The Brilliant Fighting Master
1303 Pseudo-Immortal Artifac
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1303 Pseudo-Immortal Artifac

The Immeasurable Ruler was a top-grade Doctrine Artifact and was a black ruler with a rectangular shape. It didn't seem like a weapon regardless of how one observed it. But, as a matter of fact, this was really the case. The Immeasurable Ruler was made out of unique materials, and it wasn't sharp, nor was it heavy like blunt weapons. Everyone believed that it wasn't suitable for offense. But since it was a top-grade Doctrine Artifact, it possessed an amazing trait—it could grant immunity to all of the world's poisonous substances. This was why it was given in the past to Jiang Chen who couldn't cultivate.

However, the Immeasurable Ruler's function wasn't limited to just this alone, and, at this moment, several light rays appeared on the ruler. Their radiance was becoming more intense, while berserk golden lightning emerged out of Jiang Chen's arm. At a certain moment, the golden lightning got in contact with the Immeasurable Ruler. The ruler shivered for a moment, before it turned into a long spear, and golden lightning raged around within the spear. The golden spear wasn't any longer formed by pure energy—it was a true divine and sharp weapon.

" this an Immortal Artifact?" When Yiya looked at the golden spear, she felt like she was facing a scorching sun. It shouldn't be possible for a Doctrine Artifact to possess such great power.

"It's only good like this." Jiang Chen smiled.

Xiao Ying pounced onto Jiang Chen's right arm that was holding the spear, and it made the spear's golden radiance shine even more brightly.

Yiya was dumbstruck. Jiang Chen's fighting prowess had risen to another new level in the twinkling of an eye, and it wouldn't be difficult for him to deal with the seven people team. Just after this, Jiang Chen collected the divine lightning, while the long spear turned back into the Immeasurable Ruler. Jiang Chen was about to put away the Immeasurable Ruler. But he noticed that Yiya's expression was quite odd. As Jiang Chen give this matter consideration, he found this reasonable. The Immeasurable Ruler could become a pseudo-Immortal Artifact, and its value was unimaginable.

Yiya assumed that it was she who had discovered it, and she had only given it up when Jiang Chen asked for it. This was why she felt upset when she witnessed the Immeasurable Ruler's potential. Jiang Chen was aware that the greatest taboos among friends were issues related to benefits' distribution, and regardless of how one acted usually, he would expose his true face when he ran across something related to his interests. This wasn't really a disparagement of Yiya, as on the contrary, Yiya's current response was quite rarely seen. Jiang Chen couldn't state that the Immeasurable Ruler was his own belonging, and this was why he found himself in an awkward situation.

"Yiya, if nothing unexpected occurs, I will be able to help you get a great magical technique," Jiang Chen said. "As for this ruler, it has a special significance to me."

"No, no, I am okay with that." Yiya quickly waved her hand, while wearing an odd look. She took a glance at the Immeasurable Ruler in Jiang Chen's hand, before she smiled bitterly, and said, "I'm probably unable to let it change its shape and get an Immortal Artifact's might." As Yiya spoke up to here, she managed to calm down.

"But despite this, I will still offer you compensation," Jiang Chen said.

Upon witnessing his determination, Yiya's thoughts were diverted to the great magical technique, and when she realized what these three words implied, she was dumbstruck.

"You have said a great magical technique, not a magical technique?" Yiya cried out in surprise. Magical techniques evolved from martial techniques, and they were martial techniques with power at high intensity. Magical techniques were also divided into several grades like martial techniques, and they were divided into great magical techniques and lesser magical techniques. The magical techniques grasped by most youngsters were just lesser magical techniques, while great magical techniques could only be cast by people with a heaven-grade or immortal-grade Martial Dais.

"That is right."

In his past life, Jiang Chen wasn't able to cultivate, and this was why he didn't know anything about scriptures and magical techniques. But if Xiao Nuo could awaken smoothly, the situation would become different.

They continued walking around in the manor. But since they were led by Xiao Ying, they didn't need to worry too much about anything.

At this moment, Jiang Chen detected some disturbance at a place ahead of them that wasn't too far from them, and when they approached it, they discovered that it was Yun Tiange and his group. When this group of people witnessed Jiang Chen and Yiya who hadn't suffered any harm, they were quite shocked. Moreover, when they noticed Yiya's ice-cold gaze, they got slightly restless.

"Jiang Chen." Yun Tiange walked over, and acted as if nothing had occurred. They had just run for their lives without warning Jiang Chen. He wouldn't cause trouble for them due to this, would he? However, Yun Tiange still didn't understand Jiang Chen well, and, when they got close to each other, a fist was thrust at him.

Yun Tiange sneered. He wasn't really helpless. Jiang Chen's previous great performance outside was due to the two magical clones. Now, the magical clones were destroyed, and Jiang Chen could only fight with his main body. Since they were one-against-one, Yun Tiange didn't believe that Jiang Chen could get an overwhelming advantage over him.

"Are you demented?" Yun Tiange cursed Jiang Chen, before he used his Martial Dais's power and a light shield started revolving around his body. "Luminous Mist Divine Shield!"

Yiya frowned. This was a lesser magical technique, and it didn't just possess great defensive power, it could also deflect enemies' attack. When Yiya was about to remind Jiang Chen, his fist became even more ferocious, and golden lightning appeared around it. The Luminous Mist Divine Shield ended up shattered like a piece of glass, while Yun Tiange suffered a punch and fell on the ground. Yun Tiange only got light injuries because the Luminous Mist Divine Shield blocked most of the strike's power.

"What is going on? Why did his personal power become so strong?

"His realm level obviously didn't go through any changes, did it?"

The people behind Yun Tiange were confused. They had all assessed Jiang Chen's power and assumed that it was on the same level as Yun Tiange's. If Jiang Chen wasn't assisted by magical clones, he would have been beaten and left half-alive when he faced the seven members team. Yun Tiange was one of the few Sacred Lords, and even though he couldn't crush Jiang Chen, he still could block him or escape unscathed.

"What do you mean by this? I haven't offended you, and didn't we already talk clearly about our previous obstruction of you." Yun Tiange stood up and questioned Jiang Chen.

"It's nothing. I just wanted to try my fist's power, and this isn't related to the previous affair. If you can't accept such a matter, then come at me, I'm here," Jiang Chen sneered coldly and spoke.

Who was in the wrong? They both were bullying each other. Yun Tiange was infuriated greatly. It was only him that always bullied and stepped over other people, and he had never been treated like this.

"Where is that pup?" Jiang Chen asked.

"I don't know." Yun Tiange was still angry, and this was why he replied without giving this matter a single thought.

But just after this, he saw golden lightning emerging once again from Jiang Chen's palm, and his expression changed drastically due to this.

"He has followed the Xiao family's second miss, while I followed the third miss. So, how do I know?" As Yun Tiange spoke, his grief became apparent.

"Where is the third miss?"

"She died."

An odd look appeared on Yun Tiange's face, and he said, "It happened when we were about to enter the Soul Palace. We don't know why the eldest miss suddenly went crazy and started attacking and killing people."

"Wasn't this already within your expectations?" Since they would fight over soul stones, casualties would obviously occur.

"Our previous agreement was looking first for soul stones and going through their baptism, before competing over them. Even if one suffered a defeat, he would just have to hand over the soul stone. After all, they were all from the same family, and they mustn't make any hideous acts," Yun Tiange said.

"Fine." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. This matter wasn't related to him, and he didn't care who died. Everything was fine as long as they didn't affect the final outcome.

Jiang Chen took Yiya and continued. He wanted to go to the Soul Palace that was within the manor.

"Where are you still going? That..."

The group of people that were with Yun Tiange still wanted to inform Jiang Chen of something, but they were warned and obstructed by Yun Tiange's gaze.

However, Yiya still noticed that they blurted out some words.


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