The Brilliant Fighting Master
1299 Slaughter Freak
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1299 Slaughter Freak

Jiang Chen could alone control the three forces of fire, wind, and lightning. But every force would consume a part of his power, and that was why he couldn't release their might completely. However, it would be a different case if he coordinated with the magical clones. Three Jiang Chens corresponded to three forces, and every force's might neared the pinnacle. Once such forces were fused, an intense reaction would occur. The three Jiang Chens used their Supreme Will's power at the same time, and they possessed a might great enough to destroy the world.

"You will end up dead like this."

Xiao Jiantian discerned something, and fright appeared on his face, while he still shouted anxiously. The other people watching this scene also felt a great sense of crisis.

The three Jiang Chens' energy beams formed a splendid layer of clouds that was wreaking havoc on the land. Once they exploded, everyone present here would be harmed.

"It's just a bluff. That's right, this is surely the case." The Young Human Emperor panicked, and his face became filled with disbelief. However, Jiang Chen still went toward the Young Human Emperor, while he strove hard to condense the Void Divine Wind, Solar Golden Flame, and Du Tian Divine Lightning, and form a sword with them. This wasn't an easy matter, and even though the three Jiang Chens used their Supreme Will's power, they still found this too strenuous.

If the power of Jiang Chen's Supreme Will could rise by just one more level, it would have been easy for him to achieve this. At this moment, the condensed sword was illusory and unstable, and it seemed like it would scatter at any moment.

Xiao Qin and her six companions who faced the sword had complex feelings about this. They didn't know whether they should hope that Jiang Chen's condensation would fail or succeed. After the seven people finished analyzing this with great difficulty, they realized that it didn't matter whether he succeeded or failed, and the important point was whether they would be affected and harmed by it. This was why the seven people separated and fled. Such a majestic force wouldn't be able to lock into an enemy's aura and pursue him, and, if this had been possible, it would have been too outrageous.

However, Jiang Chen's sword still had an advantage, and that was its large scope. Jiang Chen didn't point his sword at the Young Human Emperor who he hated the most, because he was aware that it was only his External Body that was here, and he wanted to first kill Po Xie, who had spoken maliciously about him.

When Po Xie detected the sword's might, his face turned pale with fright, and he started cursing. "You should face him with me, so that he suffers a backlash and ends up dead," Po Xie quickly called over his companions. But his companions' response was quite blunt. It's only a fool that would face him with you.

Jiang Chen's strike was no joking matter, and he didn't even care about his own life.


In the end, the sword, which wasn't formed completely, struck the enemy, and, at that moment, the crowd felt like they had gone back to the world's beginning when the primal chaos first exploded. The world in front of their eyes was engulfed completely by dazzling light beams. Those light beams possessed a destructive power great enough to kill anyone here, and they seemed more dangerous than the area of the world's fragments.

Bang! Bang! The first people harmed were none other than Jiang Chen's two magical clones. The destructive power borne by them surpassed their limits, and they ended up killed at the same time. As for the main body, he fared a bit better. But his sword still fell out of his hand.

"Ah! I'm not willing to accept this." Po Xie suffered a devastating strike, and he was erased thoroughly. He disappeared wholly from the world!

As for the other people, they didn't fare much better, and the Young Human Emperor's External Body was once again killed.

"It's fortunate that it's only a semi-success." The other people rejoiced. If Jiang Chen's sword technique had failed thoroughly, they would have all died. But, if it succeeded completely, Xiao Qin and her six companions would have died. But a semi-success only killed Po Xie and the Young Human Emperor's External Body, while Xiao Qin and her companions only sustained heavy injuries.

As for Jiang Chen, he was left half alive, and, even though his divine body possessed a strong recovery power, he didn't come back to his senses right away. However, it was fortunate that this was also the case for Xiao Qin and the other people, so they didn't continue attacking Jiang Chen.

"One must behave with integrity and mustn't always act by himself, as he would quickly end up dead."

All of a sudden, another incident occurred. The Wolf Clan youth soared along with the wind, went up to Jiang Chen's side, and waved his great blade at him. The blade shone with a snow-white light, and it seemed too sharp. It seemed as if it were able to easily split open Mysterious Iron as if it was tofu.

Jiang Chen, who wasn't able at this time to guard against anything, ended up suffering a blade strike, and he got a wound that went from his shoulder to his waist.

"What a hard, firm body." The Wolf Clan youth looked quite surprised!

The crowd was confused by the Wolf Clan youth's sudden attack. They knew that a verbal conflict had occurred between them a while ago. But he didn't need to take such an action for it, did he? However, the crowd suddenly recalled that this guy was a monster, and thus they understood everything. Monsters were all ferocious and cruel, and they didn't need a reason to do anything

"Contemptible!" Yiya flew over and caught Jiang Chen as he rolled in the air.

"Xiao Meng?" On the other side, Hou Jue's spoke in a soft voice. It wasn't difficult to discern that Jiang Chen needed help, and since they had come here along with him, should they provide him some help? Xiao Meng replied with her silence, and Hou Jue understood her implication. She wasn't willing to fight.

If one gave this matter consideration, one would realize that this was a reasonable decision because the trouble brought about by Jiang Chen was too great. However, it was only thanks to Jiang Chen that they had managed to overcome the third sister's obstructions.

"You are really a source of trouble." Yiya carried Jiang Chen, inspected his injuries, while still guarding against the Wolf Clan youth.

"Miss Yiya, I don't want to harm you. So please step aside," the Wolf Clan youth said. "However, you have just three seconds to make a choice, and, after it elapses, you may suffer two different consequences."

"I don't need three seconds." Yiya held Jiang Chen tightly, before she replied and flew at her highest speed toward the entrance that had previously been guarded by the Demonic Flood Snake. This was beyond everyone's expectations because they all assumed that this was a sealed region. They had forgotten that they had already dealt with the Demonic Flood Snake.

"Can you escape?" The Wolf Clan youth was confident in himself, and he managed to quickly close in on Yiya.

When Yiya ended up once again in the attack scope of the Wolf Clan youth, a swift wind visible to the naked eye revolved around Yiya's body, and it increased her speed so that soon she was as high as a shooting star.

The Wolf Clan youth could only look on helplessly as the two people in his line of sight distanced themselves from him. Their bodies were becoming smaller and smaller, and this continued until they disappeared.

"Void Divine Wind! Why is that guy so tenacious?" Jiang Chen was heavily injured. Yet he was still useful.

The Wolf Clan youth couldn't understand this matter, as tenacious vitality was one of the Monster Clan's advantages, and people such as Jiang Chen were too rare.

"Who has allowed you to attack?" While the Wolf Clan youth was still getting over his surprise, a resentful voice echoed behind him. When he turned his head, he discovered that Xiao Jiantian and Xiao Meng had brought people with them and come over, wearing unsightly expressions.

They ended up suffering losses while facing a primary-stage Martial Emperor, and they had even ended up sustaining injuries. This was a great humiliation! They wanted to make up for such humiliation by themselves, and they didn't need the Wolf Clan youth to fight for them.

"You still haven't understood what is going on, have you?" The Monster Clan youth wasn't afraid of them, and he even raised a question.

"What?" Xiao Qin didn't understand his question.

"This type of person is called a slaughter freak in our Monster Clan. Its literal interpretation is that he's like a ferocious beast, but its implication is anything but simple," the Monster Clan youth said.

"What's a slaughter freak? Why are you trying to say?" Xiao Jiantian said.

"There are certain sayings passed down in our Monster Clan. One is that once one attacks a slaughter freak, one must kill him in one go or else one won't get a second opportunity, and the only thing one can do is run for one's life."

The Monster Clan youth continued, "I have to ask you, what will you do if Jiang Chen's realm level rises by another level?" Such a question dumbfounded Xiao Qin and the others.

"He, he, at that time, it's him who will look for you, and it isn't you that will seek for revenge," the Monster Clan youth said.

"Humph, is he the only person that will improve, while we will all stay at the same level and wait for him?" Xiao Jiantian snorted coldly, and he didn't acknowledge such a statement. But if one observed Xiao Jiantian carefully, one could discover that restlessness was hidden in the depth of his eyes.


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