The Brilliant Fighting Master
1310 The Sacred Spirits“ Intervention
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1310 The Sacred Spirits“ Intervention

The Human Emperor's arrows flew one after the other. However, Jiang Chen had attacked before the arrows' might erupted, and the sword in his hands moved up and down, striking all the Human Emperor's arrows and sending them flying away.

"What?" The Human Emperor was dumbstruck. There had never been anyone who had managed to deal with his arrows like this.

Bang! The Human Emperor shot the fifth arrow as Jiang Chen approached him. But it also failed, and the Human Emperor Bow fell from his hands and his body started dripping with blood. His face was filled with intense fright.

"Wait for a moment!" The Human Emperor extended his hand and raised his head. He said, "How did you manage to find me? The Human Emperor Bow is capable of hiding my aura, and no one can find me." If the Human Emperor hadn't possessed such an ability, he would have been found by people long ago and killed.

"I don't make the same mistake twice. That's all," Jiang Chen spoke coldly. When Jiang Chen ran into the Human Emperor outside the Soul Palace, he put a magical seal to lock onto him. The seal would allow him to manage to track his target anywhere, and it didn't matter if he fled even to the ends of the world.

"Don't kill me. Can't we discuss this," the Human Emperor said.

"Are you from the Sovereign Spirit Palace?" Jiang Chen had several questions, and he wanted to understand this matter clearly.

"No, it's the Abundance Land Academy that is affiliated with the Sovereign Spirit Palace, while I'm from the Sacred Martial Arts Academy's Martial God Palace," the Human Emperor said.

Jiang Chen shook his head and raised the sword in his hand.

"All three great factions restrain and compete against each other, and I have good knowledge about the Sovereign Spirit Palace. What do you want to know?" The Human Emperor spoke quickly as he saw Jiang Chen was about to strike. He was striving to get a chance to survive.

"If the soul of a Great Sovereign Reincarnator is incomplete, what will happen to the body taken by such a soul?" Jiang Chen asked.

Such a question was beyond the Human Emperor's experience and he couldn't say anything in reply. When an impatient look appeared on Jiang Chen's face, the Human Emperor was forced to speak. "The Sovereign Spirit is just a piece of memory of a certain period, and it will passively affect the person it is reincarnated upon. The knowledge learned by the Sovereign in his life would let the reincarnation get outstanding achievements, and the situation you mentioned isn't possible."

"The situation I mentioned?" Jiang Chen furrowed his brows.

"The Sovereign Spirit doesn't possess its own will and consciousness and won't even take over a body. As for the situation you mentioned, I can guess that disorder will occur then."

"Disorder?" Jiang Chen asked him to continue speaking.

"A Great Sovereign Reincarnation is the reincarnation of a chosen person from 500 years ago, and it had altogether three pieces of memory: The Great Sovereign's memory, the former life's memory, and the current life's memory. While every reincarnator's pieces of memory are fusing together, he will feel unwell and out of sorts for a long time. They are all different memories and different characters because they grew up in different environments. But in the end, they will be assimilated. Only a few of them won't get over this and be confused about their identity. Once they get over this, they will accept their identity as a Great Sovereign."

Upon hearing this speech, Jiang Chen was overwhelmed with shock. If it was really like what the Human Emperor had just said, then the person who had previously been in front of Jiang Chen was likely Xiao Nuo. Such an incomplete soul let Xiao Nuo have two different characters upon the fusion of their memory, and according to what the Human Emperor had said, if everything went smoothly, their characters would fuse together, and, at that time, Xiao Nuo would come back.

"I really must thank you." Jiang Chen's mood turned for the better, and the gloomy look on his face disappeared.

"So, can you let me off the hook?" The Human Emperor asked nervously.

"I will let you have an easy death as thanks," Jiang Chen spoke earnestly.

"You, you are a b*stard!" The Human Emperor didn't really out hold too much hope into this matter, and, if he was in Jiang Chen's position, he surely wouldn't spare a person who was a serious threat and could hide in the dark 10,000 miles from him and shoot him dead.

The Human Emperor had already taken advantage of the time they had spent talking, and he had prepared well. He pulled the bowstring and put an arrow in it at one go. The arrow he put in it wasn't a Human Emperor Arrow, but a wooden arrow, which was filled completely with symbols. Moreover, the Human Emperor didn't shoot it at Jiang Chen, but at the sky. The arrow seemed like a light beam, and it exploded and blossomed at a high altitude in the sky, while a spatial whirlpool appeared there. The whirlpool's suction force engulfed the Human Emperor and pulled him into it. Everything occurred quickly, which let the Human Emperor's body seem fuzzy.

"Ha, ha, ha, Jiang Chen, just wait. I surely won't let you off the hook, and I will haunt you for your whole life." The Human Emperor, who assumed that he had escaped successfully, started shouting complacently. While he was speaking, he was shortly about to leave the Bloody Sea Realm.

"Naive!" Jiang Chen threw his sword strongly, and, as golden lightning raged around it, the sword turned into a long spear. It struck the center of the whirlpool before the Human Emperor reached it and made it explode.

The smile plastered on the Human Emperor's face stiffened. That arrow was one of his most precious objects, and it was tantamount to a single chance of saving his life. Yet, Jiang Chen had destroyed it heartlessly.

"What were you saying a moment ago?" Jiang Chen wore a mystical smile and questioned the Human Emperor.

"No, it's nothing." The Human Emperor shook his head repeatedly and didn't dare to act arrogantly any longer.

"I wanted to give you a quick and easy death." As Jiang Chen spoke, he raised his right hand high and caught the falling golden spear. When Jiang Chen was about to attack, the divine tree's voice rang out near his ears. "Jiang Chen, if it's possible, please spare him."

Jiang Chen was startled by this, and, at first, he assumed that this was one of the Human Emperor's tricks. But after he ascertained that it was really the divine tree, he was quite astonished. "Didn't you say that you couldn't contact me."

"If the Sacred Spirits accept it, I can seek you in the Bloody Sea Realm," the divine tree said to Jiang Chen. "The Sacred Spirit approved of the Human Emperor's wish that you spare him and even the other Sacred Spirits agreed with him."

"Why?" Jiang Chen couldn't discern whether the Human Emperor possessed any special traits.

"He can pull open the Human Emperor Bow, and this is quite outstanding. A person like him, who can shoot dead Sacred Lords at a long range, will play an important role in the fight against the Blood Clan." The divine tree continued, "However, I'm obviously just conveying to you the other Sacred Spirits' wishes, and we won't control you. You can do anything you want."

"But if I kill him, the other Sacred Spirits won't be pleased, will they?" Jiang Chen said.

"That is right!" The divine tree expressed that it was still up to Jiang Chen to make a decision.

The Human Emperor had heard this exchange, and a loathsome smile appeared once again on his face. "Ha, ha, ha, Jiang Chen. You didn't expect that you couldn't kill me, did you?" Since the Sacred Spirits had vouched for him, the Human Emperor believed that Jiang Chen wouldn't dare to attack him because if he had done so, he would be crowded out by the Sacred Spirits, and he wouldn't get a place for himself here, would he?

A smile appeared at the corners of Jiang Chen's mouth, and he thrust the spear in his hand and instantly inflicted serious injuries upon the Human Emperor. The golden spear penetrated his chest, while golden lightning was still flickering on the wound. The Human Emperor realized quickly that his situation was hopeless. "You! You!" The Human Emperor looked in disbelief at that composed face.

Jiang Chen moved his wrist, and the golden spear released its great might and turned the Human Emperor into ashes.

"You should be careful..."

Meanwhile, the divine tree's voice rang out at the same time, and it was interrupted before it had managed to finish its speech. It could be assumed that when they witnessed the Human Emperor's death, the Sacred Spirits in the dark cut off the connection between Jiang Chen and the divine tree, and a revenge plan targeting Jiang Chen would be carried out. However, Jiang Chen didn't care about it as he believed that they would at most teach him a lesson. Or else, they would lose both the Human Emperor and his power, and that would be unfortunate.

If Jiang Chen had spared the Human Emperor and left him alive, it would have been tantamount to leaving a hidden danger to himself.


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