The Brilliant Fighting Master
1294 Wind and Fire, Wind and Lightning
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1294 Wind and Fire, Wind and Lightning

Jiang Chen's words turned the ambiance ice-cold, and the people opposite looked over at him with gazes that were filled with surprise. They had all taken him for an insignificant nobody and looked down upon him. A moment ago, when Yun Tiange was examining the team, his gaze stopped on Jiang Chen for only a short moment because Jiang Chen's realm level was too low, and thus he had paid no attention to him.

However, at this moment, he seemed bold and heroic and emanated a boundless aura. They all couldn't wait to respond.

Ha, ha, ha! Crisp laughter came out of the third sister's mouth, as she laughed out loud while holding her belly. She wasn't paying attention to her image, and she laughed until tears ran out of her eyes.

Yun Tiange and the others shook their heads, while smiles appeared on their faces. However, their gazes were still sharp.

"What a reckless and ignorant guy!" The man who had previously advised Yiya not to meddle in this matter shouted angrily, and he attacked before the others could. A boundless aura emanated from his body, and the entire land went through a great transformation. Moreover, as he pointed his finger, it seemed like even the void would be sealed by him

Jiang Chen's senses were blocked, while his body couldn't budge by even an inch.

"Heavenly Land Finger!" Yiya and the others were alarmed and became quite anxious. But they still couldn't do anything.

"Humph!" Jiang Chen curled his mouth. Regardless of who this guy was, he had still made a grave mistake. Lightning raged in Jiang Chen's divine body. It was as great as a flood, and it helped Jiang Chen break free of his constraints.

"Du Tian Divine Lightning!" Jiang Chen thrust out his palm. Divine lightning ran amok, as if a Heavenly Tribulation would descend here, and it seemed able to erase everything. The Heavenly Land Finger was erased, while the man who had attacked suffered from the backlash and was sent flying more than 100 yards.

"What...?" The third sister wasn't laughing any longer, and Yun Tiange was startled. But this was still just the beginning. As Jiang Chen flew forward, his Lightning Martial Soul turned into a golden spear, and he threw it forward strongly. It seemed unstoppable!

"How ferocious!"

Once Jiang Chen acted, he would amaze everyone with a single brilliant feat. 

"Peerless Battle Armor!" The man was frightened, and it was only due to his training in the Bloody Sea Realm that he managed to respond quickly and use his own trump card. A battle armor condensed by energies was draped over his body. This wasn't a simple Protective Dipper Energy—it was a type of magical ability. His own body's power would be linked with the world, and it would go through a mystical transformation and form a strong defense. The man depended upon the battle armor to regain his balance, and he showed off his power. He had already come back to his senses, and a hideous expression appeared on his face. He assumed that he had ended up letting Jiang Chen get the best of him because of his carelessness, and he wanted to make up for such a disgrace.

However, when the golden spear reached him, the man realized that this affair wasn't as he imagined. He then gave up on offense completely and focused wholly on defense. The golden spear, which possessed a great imposing aura, fell upon the man's body. The battle armor was instantly crushed into pieces, and it turned into countless specks of light. Moreover, a bloody hole was left in the man's chest by the golden spear. He had managed to persevere only thanks to the battle armor, which blocked most of the spear's might.

Jiang Chen wasn't willing to accept this. If he could raise his realm level or his metal conception level, he would have been able to take his opponent's life with a single spear strike. While Jiang Chen wasn't willing to accept such an unsatisfying outcome, the spectators had a different opinion, and they were all frightened. Even Hou Jue, who had held out so much hope on Jiang Chen was surprised by this greatly.

When Jiang Chen was about to continue attacking, Yun Tiange and the third sister rushed over along with other people.

"Don't bully people too much," Yun Tiange shouted loudly.

"What I have said isn't limited to just him, it includes all of you." Jiang Chen didn't want to waste his breath with them, and he warned the people in the vicinity with his ice-cold gaze.

"You are too arrogant!" The third sister wore a stern look and said, "You probably have great power. But there is only you here."

The third sister didn't just have Yun Tiange, she still had two other people with power at the same level.

"Is that the case?" Jiang Chen sneered coldly and disdainfully, and two powerful auras appeared then on his left and right sides. As everyone looked, they saw two magical clones appearing magnificently. A sonorous sound echoed from the magical clone, and a divine bird soared into the sky, and all the places it passed through were turned into a sea of raging flames.

The main body collected the Boundless Sword Soul. As for the Lightning Martial Soul, it appeared atop the head of the last magical clone. What was the scariest thing was that regardless if it was the main body or the magical clones, their power was on the same level.

"This, this is just a bluff, and you have just scattered..." The third sister didn't believe that such a magical ability existed in this world.

However, before she finished her words, a whistling sound like a gale echoed around the three Jiang Chens. The two magical clones controlled respectively the power of wind and lightning, and the power of wind and fire. As for the main body, he spread out his arms, and the three forces, wind, fire, and lightning, formed a unique aura around him.

At this moment, the group of people opposite him was left speechless.

"Great Wind, Rise!"

The three Jiang Chens spoke at the same time and set out a formation. They wanted to kill several more people at one go. In ordinary situations, Jiang Chen wouldn't use the two magical clones in a battle. But this was the One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones technique's strong trait, and if he had to force himself to abstain from using it, then he shouldn't have even practiced it in the first place.

However, he still would only use it in special situations, and the current affair was important for him, and he wouldn't allow anyone to block him from reaching it.


"We won't obstruct you."

The third sister and Yun Tiange didn't have any fighting spirit left, and they both quickly spoke.

Jiang Chen considered this matter for a moment, before he extinguished the Sword Domain, which he still hadn't finished forming.

"Since the seventh sister possesses such a strong helper, I don't have any objection to this. But I still don't know the other people's opinion about this matter." As the third sister spoke, she made way for them and didn't obstruct them any longer.

Jiang Chen also didn't have to fight any longer, and so he watched the fight that was occurring in another place.

The Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake depended upon its great power to repel all people fighting it. But it still didn't take advantage of its victory to pursue them because it wasn't able to move. This was the reason why the third sister could stop fighting and come here to pick a quarrel.

"This is the first trial, and we must pass through this ferocious beast to get into the real land of the remains," the third sister cast flirtatious glances at Jiang Chen. After Jiang Chen had demonstrated his power, he got a completely different treatment. The third sister wanted to pull Jiang Chen onto her side, because she had discerned that Xiao Meng didn't have a friendly relationship with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded. He was clearly aware of how powerful was the Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake. But 500 years had passed since then. So, how did the demonic flood snake survive in the gloomy Bloody Sea Realm? However, he probably should wonder whether the demonic flood snake was even still a living being.

Jiang Chen flew over there, and he looked at all the people, who were resting. There were three women among them, whose appearances resembled Xiao Meng, and he didn't need to ask to know that they were her big sisters. They had all brought with them experts, and they were all among the Sacred Lord List's top 20. However, it was obvious that they weren't all real Sacred Lords, and they only used such a list's ranking to clearly judge their fighting prowess.

Upon witnessing Xiao Meng, a skeptical look appeared on the faces of the three women, and they looked at the third sister with a questioning gaze. The third sister transmitted her voice to them in secret, and that was why they all looked at the three Jiang Chens.

"Are you the guy who has a Saint Aura?"

"Is he the guy, who is eyed by the Human Emperor?"

"The primary stage of the Martial Emperor Realm, tsk, tsk, tsk."

Many discussions arose here. Some were curious about him, some were skeptical, while there were still some who looked down on him.

"Lu Heng, you are a late-stage Martial Emperor. Yet, you are still so useless," a guy among them mocked the man who was almost killed by Jiang Chen.

"If you are so skilled, why don't you give it a try," Lu Heng looked at him and spoke, while gritting his teeth.


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