clan members.


One day, a piece of news was spread widely in the Bloody Sea Realm by all the Sacred Lords. The Sacred Lords had gotten news from the Sacred Spirits, and they stated that the matter was related to the possession by the Blood Clan's evil spirits. This matter was extremely grave, and, if it wasn't the case, the Sacred Spirits wouldn't have mentioned it. There were already people whose bodies had been possessed by evil spirits, and it was difficult to recognize them. This was why they wouldn't allow anyone to come into the Bloody Sea Realm or leave it for the time being. This would continue until all possessed people were killed. However, the Sacred Spirits didn't state who was possessed, and they didn't even provide a method for recognizing them.

However, there were still people who came up with a solution. They prepared enough blood essence and made a bloody scent. The people possessed by evil spirits wouldn't be able to bear the scent, and they would end up exposing themselves. All the Bloody Sea Realm's people started looking for people possessed by evil spirits because they didn't know where they were and they wanted to be able to leave. They all didn't want to end up trapped here forever and have the same fate as the Blood Clan members.

After several days, the Bloody Sea Realm went through a great purge, and they managed to uncover many people possessed by evil spirits, and one among them was even an approved Sacred Lord. It was then that everyone realized that this matter was graver than they had imagined, and all the people among the Sacred Lord List's top ten formed the Blood Hunting Team and made a list of the traits of people possessed by evil spirits according to other possessed people.

One of the traits was that the possessed people always acted alone because they didn't need to worry about the attacks of Blood Clan members, and the other one was that they were slaughtering Sacred Lords to weaken the Nine Realms' power.

"There are more than 10,000 people in the Bloody Sea Realm, and if we continue like this, it's unknown when we will get rid of all of them." There were some people who felt like they wouldn't manage to know whether they had gotten rid of evil spirits thoroughly if they depended upon such a method. This was why the Sacred Lords contacted the Sacred Spirits, and the latter provided them with a number. It was 131! This was the number of people possessed by evil spirits. The Bloody Sea Realm's people must eradicate them completely before they could get out.

Jiang Chen, who was training, also got news about this matter because he was a Sacred Lord, and he was really startled by the number of possessed people. Jiang Chen had come in contact with people possessed by evil spirits just twice, and he didn't expect that there would be such a large number of them. He couldn't help but worry whether some had managed to slip away.

"Alas, it can be said that they brought trouble upon themselves." If people weren't so greedy, and a large number of them took advantage of the loophole to come here to train, the situation wouldn't have become so complex. The number of people possessed by evil spirits was higher than the 100 Sacred Lords.

"Regardless of everything, I must kill them. There are still many matters I must do." Thereupon, Jiang Chen's main body put an end to his training and rushed toward the third safe zone.

At this moment, the safe zone was packed with people. After the evil spirits' matter had spread, no one was willing to travel outside, and many people stayed in the safe zone and planned to wait until this affair came to an end.

As for going to dispose of the possessed people? This matter would be obviously carried out by capable people, and as the proverb said, even if the sky collapsed, there would be a tall person with his eyes on the sky that would deal with the issue. However, getting to stay in the safe zone wasn't an easy matter, as they must go through a strict inspection.

The Blood Clan members were crafty and cunning, and there weren't any methods that were totally effective. This was why some suspicious people would be imprisoned on the plaza at the center of the city, and they would only let them out after observing them for a certain period. There were several dozen people on the plaza of the third area's city, and they were all surrounded by chains. Such chains that could imprison Martial Emperors were anything but simple and had upon them symbols, which would form something like a barrier or a domain, which isolated the people inside it.

"We have already stayed here for six days, and this is the longest recorded period. Why won't you release us yet?" There were some people acquainted with Jiang Chen on the plaza, and they were the Blade and Sword Association's seven members, Yiya and the others.

Yiya was standing on the edge of the plaza and shouting at the people outside.

"Don't be impulsive!" Wen Tao, and his companions stood by Yiya's side and comforted her. They were quite irritated, but when they looked at the people standing outside, fright would appear on their faces.

The person who took control over the third area's safe city was a Divine Recluse Clan's expert ranked eighth on the Sacred Lord List, and there were also other warriors of his clan with him. Everyone was aware that speaking reason with the Divine Recluse Clan's members was useless. They didn't just imprison people here because they suspected them, it was also to take revenge. The Divine Recluse Clan's Tian Weiyi had previously been killed by Jiang Chen, and, after such a matter, Jiang Chen joined Yiya's team.

"Young Miss Yiya, the procedure carried out in the second area is more drastic, and they would rather kill innocents than let off someone by mistake. It's already fortunate for you and the others to keep your lives," someone outside the plaza spoke in a low voice.

"At least, he must provide a reason for suspecting us, and, so far until now, the Divine Recluse Clan members didn't provide any explanation," Yiya spoke angrily.

The person outside still wanted to speak, but he was frightened by a clear sound of footsteps, and he quickly ran away.

"My clan is obeying God's will and handling affairs according to it. So, what explanation do you need? If you were possessed, and we released you, you will bring disaster upon Xuan Huan Great Realm."


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