The Brilliant Fighting Master
1298 Losing One“s Mind and Descending into Madness
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1298 Losing One“s Mind and Descending into Madness

Jiang Chen loved dragons, and, in his past life, what he lamented the most was the disappearance of true dragons.

"Young master, after I go through nine transformations and turn into a dragon, I will surely carry you with me and soar above the nine skies." The young Xuan Yun had a great heroic spirit and was determined to become a true dragon. But now, the former Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake that ran amok in the Sacred Zone had ended up suffering such a terrible end.

After Nangong Xue's death, Jiang Chen became so angry that he lost his mind. The main body and the magical clones all used their strongest states, while one of them wore the Tathagata Buddhist Robe and held a golden spear. They emanated a boundless aura that stunned the seven people in front of them.

"You are courting death!"

However, these infuriated people also quickly released boundless power, which seemed as profound as an abyss.

Yiya and her companions got anxious. There was a valid reason why the seven-person team was considered a great battle team. The seven women's eldest sister, Xiao Qin, was ranked 13th on the Sacred Lord List, and she possessed an Immortal Dais, as well as a special body. Moreover, the man who had prevented the occurrence of a conflict a while ago and who wanted Jiang Chen to thank him, was also anything but simple. He was was ranked 11th on the Sacred Lord List. His name was Xiao Jiantian, and he possessed a perfect Sword Soul with five special traits.

When the team faced Jiang Chen's crazy attack, Xiao Jiantian was the first person to respond. He summoned his Sword Soul and used his strongest sword strike. The crowd discovered that Xiao Jiantian's Martial Dais was also at the immortal grade, and since he was a late-stage Martial Emperor, his sword had an imposing manner and it seemed unstoppable.

The guy who had mocked Jiang Chen and said that he was acting as sad as if his parents had died was also outstanding, and even though he wasn't on the Sacred Lord List, he also possessed great fighting prowess. The weapon he held in his hand was a long spear, and it was a perfect weapon-type Martial Soul that possessed all five special traits. The man called himself Po Xie, and only a few people knew his real name.

All those people ventured usually in the fourth area, and they had assembled here for the ancient ruins. Even the second sister, Xiao Xiao, the Wolf Clan's youth, and their companions were inferior to those people by a whole grade.

However, Jiang Chen still dared to attack, and it could be said that he deserved great praise for his courage. Jiang Chen quickly suffered intense obstruction, as Xiao Jiantian's Sword Soul blocked a single magical clone. His sword phantom images seemed thunderous!

"Foolish!" Po Xie faced the other magical clone. He seemed like a prehistoric ferocious beast when he held a spear in his hand, and, as he waved his spear, it seemed like even the space membrane was shaken.

"Solar Golden Flame!"

"Void Divine Wind!"

Even though Jiang Chen was at the peak of his anger, his combat instinct helped him deal with this matter with ease. Both magical clones moved back, which lured Xiao Jiantian and Po Xue to advance forward, and, at an appropriate occasion, the magical clones coordinated with each other and fused their wind and flames.

"Swords Wheel!" The two magical clones used a Supreme Will to launch a sword technique, while their worldly rules raised the might of their Chaotic Primordial Spirits. Just after this, the wind and flames turned into two swords.

"Well?" The expressions of Xiao Jiantian and Po Xue, who had worn a careless look, stiffened, and they didn't advance any longer. They started defending instead of attacking.

However, they still had underestimated the sword techniques' might. The flames and wind weren't condensed by worldly rules power, and they were formed by true Chaotic Primordial Spirits, while the Supreme Will fused those two forces perfectly, and they were even assisted by the Immortal Spirit. In other words, it would be impossible for Jiang Chen alone to use this sword techniques, and he would depend upon the magical clones' coordination to launch it.

Both Xiao Jiantian and Po Xie ended up sent flying in the air like mortals who were rammed by a chariot, and they left arcs in the sky as they streaked across it.

"Oh, my God!" The onlookers were stunned by such a sight.

"He's just a primary-stage Martial Emperor. Yet, he could launch an attack at such a level?"

"Immortal-grade Martial Dais, he also has an immortal-grade Martial Dais."

Yiya had assumed that Jiang Chen didn't have any hope of succeeding, but now she opened her eyes wide, and, when she was about to cheer for Jiang Chen, she discovered that the other people in the seven-member team still didn't plan to fight. Moreover, as they saw their teammates struck and sent flying away, they just shook their heads.


The two people who fell down regained their balance. They hadn't suffered any serious injuries, and there were only stains of blood at the corners of their mouths. But the two people weren't caught unprepared by the previous strike. Instead, they had even used their strongest defenses.

As for the two magical clones that used the sword technique, they were gasping for breath. This wasn't a usual occurrence! This sword technique that consumed their energy possessed great power. But it was a pity that their opponents weren't people to be trifled with.

On the other side, the main body pounced at the Human Emperor, and he wanted to tear him apart. The Human Emperor just stood in his former place, while wearing a careless look. He didn't even plan to shoot an arrow. When Jiang Chen was about to hit his target successfully, a person appeared there.

"Stop! You don't have any glimmer of hope." Helplessness was apparent on the face of the eldest sister, Xiao Qin, who wore a composed look.

"Get lost!" When Jiang Chen saw such a familiar-looking face, he became more angry, while he used One Foot Apart World Technique to bypass her, and reach the Human Emperor

When Jiang Chen was about to attack, Xiao Qin's body flickered, and she blocked his path.

"You are quite strong, but you aren't mature enough, and if you are determined to seek death, I will help you get it." Xian Qin's gaze was ice-cold. She was displeased by this inconsiderate person.

"Water and Fire Lotus!" Xiao Qin was also holding a sword in her hand, and it possessed two opposite forces. But they still achieved a subtle balance due to her special Sword Spirit. Once such a balance was broken, the destructive power formed by the water and fire would be too terrifying, and the best occasion for breaking such a balance was when attacking an enemy with the sword. The sword that shone brightly seemed like a blossoming flower, and Jiang Chen ended up struck and sent flying by a tremendous force before he could respond, while his whole body tingled with pain.

Jiang Chen moved back to the side of the two magical clones, before he inspected his body, and he discovered that he didn't suffer any serious harm.

"How is this possible?" Xiao Qin was quite surprised. Her sword strike should have taken Jiang Chen's life, and, even if it didn't achieve such a matter, it should have still injured him heavily. However, Jiang Chen was still standing straight.

"It's still reasonable, and, if this wasn't the case, you wouldn't have stupidly tried to fight. But despite this, you are still quite foolish," Xiao Qin said. It seemed like in her eyes, there was a distinct difference between stupidity and foolishness.

"Ha, ha, ha, Jiang Chen, don't you want to kill me? I'm just here, quickly come over."

The Young Human Emperor enjoyed this moment. He had failed two times in succession in killing Jiang Chen, and his heart had been filled with resentment for a long time. However, the reason why he dared to show himself here was that his current body was still just an External Body.

"They are so strong!" Jiang Chen swept Xiao Qin, Xiao Jiantian, and Po Xie with his gaze.

Apart from the Young Human Emperor, the seven-member team's three other people were also strong, and Jiang Chen really didn't have any hope like Yiya and the others believed. But Jiang Chen still wasn't willing to accept this, and he hardened his resolve, as he started trying to take a great risk.

"So, let's then die together." A cold sneer appeared on the face of Jiang Chen that was filled with anger, while his profound eyes became filled with madness. The people present here had a restless feeling for an unknown reason. Meanwhile, the two magical clones started burning their whole power without giving regard to the intense consumption of their power. The Void Divine Wind and the Solar Golden Flames made lights of different colors emanate from the two magical clones.

"It's useless. If we described your Chaotic Primordial Spirits like water bodies, then they can only be considered a little puddle, and there is a river, a great flowing river, as well as an ocean above them. Trying to get the victory through this is just a pipe dream," Xiao Qin pointed out such matters relentlessly.

"Your cultivation base's power is too weak, and if this wasn't the case, we wouldn't have ended up with something as simple as light injuries," Xiao Jiantian also mentioned the same matter.

Jiang Chen wasn't inferior to them in any aspect. But the cultivation base's power, which was constantly ignored by people, was everything for basis and foundation.

Bang! Jiang Chen didn't speak, while the main body released Du Tian Divine Lightning that was possessed by him, and he seemed like Du Tian God. Xiao Qin was startled, and she managed to guess what Jiang Chen was trying to achieve. But she didn't dare to believe such an assumption because it was too crazy.

However, Jiang Chen's actions confirmed her presumptions.

"Obstruct him quickly," Xiao Qin shouted loudly and sharply.


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