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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1307 Swordsman

"Was that pup killed by you?" Upon witnessing Jiang Chen's arrival, Xiao Jiantian's heart sank. This matter was obvious, But, since the Wolf Clan youth had gotten the bony claw, where did Jiang Chen get enough power to achieve such a feat?

"Could it be that it's the magical clones once again? It shouldn't be possible." According to Xiao Jiantian's knowledge, regardless if it was a magical clone or an incarnation, they both couldn't appear once again shortly after they were killed, and if this wasn't the case, wouldn't one be able to summon clones ceaselessly and exhaust his enemies to death?

It was especially the case for Jiang Chen, whose magical clones possessed the main body's full power, and if he was able to summon them two times in succession within a single day, his ability would be too outrageous.

However despite this, Xiao Jiantian cast a meaningful glance at the others, and his three companions, whose power was at the same level as his, came to his side.

Jiang Chen who was then facing four people stopped in his tracks.

"I don't plan to kill you. So you still have a chance to save your lives," Jiang Chen looked at the three people and spoke apathetically.

"I don't know how you managed to kill that pup. But you still aren't qualified to utter such a statement."

"You don't have magical clones any longer. So, what qualifies you to speak arrogantly here?"

"If you didn't take crazy destructive actions, we would have been able to disregard wholly your fighting prowess."

The three people had different views about this matter, and they spoke one after the other to mock Jiang Chen.

In Jiang Chen's previous battle against Po Xie and Xiao Jiantian, his sole advantage that let him get the upper hand was the cooperation of his magical clones, as well as the fusion of wind, fire, and lightning. At other times, Jiang Chen would have been at a disadvantage. Now, Jiang Chen didn't have magical clones, and he was facing four people instead of two. They all couldn't discern what powers Jiang Chen still possessed.

"You shouldn't have killed him." Xiao Xiao took advantage of such a chance to run toward another region, while still wearing a resentful look. If Jiang Chen had joined hands with the Wolf Clan youth, they would have managed to get a great advantage even if they faced these four people.

"It wasn't me who attacked first," Jiang Chen said.

Xiao Xiao raised her brows. But she still didn't say anything else.

"That pup has destroyed my Doctrine Sword, while you have already killed him. So you should pay me back," Xiao Jiantian spoke, while he sized up the Red Cloud Sword and the Heavenly Fault Sword. Meanwhile, he still paid attention to the golden spear in Jiang Chen's hand.

"What a tyrannical weapon. It seems like you have used it to kill that pup," as Xiao Jiantian spoke, he laughed in mockery, and he said, "You have given up on the sword just because you got a powerful weapon. You don't deserve to be a swordsman." Xiao Jiantian was trying to destabilize Jiang Chen's mind, while he was still buying time for Xiao Qin.

It could be discerned from this that Xiao Jiantian took Jiang Chen seriously, as ordinary enemies wouldn't get such treatment from him.

"Are you talking about this one?" Jiang Chen wasn't anxious, as he wasn't here to fight over soul stones for someone.

When Jiang Chen's voice echoed, light rays streaked across the golden spear once again, and as a crisp, metallic sound echoed, the spear's shape changed, and it turned into a curved sword. The black sword had a metallic luster, and its blade was too sharp, while electric arcs were still flickering on it. It seemed too dangerous!

Hiss! Xiao Jiantian took a deep breath, while his face became filled with disbelief.

But Jiang Chen's body moved forward, before Xiao Jiantian could understand what happened. Jiang Chen tapped the ground with his feet lightly, before he disappeared wholly, and he just left an arc of golden lightning in the air.

"Awful!" Xiao Jiantian was startled and was about to take action. But a threatening aura had already closed in on him.

The golden lightning sword's radiance was both beautiful and dangerous-looking, and as it transformed, it seemed like a blossoming flower. But it was a pity that after its bloom, a person would lose his life. The man standing at Xiao Jiantian's right side still didn't understand what had happened. But his life force had already started flowing out of him quickly, while his whole body's vital regions were destroyed by the golden lightning.

"How, how is this possible?"

That man was the one who looked down upon Jiang Chen the most. Yet now, he had died without even having any idea about the process, and he didn't even have enough time to regret his actions. When the man fell down on the ground, Xiao Jiantian and his two other companions were scared, and they quickly moved back.

"There is still hope left." Xiao Xiao, who had already prepared herself for death, was overjoyed, and she wished badly to cheer for Jiang Chen.

"You! What you have is an external power, this is surely an external power, isn't it?"

"Isn't external power restricted in the Soul Palace?"

The two men that witnessed their companions' death couldn't accept this matter, and they started trying to use external power. But the outcome was obvious, and they both couldn't use any external power.

Such a discovery let them feel bitter inside, while they perspired freely, and this was also the case for Xiao Jiantian. This didn't mean that this was Jiang Chen's true power?

"Impossible, he was previously injured heavily, which meant that he had already used his whole power."

"It's just two hours that elapsed since then. Why is his power's growth speed so high?"

"I got it! He has surely gotten something like the bony claw gotten by the pup."

After the crowd discussed this matter, they realized that Jiang Chen's changes came from the weapon in his hands. But Yiya knew that this was only one of the reasons behind this, and the most important one was the Lightning Spirit. After Jiang Chen got a Lightning Spirit, the Foot Apart World Technique used by him previously almost reached the level of a Void Escape Technique, and if he used it along with Lightning Fury, he would be able to easily kill a powerful enemy.

"Let's charge at him together!" Xiao Jiantian shouted loudly, and used his whole power. He wanted to join hands with the two other people and subdue Jiang Chen.

"Get lost!" Jiang Chen was holding the Lightning Sword in his right hand, and he bent his arm as he built power, before he waved it strongly when he approached the three people. The golden lightning rushed out like waves. It struck Xiao Jiantian and his two companions and sent them flying away, while the wind and lightning sword destroyed those people's defenses.

"They aren't a match for him."

As the crowd looked at Xiao Jiantian who lay on the ground, they recalled what the Wolf Clan youth had said. A Slaughter Freak!

If one couldn't kill such a person in one go, then he would have to flee for more than 1,000 miles.

"Jiang Chen, attack quickly and kill them. You should go to fight over soul stones. If Xiao Qin succeeds, her power will rise drastically, and she will attack you," Xiao Xiao said quickly. Such speech was quite clever, and she didn't even tell any lies. But Jiang Chen didn't want to obstruct Xiao Qin because he didn't want any other accidents to occur.

As for Xiao Jiantian and his two companions? He still had to kill them. But when Jiang Chen was about to attack, a miserable scream transmitted from the palace, and where everyone's gazes were attracted over there, the palace's gate was closed tightly. Jiang Chen's expression changed drastically, and he couldn't pay attention to Xiao Jiantian any longer. The reason behind this was that he found such a cry quite familiar-sounding.

It was Xiao Nuo!

However, it might also be Xiao Qin, as Jiang Chen couldn't distinguish. Jiang Chen charged into the palace and penetrated the gate with his sword. After Jiang Chen entered through the gate, he got to see a sight that infuriated him and even the protective spirit, Xiao Ying, was infuriated.

Xiao Nuo's body was at the center of the main hall, and it was within a crystalline and rectangular box. But at this moment, the box was already opened.

Xiao Qin who had gotten the seven soul stones didn't do what she should have done. Instead, she was trying to destroy Xiao Nuo's body. As for the cry, it came from both women because they were linked by soul stones. The unconscious Xiao Nuo cried out of pain. But Xiao Qin still didn't stop.

"Stop! What are you doing?"

Jiang Chen pulled his sword and charged forward, but when he reached the three-yard-radius around Xiao Qin, he was obstructed by a formless magnetic field.

"I'm just me, and I'm not anyone's vessel or reflection." Xiao Qin turned her head to take a look at Jiang Chen, and a sinister look was plastered on her pretty face. As for her profound-looking eyes, they were shining with blood-red light.

"An evil spirit! Your body has been possessed by the Blood Clan's evil spirit."

Jiang Chen understood everything. The evil spirit had affected Xiao Qin's mind. This was why she killed her sisters, and she still wanted to destroy Xiao Nuo's body to become the sole person left.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》