The Brilliant Fighting Master
1297 Great Battle Formation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1297 Great Battle Formation

The Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake had already died, and it was turned into something like a puppet. But it still had a wisp of its consciousness left. If the Xiao family's seven women could cross the Demonic Flood Snake's trial, its consciousness would awaken, and it would inform them of an important matter and complete its mission. It was then that the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake would thoroughly die.

It was obvious that it was only the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch who might have done this to the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake. But Jiang Chen still didn't want to believe that the monarch let his war beast bear suffer such intense pain and didn't let it rest in peace.

"Jiang Chen, war beasts aren't weapons, but friends. You should remember this matter clearly." In the past, Jiang Chen asked the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch to teach him the Beast Control Technique, and the latter gave Jiang Chen this piece of advice. What was coincidental was that when the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch was speaking with him, the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake, who still hadn't grown up, was next to him.

"What has happened?"

The Wolf Clan youth was confused, and he stared attentively at the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake. The Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake was still as restless as before. But it seemed that it was hesitating, and its instinct for slaughter let a ferocious ray appear in its eyes occasionally.

Yiya, and the others were frightened by this, and they wanted to ask Jiang Chen to come back. Regardless of everything, it could still be considered that Jiang Chen had faced the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake.

"You have really suffered hardships."

However, Jiang Chen still took another daring action, and he extended his right hand to caress the flood snake's face. This was a grave mistake! Everyone became nervous and anxious, and they didn't dare to even blink.

The Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake moved back subconsciously, and a ferocious look appeared on its face.

"It's all right!" Jiang Chen still continued stretching his hand toward the flood snake, and an auspicious sphere of light appeared in his palm. After several minutes had passed, the crowd discovered in surprise that the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake calmed down.

"Young master?"

Just after this, the people witnessed the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake opening its mouth and speaking in human language. At this moment, everyone felt like they were dreaming. If this wasn't a dream, such a ridiculous matter wouldn't have occurred.

Jiang Chen nodded and said, "What has happened? Why is the Heavenly Monarch willing to let you end up like this?"

"Young master! Young master!" The Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake moved its body, while delight appeared in its eyes.

"It's a success! It's a success!" The flood snake was speaking incoherently, and Jiang Chen couldn't understand what it was saying. After a long while, the Demonic Flood Snake's gaze fell on the dusky sky, and it realized where it was. It seemed like it had suffered a grave shock, and it wasn't delighted any longer.

"Young master, you shouldn't have lifted my restrictions. I still haven't finished my mission," the Demonic Flood Snake said.

"I'm here, so you don't need to worry about anything," Jiang Chen said.

"That is really the case." The Demonic Flood Snake nodded, and he believed this firmly. The Sacred Zone's first young master would always keep his word and was unrivaled in the whole world.

"Inform me what has happened. Is the Heavenly Monarch, she...still safe and sound?" Jiang Chen asked.

Even though Jiang Chen was aware that such a hope was slim, he wasn't willing to give up.

"The Blood Clan, the Blood Clan was too cruel and ferocious!"

The Demonic Flood Snake, who hadn't interacted with anyone for more than several hundred years, found it difficult to speak, and even though he wanted to inform Jiang Chen of something, he couldn't assemble his words well. Jiang Chen asked it to calm down and not get anxious and just try this slowly. The people behind them observed in silence the conversation between a human and a flood snake, and they all felt like they were dreaming.

"The young miss, she killed you, she wanted to kill you, she..." The Demonic Flood Snake strove hard to describe such a matter. But it still couldn't express it clearly and was quite anxious.

"This place is for the young miss..."

When the Flood Snake finished saying a complete sentence with great difficulty, an incident occurred suddenly, and four rays of light flew from a distant place.

"Young master!" The Demonic Flood Snake became anxious, and it curled around Jiang Chen to protect him.

The rays of light gathered together, and they released great destructive power that cut apart the Demonic Flood Snake's waist, and the energy shock waves caused by such an impact affected Jiang Chen slightly.

"The Human Emperor!"

Jiang Chen flew into a rage, and the murderous aura emanating from the depths of his heart tainted the sky a blood-red color. Those four rays of light were four Human Emperor Arrows. Another team had come here at an unknown time, and it had seven people.

When the crowd witnessed those seven people, a disturbance arose among the group of the Wolf Clan youth. It could be said that just those seven people formed a great battle formation, and even the Human Emperor wasn't the most outstanding person among them.

When Jiang Chen saw the woman in their midst, he realized that she should be the seven women's eldest sister, and when he had a clear look at this appearance, he was startled. The appearance of the other six women just resembled Xiao Nuo slightly, while this woman resembled her greatly, and they were nearly exactly the same.

"Xuan Yun!" Jiang Chen averted his gaze from the woman. Jiang Chen's main body examined the Demonic Flood Dragon's state, while it was protected by the other two magical clones.

"It's fine. In any case, I'm already dead." The Demonic Flood Dragon had an open-minded view about this matter, and it seemed from its tone that it felt like it was freed from a heavy burden.

"You should have had an easy and glorious death." Jiang Chen clenched his fist, while his eyes become bloodshot due to grief.

"Young master, it's fine as long as you are safe and sound. The Nine Realms will be saved! As for the young miss, she's inside." 

The Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake's body started turning into an illusory state, and it would shortly disappear from the world. Jiang Chen still wanted to question it. But, as he looked at Xuan Yun's current state, he just quieted and let it leave peacefully.

After this, Jiang Chen looked at the Human Emperor. This was the closest Jiang Chen had been to the Human Emperor. But the latter still wasn't afraid, and he even wore a provocative look. Even though he didn't manage to shoot Jiang Chen dead, he still let him fly into a great rage, and the Human Emperor was satisfied by this greatly.

Jiang Chen's main body pulled out the Heavenly Fault Sword, while the two magical clones flew toward the crowd.

"Jiang Chen, don't be impulsive, and take a look at the other people," Yiya tried to obstruct him.

"Please make way," Jiang Chen said.

Yiya was taken aback by this. This was the first time she had seen Jiang Chen so hurt, and, as she noticed the rage hidden beneath his grief, she understood everything. Some people mustn't be infuriated at all. Yiya moved aside, and let Jiang Chen continue proceeding forward.

The Human Emperor was standing there fearlessly, while the people next to him were wearing playful smiles. They were all enjoying Jiang Chen's pain.

"It's you who allowed us to kill the Demonic Flood Snake." The woman, who resembled Xiao Nuo greatly, spoke, "Or else, it wouldn't have been possible for us to penetrate that beast's defenses easily." Such words irritated and provoked Jiang Chen because she wasn't mistaken. The Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake's defensive power was an inborn secret skill, and, if it wasn't chatting with Jiang Chen, it wouldn't have stopped using it.

Jiang Chen's expression became more gloomy, while flames of anger raged in his eyes.

"Hey, isn't it just a beast? Why are you acting as if your parents died?" It seemed like they wanted to provoke Jiang Chen even more, and one of the men in the team spoke mockingly. Some people wanted to laugh. But as they looked upon Jiang Chen's face, they couldn't laugh any longer.

"Fine, regardless of everything, we have dealt with the trouble. So, let's go inside." A youth with an outstanding demeanor waved his hand and asked the people next to him to be quiet. Just after this, he looked at Jiang Chen with a condescending gaze. It was like he was saying 'You should thank me because if I didn't intervene, you would have gotten into great trouble'.

Jiang Chen's body shivered, and this was a demonstration that his rage had reached its pinnacle.

"It isn't a beast, nor is it trouble. Its name is Xuan Yun," Jiang Chen shouted angrily and attacked ruthlessly. He pounced at the seven people.


Upon witnessing such a sight, a marvelous expression appeared on the faces of the crowd.

Doesn't he recognize how terrifying is that team of seven people? Everyone was thinking the same thing. If this wasn't the case, Jiang Chen wouldn't have dared to attack, would he?


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