The Brilliant Fighting Master
1300 Past Events
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1300 Past Events

Jiang Chen had sustained heavy injuries, and the blade strike of the Wolf Clan youth had left him in a semi-conscious state.

"Collect the Void Divine Wind, I can't stop it." When Yiya's anxious voice rang out near Jiang Chen's ears, he quickly acted as instructed. Just after this, the whistling wind's sound disappeared, while the dazed Jiang Chen felt like he had landed on the ground. A pill was stuffed into his mouth, and his injuries started recovering quickly. After a certain period had passed, his divine body started recovering by itself, and, a short while later, Jiang Chen stood up once again.

The first thing Jiang Chen saw was Yiya. She was sweating profusely and even her cheeks seemed wet.

"Thanks a lot," Jiang Chen said sincerely. If Yiya hadn't helped him, he would have been killed by the Wolf Clan youth. Wait! Just wait for me! Jiang Chen's desire for revenge had never been so intense.

"You are my teammate, and you also wouldn't abandon me if I was in danger," Yiya said. This unrestrained woman had a special charm.

Jiang Chen nodded and sized up their surroundings before he said, "Let's quickly leave this place. They will come here also."

"I know." A gratified look appeared on Yiya's face. Jiang Chen was impulsive. But he still handled all matters prudently, and, even though he had just recovered from such serious injuries, he still didn't slack off.

"But the issue is that I don't know where I should go," Yiya smiled bitterly as she spoke.

It was only now that Jiang Chen discovered that they were within a tremendous building, which was a manor built on a cliff. It was imposing and spectacular and even the flow of time hadn't left many marks of desolation on it. Jiang Chen looked far away in the distance, and all he could see was a chaotic region. This was a sealed region, and the only way out was the tunnel through which they had entered.

As they started exploring the manor, they entered the largest hall, where they both felt quite insignificant and small. There were two rows of pillars, whose height reached tens of yards, while there was a walkway in the middle of the pillars, and, following it, they ended up sighting four giant stone statues.

"The four sages!" Jiang Chen recognized them at first glance. These were stone statues of the past's four sages: Jiang Chen's father, the Heavenly King Yama, and Xiao Nuo's master, the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch. The other sages were the Sword God, Floating Cloud Sword God, and the person with the greatest fist techniques in the world, the Empyrean Goddess's direct descendant, Heavenly Venerable Anatta. There was still a table next to the stone statues, and there were three objects placed on it. When Jiang Chen's sight fell on them, his heart beat wildly, and he found this matter unbelievable. Those objects were a sword, a rainbow-colored belt, and a crystalline bracelet. Those were all objects frequently carried by Xiao Nuo, and it was even Jiang Chen himself that had given her the crystalline bracelet in the past.

"Why have you have left these, didn't you want to kill me?" Jiang Chen picked up the bracelet, while wearing a complex look. He still hoped subconsciously that Xiao Nuo had hidden troubles that she couldn't mention. But what kind of trouble would force her to attack him and kill him?

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen felt a palpitation, and he felt like something would shortly surge out of the depths of his soul. Yiya, next to Jiang Chen, detected a dazzling golden light that contained a Buddhist Will. Jiang Chen was racking his brain intensely. He had three Supreme Buddhist Wills of the past, present, and future, and the one belonging to the past was suffering intense stimulation.

Jiang Chen moved back several steps, and he waved his hand to stop Yiya. Jiang Chen's eyes turned golden, and he could see myriad matters changing in front of his eyes ceaselessly like running water. The most obvious changes were of light, and he felt like the risings and settings of the sun were occurring in several seconds, repeated ceaselessly. Meanwhile, the rust on the hall's walls started disappearing, and their surface recovered its previous luster, and when the luster's radiance reached a certain degree, Jiang Chen's pupils contracted.

Two people appeared at the center of the hall out of nowhere, and they were Xiao Nuo and Jiang Chen's father. They were both standing there calmly, facing each other.

What is going on? Jiang Chen had been killed by Xiao Nuo. So why was his father facing her so calmly? Was it possible that it was his father that was behind everything, and it was his plan all along? What was Xiao Nuo's relationship with his father?

After a short while, Jiang Chen quickly felt ashamed of his filthy thoughts, and the reason behind this was that he got to hear the two people's conversation.

"Father, we have already reached our upper limit, and the Blood Clan will shortly attack us," Xiao Nuo spoke quickly, frowning. With Jiang Chen's understanding of her, he could discern that the situation was grave.

Is this a scene from the past? Am I able to look into the past? Jiang Chen was stunned. But what he still cared the most about was how Xiao Nuo addressed and called his own father. The Blood Clan must have arrived after Jiang Chen's death, and it seemed like Xiao Nuo still married smoothly into his own family. Jiang Chen's father, who was a man titled Heavenly King Yama, was now looking at the great gate.

"We must leave a glimmer of hope for the Nine Realms, and you are the crux of everything," Heavenly King Yama said.

Xiao Nuo didn't say anything. But Jiang Chen still noticed that self-blame was apparent on her face.

"What is most important is that my Jiang family mustn't treat you unfairly," Heavenly King Yama spoke once again.

Jiang Chen was confused by such a conversation. What unfair treatment? Your own son was killed by her!

"Jiang Chen, if Jiang Chen can cultivate, he will manage to surpass most people even if he has the most ordinary natural aptitude."

Jiang Chen frowned, and he felt like he had found out an important clue. When Jiang Chen figured out everything, he was dumbstruck, and his knees went soft. He ended up kneeling on the ground. The scene of the past disappeared, and the sights in front of him returned to normal.

"Jiang Chen! What is wrong with you? Please don't scare me," Yiya spoke anxiously.

Jiang Chen's eyes were tearful, while his heart tingled with pain. He understood it—he understood everything. 500 years ago, the Sovereign Spirit's plan was set up. Outstanding people were chosen, and their reincarnation and rebirth were arranged.

Xiao Nuo had obviously been chosen due to her achievements. But she wanted to leave this opportunity for Jiang Chen. However, no one would accept the bestowing of a Sovereign Spirit to the previous Jiang Chen, who was still a cripple. Even Jiang Chen himself wouldn't accept such a matter, and that was why Xiao Nuo acted by herself willfully and committed such a violent crime. With Jiang Chen's understanding of Xiao Nuo, she was surely someone who would take such an action. She had given Jiang Chen an opportunity for rebirth, and she also spared Jiang Chen from facing the Blood Clan's invasion, while she let herself end up in desperate straits.

As Jiang Chen recalled the Sacred Zone's miserable situation, he felt aggrieved. What was worth mentioning was that the Sovereign Spirit given to Jiang Chen by Xiao Nuo was the previous clump of red clouds, and the reason why Jiang Chen couldn't get it was that the Sovereign Spirit belonged to a female Martial Sovereign. A conflict occurred between them due to their gender differences. It was obvious that Xiao Nuo didn't give such a matter any consideration, and such a matter was an appropriate explanation for the previous conversation.

"Wait for a moment!" Jiang Chen got a spark of insight, and he found among his father's words something related to Xiao Nuo's other chance of rebirth.

"Seven women, soul stones? Is it possible that they will carry out the Three Lives Divine Art?" The Three Lives Divine Art was a legendary divine technique, and it was also called a demonic technique. It was a method to prolong one's life, while its effect would allow one to cross a long period of time and come into the future without consuming any energy. As for the practical method of implementing it, it was through seven women and soul stones.

"I will let you come back to life. Xiao Nuo, I will surely achieve it now. Jiang Chen had gotten rid of a matter that had gnawed at his mind, and his doubts were dispelled, while his mood turned for the better.

Jiang Chen could never understand why Xiao Nuo had attacked him regardless of how he racked his mind over this matter. But now, he understood that Xiao Nuo had good motives behind such actions, and she had given much consideration to it. This was why Jiang Chen swore to himself not to let her down.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》