The Brilliant Fighting Master
1295 The Monster Clan“s Youth
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1295 The Monster Clan“s Youth

Lu Heng had almost suffered a miserable death, and he wanted to complain. But he didn't dare to say anything. He couldn't deal with even a single Jiang Chen, let alone three of him. However, when he heard someone who wasn't any stronger than he was mocking him, he answered back without giving this matter a single thought.

But Lu Heng quickly regretted his actions just after he spoke. However, it was fortunate that Jiang Chen still wore a composed and calm look. The person who he had been talking to stood up slowly and sized up the three Jiang Chens. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Jiang Chen didn't pay any attention to him. His gaze was locked onto the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake. There was an entrance behind the Demonic Flood Snake, but it was blocked by its giant body. If they wanted to go inside, they must go through the Demonic Flood Snake.

"We should wait for the people who will be brought by the eldest sister and the second sister. Only then will it be possible for us to achieve it," one of Xiao Meng's big sisters spoke. She was the fourth sister, and her name was Xiao Ya.

"Didn't our seventh sister arrive? We probably can give it another try." The fifth sister, Xiao Ting, revealed a mysterious smile. She spoke in an exaggerated tone on purpose to tease the others.

Xiao Meng's expression became especially unsightly after she heard such words. She frowned.

"You shouldn't look down upon her. Even our third sister couldn't obstruct the people brought by her," the sixth sister, Xiao Yan, said.

Upon hearing this, the people who were resting couldn't help but laugh out loud. An odd expression appeared then on the faces of the third sister, Yun Tiange, and their companions.

"Shut up!" Jiang Chen spoke out of displeasure. Jiang Chen was quite vexed and annoyed. Xiao Nuo was unique, and he felt offended by the actions of those women, who resembled her greatly. Even though Xiao Nuo had killed him, he still wouldn't allow these impostors to sully her memory. Jiang Chen's two words brought the crowd's laughter to an end, and all the people who were resting stood up, looking hostile.

"The third sister has allowed you to come inside. But this doesn't mean that we will accept the seventh sister," the fourth sister, Xiao Ya, spoke coldly.

"He's really an arrogant and haughty guy. He dared to ask us to shut up. He's only a trifling person at the primary stage of the Martial Emperor Realm."

"Did you assume that you can trample us just because you managed to defeat Lu Heng?"

A fighting spirit emanated from those people, and, as it gathered together, it formed a raging wave, which was directed at Jiang Chen. All the people next to Jiang Chen moved back subconsciously because they were afraid of being implicated and affected by it.

One's fighting spirits couldn't cause tangible destruction and harm. But, once it reached a high intensity, it could affect people's minds, and those who couldn't bear it might end up losing consciousness.

Jiang Chen stood his ground and let the fighting spirit sweep him. His frail, thin body seemed grand and imposing. He didn't move back by even half a step, and he didn't even furrow his brows.

"So annoying!" The three Jiang Chens spoke at the same time, and an aura different than the fighting spirit emanated from them. It was a murderous aura!

Since Jiang Chen had become a Star Venerable, he rarely used this technique, and now, it seemed like his murderous aura had already taken a physical shape, and it turned into a blood sea, which engulfed everyone. Everyone's hearts beat wildly, and they became nervous and anxious, while their fighting spirits disappeared thoroughly.

Jiang Chen took a step forward, and the dozens of people there moved back by a step, and the people in the middle even ended up falling down. Upon witnessing this, the people behind Jiang Chen exchanged glances.

"He unexpectedly still has such a ferocious side?" Yiya couldn't believe it, as in her impressions, Jiang Chen wasn't a murderous devil. Moreover, one couldn't get such a terrifying murderous aura through committing something as simple as murder. Even people, who were always slaughtering on the battlefield, wouldn't get to possess such a powerful murderous aura. The people weren't aware that this was just one of the techniques gotten by Jiang Chen from Whitey. After Jiang Chen felt like he had scared them enough, he restrained his murderous aura.The people in front of him heaved sighs of relief, as if they had been relieved from a heavy burden.

Just after this, they looked at Jiang Chen with a completely different gaze. They were all aware that he wasn't a benevolent fellow, nor was he a pushover. But they still didn't plan to give up. A murderous aura was just an aura, while fighting prowess was a completely different matter. If they really started fighting, the outcome would be unpredictable.

"Stop! What do you think you are you doing?" While they were at daggers drawn, a team rushed over from a distant place, and they were led by a woman who resembled Xiao Nuo greatly. Jiang Chen became upset when he saw her. But he still couldn't say anything.

"Second sister!"

The woman who came over had great prestige, and the five sisters, even Xiao Meng among them, stood up to welcome her. The second sister, Xiao Xiao, nodded in reply and swept the crowd with her gaze. Meanwhile, she still furrowed her brows slightly, and it was obviously because someone had said something to her. But the furrows in her brows quickly disappeared, and she looked at Xiao Meng, Jiang Chen, and their companions.

"The ancestors have already stated that Xiao Meng can go inside, and this is why you shouldn't fight over such a matter," Xiao Xiao said, and locked her gaze into Jiang Chen. She said, "As for you, this is the Xiao family's affair, and you were just invited here. You don't have a leading role here. So, don't try to take one even though you are just a guest."

As a matter of fact, all the people who didn't know Jiang Chen's current feelings found his behavior quite strange, and even Yiya had such a thought. It was like Jiang Chen knew this place, and it was related to him.

Jiang Chen faced her gaze, and, when he was about to speak, another person appeared in his life of sight.

After Xiao Xiao had rebuked Jiang Chen, a man came up to her side, and it was obvious that he wanted to support her. He was telling Jiang Chen that even if he couldn't accept this matter, he must still bear it, or else, the consequences would be dreadful.

Jiang Chen sized up that guy, and he quickly found to his surprise that he was a monster. He wasn't just a half-monster, but a true monster. He was a member of a clan, which was as special as the Dragon Clan and Wizard Clan. All myriad clans kept a respectful distance from such a clan due to their members' special natures. Its members were all powerful since birth and had wild natures. Moreover, after awakening an intellectual mind, they would get a very strong character.

When the Dragon Clan left the Nine Realms and established the Dragon Realm, the Human Clan was at its peak state. It was then that the Monster Clan started a large-scale invasion and wanted to occupy the Nine Realms. However, after both sides ended up suffering grave casualties, the monsters were driven away, and they went back to the Monster Realm. They didn't dare to take even a single step in the Nine Realms since then.

This was the reason why even though myriad clans emerged, and even the Dragon Clan came out, it was only now that Jiang Chen got to see a monster. However, it could be discerned through the other people's reactions that it wasn't strange for a monster to appear in the Bloody Sea Realm, and it was also quite reasonable, as even though the monsters couldn't come into the Nine Realms, they still could freely go into other independent realms.

Returning to the main topic, the original form of this monster, who took a humanoid form, was a wolf, and he kept on purpose pupils in the same shape as before. His wolfish eyes were sharp, and they shone with a cold glint like sharp swords. The monster had long silver hair, which danced in the wind, and he seemed confident, and at ease. Jiang Chen noticed that the monster's fingernails were still sharp claws, and this would be also something that he had kept on purpose.

But what Jiang Chen was still concerned about the most was the monster's fighting prowess. He was strong, outrageously strong! If they really started fighting, an earth-shaking battle would occur. As Jiang Chen considered the issue, which he could end up facing, he snorted coldly and didn't give any response.

This wasn't the satisfactory response, which Xiao Xiao wanted, but she still achieved the effect she wanted.

"Let's fight and dispose of the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake," Xiao Xiao said.

When such words echoed out, the people, who had just suffered a defeat, were surprised greatly.

"Second sister, won't you wait for eldest sister?" The third sister asked.

"Is there a need for it?" The Wolf Clan's man raised such a question before Xiao Xiao replied. There were four people behind him, three of them were monsters, while a single one was a half-monster. They all possessed immeasurable power!

"You can't cross it," Jiang Chen said suddenly.

"What did you say?" The confident Wolf Clan's man wasn't willing to hear such words.

"It's just the truth," Jiang Chen said. This was his judgment according to his understanding of the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake.


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