The Brilliant Fighting Master
1293 Seven Souls Plan
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1293 Seven Souls Plan

Jiang Chen was the first person to discern that it wasn't a dragon—it was the roar of a flood snake. Jiang Chen couldn't help but associate it with something else, and he rushed over there quickly. This was unexpected. Xiao Meng was annoyed by it. She believed that she should lead the group. But she still just followed Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen went to the top of the mountain, and he immediately witnessed an intense battle occurring there. Many teams were joining hands to deal with a giant beast. It seemed like a flood snake, yet it also seemed like a dragon and was 1,000 feet long. As it moved its body, it caused the whole mountain to shake.

Heaven Rending Demonic Flood Snake, Jiang Chen muttered to himself. He believed now what Xiao Meng had said. This was one of the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch's war beasts, and it could be considered a part of the monarch's military power. It was just what Xiao Meng had stated—the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch must have set something here.

"Who is that?"

The arrival of Jiang Chen startled the fighting teams, and some of them left the battlefield and came over. It seemed from their auras that they would attack immediately if they came to a disagreement. But it was fortunate that Xiao Meng and the others quickly rushed over. When the people who came over saw Xiao Meng, they stopped.

"Xiao Meng, what have you come here to do? You are acting willfully," a man clad in a cyan robe rebuked Xiao Meng.

Xiao Meng clenched her teeth. She felt wronged by this, but she bore it and didn't speak.

"Brother Tiange, Xiao Meng is one of the seven people, and she's qualified to come here," Hou Jue said.

The cyan-robed man called Tiange sized up their group, and a disdainful look appeared on his face. He was completely qualified to wear such an expression, and Wen Tao and the others didn't even get angry. Instead, they felt quite pressured.

"He's Yun Tiange, and he's ranked 16th on the Sacred Lord List. As for the people next to him, they aren't Sacred Lords. But their fighting prowess is on the same level as his," Yiya said solemnly. There was a great disparity between their powers.

"Humph, why don't you obediently wait for the end of the ritual at home? Did you come here to cause trouble? What would happen if you ended up suffering a mishap?" Yun Tiange spoke coldly.

"Young master Yun, you are just a helper invited by my third sister, and you don't have the right to criticize me or order me around," Xiao Meng couldn't bear this any longer, and she shouted at him, while a powerful aura emanated from her body. She opposed him!

This surprised Yun Tiange, as he had the impression that Xiao Meng always had a docile character, and she would bear any maltreatment or insult. Yun Tiange couldn't help but wonder whether it was someone else who had put her up to mischief.

"Are you depending upon those people?" Yun Tiange asked, and it was obvious that he looked down upon Yiya's team.

"What do you mean by this?" Yiya shouted.

"Young Miss Yiya, you probably have boundless prospects. So, it will better for you to not intervene in matters that are beyond your power." It seemed like the man next to Yun Tiange recognized Yiya. But he still spoke rudely.

"Xiao Meng, Hou Jue. Since you have come over, then just stay here. As for the others, they aren't qualified to come here." Yun Tiange came up with a solution, which he found quite good.

"But we are already here," Yiya spoke once again.

Yun Tiange didn't pay any attention to her, and he only looked at Xiao Meng and awaited her reply.

"I will take part in the Seven Souls Plan," Xiao Meng said. Upon hearing the last three words, the people standing opposite to them had a great reaction. Yun Tiange pulled a long face, and a gloomy expression appeared on his face.

"It's out of the question!"

"You don't have the right to obstruct me. You don't have any relationship with my family," Xiao Meng pulled out her weapon and spoke in an unquestionable tone.

"Who has given you such gall?" Yun Tiange was so infuriated that he laughed, and he swept their team with his gaze and looked for the strongest among them.

After a short while, he curled the corners of his mouth and revealed a mocking smile.

At this moment, a pretty woman flew over from the battlefield. "You have said that he can't control you. But you surely can't disregard my instructions, can you?" She was a youthful woman, and when Jiang Chen had a clear look at her appearance, he was startled once again. The woman's appearance resembled Xiao Meng greatly, which also meant that she resembled the woman in Jiang Chen's heart.

"What is going on?" Jiang Chen realized that this wasn't something as simple as a resemblance due to the fact that they were the clan's descendants.

"Third sister." Xiao Meng's expression changed. She pursed her lips and restrained her aura. According to what Xiao Meng had said previously, Yun Tiange must have been invited by the third sister. Their relationship was the same as the relationship between Xiao Meng, Jiang Chen, and the others.

"You don't want to be left out, and you also came to get a share? However, if you mess around, the 100 years' great plan could fail thoroughly." The third sister wore a smile across her face. However, she still didn't seem amiable and warm. Instead, she seemed ice-cold.

"Since I can come here, then the ancestors had obviously accepted this matter," Xiao Meng said. Xiao Meng assumed that her argument was strong. But when the third sister heard it, she only found it weak and insignificant.

"I won't allow it, and your other big sisters will also not allow it," the third sister laughed disdainfully.

"What if I insist on it?" Xiao Meng had already taken a firm decision, and she wouldn't let them send her back on this day.

"I won't kill you, but I will still beat until you can't move. As for the trash brought with you, I will kill them all."

"Trash?" Yiya and the others had never suffered such an insult, and they all flew into a rage. But they still bore their anger because Yun Tiange and the third sister possessed terrifying power.

"Inform me about everything." Jiang Chen transmitted his voice silently to Xiao Meng, and asked about the crux of the matter.

Xiao Meng wasn't willing to divulge it at this moment

"I must understand this matter clearly before I'm forced to use extreme measures to get to know the truth. It would be better for you to inform me of it," Jiang Chen spoke once again and threatened her.

Xiao Meng, who assumed that Jiang Chen had taken a fancy to her due to her beauty, was surprised by this greatly, and her gaze became filled with disbelief. When she was just starting to ponder whether this was also a technique used by Jiang Chen to woo her, she suddenly realized through Jiang Chen's gaze that he wasn't joking with her.

"It turns out that you don't know anything about this matter, and you were brought here by my foolish little sister." The third sister noticed that Jiang Chen and Yiya were confused, and she understood what was happening. She couldn't help but reveal a bright smile.

"Seventh sister, you have really taken a lot of trouble, and you surely don't want to accept your own fate." The third sister laughed in mockery.

Xiao Meng clenched her fists, while her shoulders shivered. She wasn't willing to accept this matter!

"Jiang Chen." At this moment, Hou Jue, who had witnessed this, transmitted his voice to Jiang Chen, and he said he planned to inform him of what was going on here. "The Xiao family has seven daughters, and, regardless of whether they have a fortuitous encounter or how their cultivation methods are, they will all manage to become Martial Emperors and get an Immortal Dais."

"The reason behind this is that they were chosen by the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch, and, as his inheritors, they must come here to get soul stones at a specific time. If they can't get the soul stones, then everything possessed by the seven women will only harm them."

Jiang Chen asked him why they wanted to obstruct Xiao Meng.

"This is related to the Xiao family's internal fights over power. Xiao Meng is on the weaker side, and there were rumors stating that the more soul stones they get, the greater will be their benefits. This was why the seven women wanted to snatch each other's soul stones and take them for themselves. As for Xiao Meng, she was directly kicked out by them."

Jiang Chen was startled by this. This meant that once the ownership of the soul stones was decided, Xiao Meng, who didn't get anything, would become a cripple. After Jiang Chen got to know some information about this matter, he realized why Xiao Meng was so infuriated.

"It will be up to you whether Xiao Meng can alter her fate," Hou Jue spoke anxiously.

It was only through adding Jiang Chen's fighting prowess into their power that they would get a glimmer of hope.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He wasn't close to Xiao Meng. But...

"I don't care what you want, but since I want to get inside, you have to get lost." Jiang Chen looked at the third sister and her several experts with his sharp gaze.


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