The Brilliant Fighting Master
1292 Fragments among the Void
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1292 Fragments among the Void

Jiang Chen didn't reply, but he couldn't help but recall his past life's last day. The Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch had entrusted his beloved disciple to him. At that time, the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch had worn an odd expression. However, Jiang Chen didn't think too much about such a matter because he was overjoyed.

Now that he thought back about it on this day, he found many clues. Moreover, he became slightly scared when he noticed that some pieces of his memory were fuzzy, and he couldn't even discern clearly whether they were real or just a part of a dream. If it was someone else in Jiang Chen's position, they might have found it normal. But Jiang Chen possessed a highly retentive memory, and such a matter seemed quite strange to him.

Jiang Chen recalled once again what the Blood Emperor that had absorbed his blood had said. It seemed like there was something he must know.

"You aren't mistaken." At this moment, the white-clothed woman, who had listened to what Jiang Chen had said, flew into the air toward them. "The Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch wouldn't leave any hidden treasure on land, and he also didn't fight to the death in the Bloody Sea Realm," the white-clothed woman said.

Upon hearing this, Yiya and the others looked at each other in dismay and became skeptical of the remains' story.

"However, everything has an exception to it, and the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch has set a hidden treasure on land because of a certain plan for some reason, and this land is awaiting the later generation's exploration," the white-clothed woman said.

Yiya quieted and looked at Jiang Chen. Since he knew so much information about this affair, it was obvious that he was reliable.

"Let's go!" Jiang Chen wouldn't let anything related to the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch slip by since this affair was related to the matter he was most concerned with. "You can abstain from stating the reasons behind it. But you still must explain the obstructions and dangers we will face," Jiang Chen spoke once again.

Such words were tantamount to a warning to Yiya and her teammates.

The white-clothed woman and Hou Jue exchanged a glance, and the latter nodded. "Fine." Hou Jue shrugged his shoulders and explained the whole sequence of events. There were really remains there. But it wasn't their group alone who knew this, and there were still six other women qualified to enter this land.

"They also have the surname Xiao," as Hou Jue spoke, he deliberately informed Jiang Chen of such a matter. Hou Jue had tried to ease the tension. But Jiang Chen still wore an ice-cold look as before, and he would only smile awkwardly.

"The seven people will fight over the treasure in the remains, and as Xiao Meng's followers, we will also get a share," Hou Jue continued.

"Doesn't this mean that it will depend upon young Miss Xiao whether we can get inside the remains land?" Wen Tao raised a question about the most important matter.

"That is right!" As Hou Jue spoke up to here, he felt like he had said enough, and he looked at Yiya, Jiang Chen, and the others one by one and asked them to quickly make a decision.

"We will go," Yiya said

"Let's then hurry. We have already wasted so much time," the white-clothed woman, who was called Xiao Meng, spoke anxiously

Their group flew at full speed, hastening on their journey. Moreover, since they were assisted by Jiang Chen's Void Divine Wind, their speed was faster than usual.

Hou Jue was stunned this. He could also depend on some secret techniques, but he couldn't manage to persevere for more than several minutes before he would end up exhausting his whole power. It was a different case for Jiang Chen, as he persisted continuously, and his face didn't even become flushed, while his heartbeat didn't quicken. If there was anyone who couldn't accept Jiang Chen yet, after this, they were all left speechless.

On the way, the team was tracked once again by the Blood Clan members, and they ended up suffering another attack. But their fighting prowess was too great, and they managed to cross such a crisis without suffering any harm. Moreover, Jiang Chen discovered then that Xiao Meng's power was greater than even Hou Jue's.

"This woman's Martial Dais is at the immortal grade. It's a true Immortal Dais." Yiya lost control of herself. She had believed that she was quite outstanding. Yet she still couldn't help but envy this woman greatly.

Jiang Chen didn't say anything. He had also noticed that Xiao Meng had an Immortal Dais. But he still felt for some unknown reason that something was fishy about it. Moreover, it wasn't just limited to this, as some inexplicable emotions welled up in his heart. At first, Jiang Chen assumed that it was just a misconception. But, as they approached the ruins, such feelings were becoming more intense. It was like he was getting close to the truth, while he was subconsciously aware that such a truth would be cruel and harsh.

"We have reached it!" After they dealt with three attacks from the Blood Clan, they reached their destination.

When Yiya's team came to a stop, their expressions changed drastically. "Are you playing with us?" Yiya spoke coldly.

Jiang Chen also noticed that they were standing at the edge of the Bloody Sea Realm, and the world's fragments were drifting in the void before them. It was a chaotic land! If one stared at such land for a long time, a restless feeling would well up in one's heart. Since Xiao Meng had stated that the ruins were here, then it seemed like she was just cracking a joke.

"For the past few years, the Bloody Sea Realm was treated by the other realms' opportunistic people as a playground. Countless people came here, and most of its regions were searched thoroughly."

Xiao Meng looked at them, and said, "If it wasn't in such a place, wouldn't it have been discovered long ago?" Xiao Meng's words were quite reasonable.

"You should walk before us." Yiya didn't question this matter and just raised a request.

"That isn't a problem," Xiao Meng unexpectedly agreed readily, and she revealed a smile. She said, "But you must remember to follow us closely, and if you don't do it, you will be in grave danger."

As Xiao Meng spoke, she flew toward this region, which was considered a forbidden land.

Yiya was startled by this. But, she quickly noticed that Xiao Meng didn't suffer any harm, and as she traveled among the fragments, her body started becoming fuzzy. Hou Jue didn't bother with saying anything else, and he was the second person to go inside.

"Let's go inside." Yiya took a prompt decision and brought her group inside. Even though they couldn't understand the principles behind this land's destructive power, they realized that everyone who walked here was fearful and apprehensive and nervous. Moreover, if they didn't use their Protective Dipper Energy, their skin would have been burned.

As Xiao Meng turned around several times in succession, they felt like they were walking on a precipitous mountain road.

Jiang Chen observed the surroundings and remembered the rhythm used to enter this land and prepared a retreat plan. This was one of his habits, and it was only due to it that he had managed to come out alive from many dangerous lands.

At this moment, Jiang Chen detected that the void around him was becoming stable, and another whole world appeared before his eyes.

"It unexpectedly really exists." Yiya was surprised greatly. The Bloody Sea Realm's people probably couldn't imagine that there was anything present among the forbidden region. This world wasn't big, and they could get a complete view of it from the sky. But if they walked around on the ground, they would have a completely different feeling.

Jiang Chen and the others gathered around Xiao Meng and awaited her instructions, while they also prepared themselves for a battle. The Blood Clan members they had run into on the road weren't worth mentioning, and Xiao Meng didn't need to ask their team for help. But now, a greater trial was awaiting them.

"It's there." Xiao Meng closed her eyes, and it seemed like she was observing something with her senses. Just after this, Xiao Meng brought the crowd to the deepest part of the mountain range.

Jiang Chen had a peculiar feeling while inside this place, and it was due to his intuition. He looked at Yiya, who was next to him, and he realized that she wore the same expression. This meant that this land really had a precious treasure!

Roar! Suddenly, a sonorous roar echoed from a place near them, and they felt like it was reverberating right near their ears.

"A dragon?"

Their group was stunned by such a roar. It wasn't just because it was sonorous, it was also because it contained an awe-inspiring prestige. It rivaled a Divine Dragon's roar. Yet, it still seemed slightly different.


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