The Brilliant Fighting Master
1305 First-Generation Monster
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1305 First-Generation Monster

Previously, Jiang Chen had suffered heavy injuries, and both Xiao Qin and the Wolf Clan youth wanted to kill him in one go. But the manor was quite complex, and since they still had to plunder valuable objects, they could only leave the Jiang Chen matter until later. Now, Jiang Chen's injuries were healed completely, and he showed himself once again. But the Wolf Clan youth still wasn't afraid.

As long as Jiang Chen couldn't summon the magical clones, they wouldn't face any great issues.

"Jiang Chen, be careful. He has gotten a bony claw, and his power has advanced by leaps and bounds, while he has also gotten great speed." Wen Tao assumed that Jiang Chen still didn't understand the current situation, and that was why he quickly warned him.

The Wolf Clan youth waited to see Jiang Chen's reaction.

Pah! Upon witnessing that Jiang Chen's face was still expressionless, the Wolf Clan youth was irritated, and he shook his head. "It seems like you don't get it." The Wolf Clan youth assumed that Jiang Chen was too arrogant. He stroked the great blade with his hand and, when his sharp claw came in contact with the blade, sparks appeared, while his gaze became ice-cold. He wanted to let Jiang Chen taste his great power.

The Wolf Clan youth moved, and he disappeared from his former place. His body couldn't be seen any longer by the naked eye, while one still couldn't discern his location though whistling sounds of his movements were raging near one's ears.

"He's so quick!" Yiya had followed them here, and she was scared. The Wolf Clan youth was stronger by at least seven or eight times than the last time he had fought. Even though they couldn't see the Wolf Clan youth, they could still feel that he was closing in on Jiang Chen. As Yiya and Wen Tao got more and more worried, the Wolf Clan youth attacked, and ten sharp blades fell down at the same time and tore Jiang Chen to shreds. The Wolf Clan youth showed himself once again, revealing a complacent smile. But he quickly discovered that something was amiss. The Jiang Chen that had been torn apart started disappearing gradually, and it turned out that this was just an afterimage.

"You are unexpectedly so stupid that you are trying to compete in speed with me." Jiang Chen's voice rang out behind the Wolf Clan youth.

"Stop trying to put on an act!" A monstrous force erupted out of the body of the Wolf Clan youth, and he disappeared suddenly from his former place without needing to make any movement to build up power. At this moment, they couldn't even hear the sound of anything flying through the air.

"Void Escape Technique!"

"It's a magical technique that raises one's speed to the pinnacle until one can escape into the void." The Void Escape Technique was just a collective term, and it didn't mean that there was a single Void Escape Technique. The escape technique revealed by the Wolf Clan youth was obviously a top-notch one.

"It's a pity that I can also use escape techniques, and I'm better at them than you." Jiang Chen's escape technique came from the Netherworld School, and it could be considered a high-grade one. If this wasn't the case, the Netherworld School wouldn't have managed to continue existing until this day.

Both people disappeared thoroughly, and the onlookers couldn't get to see the battle's course, while they all wore confused looks. Fighting sounds echoed from different locations, while they still could occasionally get to see some flying sparks. But they still couldn't see the two people's actual battle.

"If one wants to observe the battle, his skill must be great enough," Wen Tao muttered.

"His power...rose once again. Is he a monstrous freak?" Xiao Meng discovered that both Jiang Chen's power and speed had improved in comparison to his previous fight. However, such a discovery didn't imply that she could clearly see the fight, and she just came up with such an assumption since Jiang Chen could evenly fight the angered Wolf Clan youth. It must be known that after the Wolf Clan youth got the bony claw, he dared to challenge even Xiao Jingtian, and it was also due to this that the second sister could once again compete against the eldest sister.

Xiao Meng's heart was filled with regret. If she had defended Jiang Chen firmly at the beginning, then she would also have enough qualifications and wouldn't become just a sacrificial victim.

On the other side, both Jiang Chen and the Wolf Clan youth came out of the void and showed themselves once again. Their skins were filled with burn marks, while black smoke was rising from them. Escaping into the void wasn't like taking a stroll, and it was especially the case since they were fighting there, and they both consumed their power intensely.

"Sure enough, as expected of a slaughter freak. You are more terrifying than I have expected." The Wolf Clan youth grinned, and he seemed quite excited. His inborn nature as a monster was revealed thoroughly. Jiang Chen didn't know what a slaughter freak meant, while he was also in the same state as his opponent.

The mastery of Metal Conception, as well as the fusion with Xiao Ying, let Jiang Chen get a thorough transformation. This was why Jiang Chen was curious about the bony claw gotten by this opponent, since it could help him display such an outstanding performance.

"Could it be that it's that bony claw? This will be then slightly thorny," Jiang Chen muttered.

The Monster Realm was blocked by the Nine Realms. But all monsters evolved from beasts, and all ferocious beasts living in the Nine Realms could evolve into monsters. Such a process would occur when the bloodline of some of them was stimulated, while it would also happen if they got to swallow some precious treasures.

Such first-generation monsters were usually too strong, and it could be said that Whitey was such an example. 500 years ago, a first-generation wolf monster appeared. It was extremely ferocious and jeopardized the whole region. The Sacred Zone's experts set off and wanted to kill the monster. But the wolf monster's speed was as fast as lightning, while it still could ignore any barrier or formations. If it ran into any powerful enemies, it would escape, and no one could obstruct it.

When Jiang Chen got news of this matter, he put forward a plan. At that time, the reputation of the Sacred Zone's first young master wasn't so resonant, and no one believed what a person who couldn't cultivate said. But it was fortunate that his father was one of the four great saints, and this was why the plan was carried out, while after such an affair, the first young master became famous.

The most valuable pieces of the slain wolf monster were handed over to the Over Cloud Palace, and, since Xiao Nuo also pursued great speed, Jiang Chen handed over the bony claw to her. It seemed now that the current claw was probably that bony claw. It was an object that could let a human get many benefits, and it would be even more useful in the hand of a wolf monster.

"I have finished warming up, and it's time to let you taste my great power." The Wolf Clan youth wanted to use his true power. Fur started growing up from his right hand that held the blade, while his five fingers turned into a sharp claw. There was a bony claw hidden beneath his fur, and it possessed boundless power.

"Be careful, this claw had previously destroyed Xiao Jiantian's sword." Wen Tao's face was pale, and it was obvious that he was frightened.

"Xiao Jiantian's sword?"

Yiya took a deep breath. Someone like Xiao Jiantian who possessed great power obviously had a Doctrine Artifact. So, was this claw able to destroy a Doctrine Artifact? This shouldn't have been a matter achievable by a Martial Emperor.

"He, he, since you are speaking about it, I have to say that I didn't get used wholly to the claw a while ago. But now, it's a different situation." The Wolf Clan youth sneered repeatedly, while the blade in his hand unexpectedly fused with his sharp claws. This was obviously a matter that hadn't occurred previously, and Wen Tao was scared by it greatly. Such a transformation indicated that the strike would be more powerful. But the Wolf Clan youth was still disappointed to discover that Jiang Chen's face was expressionless and didn't have any fear apparent on it. "I really want to see what you are depending upon."

The Wolf Clan youth soared into the air, while he waved his claw. A sonorous wolf's howl echoed out, while three blood-red claws fell down, and they made three crevices in the air. The space membrane was as frail as a piece of paper in the face of the claws.

Everyone in the Soul Palace was attracted by such a disturbance, and while the people far away couldn't see the sight clearly, they could still feel the sharp claw's might, and they all sympathized with the guy that faced it.

"It's no wonder that it can destroy a Doctrine Artifact."

Even Yiya was left speechless. But it was fortunate that she didn't assume that Jiang Chen didn't have a chance like Wen Tao and Xiao Meng did.

Jiang Chen was holding a black ruler between his right hand's fingers. The ruler's surface was streaked by light rays, and when it came in contact with Du Tian Divine Lightning, a rhythmic, metallic, collision sound echoed out, while it turned into a spear.


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