The Brilliant Fighting Master
1301 Immeasurable Ruler
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1301 Immeasurable Ruler

A person's true death would occur when both his body and his soul disappeared. Many experts on the brink of death would choose to turn into a spirit that would continue living in the world. A spirit was like limited water without a source, and it must depend on a spirit shell, or else it would end up disappearing from the world. But even the world's best spirit shells wouldn't let one have eternal life.

This was why spirits always looked for a way to come back to life, and the most commonly seen method was body possession. They would occupy a person's body and steal it, such as the Azure Demon had done. But body possession also had some issues, like how one's soul would end up suffering damage through the process. If these damages were light, one would just get a weak memory and became less intelligent. But if the damages were serious, one might become demented or even die. Moreover, the body possessed might not be necessarily compatible, and thus it was only experts who hadn't made enough preparations before death who would take such great risks.

Jiang Chen had never heard about someone who willingly turned himself into a spirit to prolong his life. The body possession method was still considered a rare technique, and one could only get it by chance. So there wasn't any need to talk about more superior techniques. But with Xiao Nuo's status, she didn't need to worry about such a matter, and the Three Lives Divine Art was the perfect method. A soul would be divided into seven pieces, and it would appear in seven people's bodies at a certain era before it could be stimulated and awakened by soul stones. This was a method that could guarantee that the soul wouldn't go through any changes.

Nowadays, the seven women had come here to look for the soul stones to get a stable Immortal Dais, and it seemed from their current outlook that they weren't aware of the resurrection plan—or they might have kept Jiang Chen in the dark on purpose.

It seems as if I don't need to meddle in this matter, and I just have to wait for them to find the soul stones. I must find the body beforehand. Jiang Chen thought inwardly. Jiang Chen and the Xiao family's seven women had the same objective and he didn't need to obstruct them.


At this moment, the sound of something flying through the air, as well as people's voices, echoed from outside of the main hall. It was the seven women with their teams who entered here. Jiang Chen and Yiya exchanged a glance and left through a side door at their highest speed. After a short while, they reached a door, and both Jiang Chen and Yiya detected some stuff was inside. They didn't need to exchange any words, and Jiang Chen pushed open the door and they entered. This room's interior was arranged like a study room, and there was a big bookshelf against the wall. It was filled with books, as well as several small objects.

Jiang Chen had complex emotions because most of the books belonged to him. They weren't precious books of cultivation methods or martial techniques—they were mostly just books about ancient tales that occurred in the Nine Realms over the last 1,000 years. This was the reason why Jiang Chen had broad knowledge and knew the root cause of many affairs.

"What? There isn't a single treasure?" Yiya wouldn't have imagined even in her dreams what Jiang Chen was going through, and this was why she didn't have qualms about saying anything. There was really nothing that could be considered a treasure in the study room.

"No, there is a priceless treasure here." Jiang Chen pointed at the books on the bookshelf.

"Pah, who still reads books nowadays? Useful stuff was been taught to us by adults long ago," Yiya said. She didn't share his view.

Jiang Chen didn't get angry, and he stroked his familiar-looking books.

"Since there isn't anyone here, let's take advantage of such an opportunity to do proper business," Yiya said.

"Proper business?" Jiang Chen glanced at her while wearing an odd look.

"Hey, you aren't thinking of any weird matters, are you? I'm talking about Conceptions Techniques, Conceptions Techniques," Yiya said angrily, while her cheeks became flushed.

"Now?" Jiang Chen wasn't sure about this.

"If we do it, your golden lightning's might will become greater, while your fighting prowess will also rise even if your realm level doesn't change."

Jiang Chen was aware that she wasn't mistaken. If his realm level could reach the Martial Emperor Realm's middle stage, he would be able to deal with anyone among the seven people. But he had just advanced into the Martial Emperor Realm recently, and there was no hope for him to make another advancement. This was why he could only look for a solution in Void Divine Wind, Du Tian Divine Lightning, and the Solar Golden Flames aspects. The Du Tian Divine Lightning had more room for improvement than wind and fire.

"Let's start." Since they were both swordsmen, they could get some good results in an extremely short period.

"You don't need to inform me of anything about the wind element's aspect, and you just have to listen to me with rapt attention." Time was precious, and that was why it was only Yiya who would do one-sided teaching. Jiang Chen agreed readily, and listened to information related to the Metal Conception's mysteries.When it came to the Metal Element, Yiya had already mastered the Metal Rule, and that was why what she said it was beneficial for Jiang Chen, who was still learning Metal Conception. It could be said that Jiang Chen was making progress every second and minute, while metallic sharp edges appeared around him. It seemed like the Metal Element suited swordsmen even more than the Wind Element. But it was the case only when it came to sharpness, as the weakness of the Metal Element's power was that it was too straightforward, rigid, and wasn't agile and nimble. As for wind, it was free and smooth, and could change freely, while it was difficult to defend against it. This was why it was a requirement for most sword techniques.

"This is why the swordsmen that walked the Metal Element's path would all suffer defeat if they couldn't defeat their enemy in a short time," Yiya said.

"There isn't any bad or good path among the myriad martial paths, and everything depends upon people," Jiang Chen said.

"That's true," Yiya continued speaking.

In the twinkling of an eye, an hour had elapsed, and Jiang Chen's mastery over the Metal Element neared a worldly rule level. He just needed a final push to grasp it.

"You are so quick." Even though Yiya was aware that swordsmen had a great advantage in this aspect, she was still scared by Jiang Chen's quick progress. The Metal Conception's progress wouldn't bring any great changes to his sword techniques, but when Jiang Chen turned Du Tian Divine Lightning into Golden Lightning once again, he found out that it was different than before. As for the golden spear, it didn't have any longer just a spear's rough outline, and it became exactly the same as a true spear. Its edges were sharps, while its head was triangular.

Jiang Chen didn't get too excited, as his issues didn't lie here. It was the fact that he didn't have enough time to sort out everything since he became a Martial Emperor in the Bloody Sea Realm. He didn't form any definite system, and he always acted casually. He had enjoyed himself to the full. But Jiang Chen who pursued perfection and constant improvement wanted to do better than this.

"What is this?" Yiya suddenly discovered something, and she took a rectangular black object from the bookshelf.

"The Immeasurable Ruler." Jiang Chen pursed his lips. He had been stabbed to death by this object in his previous life, while the Immeasurable Ruler was the object that had attracted them here.

"This is an extreme-grade Doctrine Artifact," Yiya cried out of surprise and delight when she discovered its value.

"Give me this object," Jiang Chen said.

"Well?" Yiya didn't expect that he would say such words, and a complex expression appeared on her face. According to her small team's rules, it was the person who discovered something first that had the right to take it. Moreover, since they weren't in danger, it could be said that the ruler already belonged to her, and it was inappropriate of Jiang Chen to ask for it. But Jiang Chen knew that this was his own stuff.

In the end, Yiya gave the ruler to Jiang Chen because she didn't value Doctrine Artifacts too much.

"Thanks a lot. This object had a special significance to me," Jiang Chen said. Jiang Chen didn't care whether Yiya believed him, and he started fondling the Immeasurable Ruler. Now, Jiang Chen could ascertain that Xiao Nuo had spent her remaining time here.


It was at this moment that raucous sounds of a fight could be heard from outside the room. It wasn't too far nor too close to them. Jiang Chen and Yiya were about to rush over there, as they wanted to take a look at the situation.

"Did they start fighting over soul stones?"


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