The Brilliant Fighting Master
1290 Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1290 Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch

If an ordinary mortal carried a heavy load, then, once he put it down, he would feel like his body was as light and lithe as a bird's. This was one of the cultivation methods Jiang Chen set for himself. What he would do was set his Martial Terrace at the same level as the enemies he ran into.

After Jiang Chen became a Martial Emperor and had gone through several battles, he managed to come up with this tactic. If he depended upon his Immortal Terrace's overwhelming advantage, he wouldn't find battles interesting or challenging anymore. This was why Jiang Chen used an Earth Terrace when he fought against Shi Lezhi and didn't use even two-tenths of his power.

"Let's continue hurrying on the journey." After Yiya had gotten over her shock and calmed down, she didn't forget her objective.

"I will forge the path," Jiang Chen said, confusingly. However, Yiya shortly understood what he was referring to.

Jiang Chen flew along with the wind. He was as fast as lightning, and he brought Yiya along with him. Their flying speed rose by several fold, and they were also spared from wasting their energy on the road. This was one of the Void Divine Wind's strong points. Just as the Golden Solar Flame could be used to launch the Sky-burning Fury Technique by using it along with the Sky-burning Evil Flame, the Void Divine Wind had also many marvelous functions.

After they had been flying at this pace for half an hour, Yiya detected the aura of her teammates. When Jiang Chen and Yiya flew to join them, they discovered that her teammates had come to a stop in the sky.

"Yiya!" They all greeted Yiya enthusiastically, while they swept Jiang Chen with their eyes, examining him.

"This is my new teammate, Jiang Chen," Yiya introduced them to each other.

Jiang Chen discovered that Yiya had six teammates. They all possessed great fighting prowess and could be considered among the best in the third area. Besides the teammates, there was also a man and a woman, who seemed about 24 or 25 years old, who were studying Jiang Chen with frowns.

"Don't underestimate him because of his Realm Level. His fighting prowess is extremely terrifying," Yiya quickly spoke before an unpleasant disagreement occurred.

"Is it extremely terrifying?" When the six teammates heard such a description, their expressions changed.

"He's now the safe zone's City Lord," Yiya said.

"What?" When they heard that they all, including the pair of the man and woman, who had an ice-cold attitude, stared at him, wearing odd looks.

"Does this mean that Shi Lezhi is already..."

A man with a tall, straight stature, who had an outstanding bearing, spoke out of shock.

"That is right!" Yiya nodded.

Hiss! Those six people took a deep breath of air.

"My name is Wen Tao." The most outstanding man among the six people announced his name, while his gaze was filled with respect. As for the other five people, they had quickly done the same. Experts would always be respected and esteemed wherever they went.

"Is this true? Shi Lezhi couldn't be killed by anybody in the third area." Just as the ambiance had become harmonious, the man of the pair looked at Jiang Chen disdainfully and spoke rudely.

Yiya frowned. She didn't know these two people. But it seemed from their appearances that they were anything but simple. It was especially the case for the woman, as she had an outstanding bearing and wore white clothes. She seemed like a heavenly immortal, who had become one of the dusky Bloody Sea Realm's sources of light.

Jiang Chen was suddenly taken aback, as when he looked at the woman's face casually, he found it slightly familiar-looking. He found such a matter quite incredulous!

"It isn't important whether it's true or false." After Yiya found out from her teammates who those two people were, she replied, "It was us who accepted the mission, and our teammates' state isn't related to you at all." 

Yiya's team had accepted these two people's request that they would go to explore a land that probably had ancient remains. If they really found any remains there, they would unearth them together. But if they didn't find anything, those two people would pay their team a reward. This was a common occurrence in the third area because it was required for people to team up with others here. It wasn't always easy to find powerful companions. This was why this couple had sought Yiya's team.

"Even though that may be the case, you didn't say beforehand that you would add another person. He's even a primary-stage Martial Emperor. It doesn't seem to me that what you just said is true." The man wouldn't give up. He cast a glance at Jiang Chen and snorted coldly as a warning. As for the woman next to him, she furrowed her brows and seemed quite displeased.

It was at this moment that Yiya, and the others, realized that Jiang Chen was staring attentively at the woman. An odd look appeared on Yiya's face, and she coughed several times so that Jiang Chen would restrain himself. Even if that woman was pretty, he mustn't stare at her for a long time like that. It was too disgraceful!

However, it seemed like Jiang Chen didn't hear Yiya, and he didn't even care about the white-clothed woman's ice-cold gaze. When the white-clothed woman was about to berate him, Jiang Chen said, "Young miss, is your surname Xiao?"

Such a sudden question made everyone look at each other in dismay.

The white-clothed woman didn't reply, and a wary and hostile look appeared in her eyes.

"That's enough!" The man shook his head, and strode forward. He stood opposite Jiang Chen

Yiya didn't know what was going on with Jiang Chen, but she would still stand on his side. Wen Tao and the other five people didn't know what was happening, but it was obvious that they would comply with Yiya's instructions.

"It seems like the Sword and Blade Team doesn't amount to more than this." Upon witnessing this, the man started causing trouble for them.

"Why are you saying this?" Yiya acted dumb on purpose. She didn't want to open up a can of worms.

The man also couldn't bring up Jiang Chen's previous actions because the white-clothed woman would end up taking offense for a second time.

"I can't discern anything special about him, and I suspect that you have brought him just to make up the numbers and get another share," the man spoke coldly.

"First, we didn't state the number of people beforehand, and, second, it isn't up to you to say anything about the newcomers I recruit," Yiya spoke forcefully.

"It seems like our cooperation will have to come to an end here." The main shrugged his shoulders and sneered coldly, while speaking, "It's a pity that you won't get the remains of one of the past Sacred Zone's four great sages." The man stated such a matter on purpose, and he also got the result he wished for.

Wen Tao and the other five people had a big reaction, and they quickly looked at Yiya. They hoped that she wouldn't take any rash action.

"Which sage?" Yiya asked.

"It's the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch," the man replied.

One didn't need to mention Yiya's reaction when she heard such a name, as even Jiang Chen's expression changed once again. The reason why he had lost control of himself before was that the white-clothed woman resembled Xiao Nuo greatly. Her facial features and even her expression resembled Xiao Nuo well. What was more important was Xiao Nuo's father was one of the Sacred Zone's four great sages—precisely the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch.

There was surely a relationship between such matters.

However at this moment, Jiang Chen had already calmed down, and he noticed that Yiya was in an awkward situation. If they ended up losing the remains because they shielded Jiang Chen, Yiya would probably accept it. But Wen Tao and the other five people wouldn't take it well. If the teammates weren't united, it would be difficult to lead the team.

"What do you want?" Jiang Chen was aware that it would be best for him to deal with this matter by himself, and he strode forward to face the man.

The man was startled by Jiang Chen's sharp aura, and he quickly said, "It's like this, you have to block my palm strike. If you can achieve it, I will admit that this young miss was telling the truth."

Upon hearing this, the other people were surprised greatly, while the angry white-clothed woman was startled.

"It isn't an issue," Jiang Chen replied without giving this matter any consideration.

The man's smile became brighter, and he said, "You are daring. Let me first introduce myself, my name is Hou Jue."

"Hou Jue!"

Upon hearing this name, the expression of Yiya, who was next to them, changed drastically.


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