The Brilliant Fighting Master
1289 Everything Is Perfect!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1289 Everything Is Perfect!

After Shi Lezhi died, the Armor Association members, including Hong Yue, all left the safe zone.

Jiang Chen, who went back to the city, faced complete silence, as well as many respectful gazes. But after a moment, many voices called out to Jiang Chen—City Lord. This quickly formed a wave of sound that engulfed the whole safe zone. The weak are prey to the strong, while the strong are respected. Moreover, what was more important was that Jiang Chen had demonstrated to them that he was really able to cross the Heavenly Wind Domain.

As for Shi Lezhi, he had already stated before his death that he had started the fight to avenge a personal grudge.

"Everything will be carried out according to the rules." Jiang Chen didn't abolish the rule, which forbade people from fighting.

 Jiang Chen looked at the worried Wan Renlong. "Since Shi Lezhi didn't mind risking his life and still attacked, then the person behind him must surely be terrifying. He may even be one of the Sacred Lord List's top ten," Wan Renlong said.

"Even if it's true, so what?" Jiang Chen expressed to Wan Renlong that he didn't need to worry about such a matter. It wasn't like he had never met stronger enemies, and, as long as he had a breath left, he would continue fighting until the end.

"Ah, I have lit the candle. I'm not restricted by the family because I'm a Sacred Lord. But this matter still has demonstrated that I have failed," Wan Renlong said.

Upon discerning his implication, Jiang Chen realized that he wanted to leave the Bloody Sea Realm. "Are you sure about this?" Jiang Chen had his own convictions. But he still wouldn't force other people to stay with him.

"I am sure. I will only bring trouble to you." Wan Renlong had already taken a firm decision. One would need to team up with people to manage to stay in the third area, and, after such an ordeal, who would be willing to stay with him? Wan Renlong didn't possess great fighting prowess like Jiang Chen.

Thereupon, Jiang Chen bid farewell to Wan Renlong.

"Since he has left, then the enmities he had with people in the Bloody Sea Realm will be left for you," Yiya went to Jiang Chen's side calmly and spoke softly.

"Just let them bring it on." Jiang Chen looked at her and frowned in confusion. He asked, "Why didn't I get to see your other teammates?" 

"I returned late, and they all went to complete a mission in advance without me. They left behind a message, asking me to follow," Yiya said. "Should we go there together?"

"Okay, but you have understood, haven't you? I'm now plagued by troubles." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders carelessly.

"I have also witnessed that you have enough power to solve all your problems," Yiya said with a smile.

"Let's leave then."

Yiya nodded and was about to fly out of the city. But she suddenly recalled something. She turned her head back and asked, "Don't you need to rest for a while to recover?"

"I have recovered mostly while we have been speaking."

"You are really terrifying!" Yiya sighed with emotion.

Jiang Chen had just gone through a great battle. Yet it didn't seem like he was even tired. He even seemed ready to jump into another battle.

The crowd followed these two people with their gazes until they had flown far away. Only then did a commotion arise in the safe zone, and the impassioned crowd started discussing the previous battle. Moreover, the news quickly spread throughout the whole third area. Jiang Chen, who had only come to the third area recently, had become famous, while his ranking on the Sacred Lord List, unbeknownst to him, had reached the top 30.

The terms Saint Aura and Human Divine Body touched the nerves of all the Bloody Sea Realm's living beings, and even the arrogant Ancient Race members felt a great pressure because of him. While all the people were loudly exclaiming about Jiang Chen's great power, a piece of news that wasn't favorable to Jiang Chen spread. The Human Emperor who had previously failed to shoot Jiang Chen dead had managed to learn the four linked arrows technique because of the great pressure he felt to destroy Jiang Chen. One couldn't underestimate this technique because just another arrow had been added to it, as with the Human Emperor Bow's great power, the addition of a single arrow would raise the attack's might greatly.

The reason that the crowd became aware that the Human Emperor had mastered the four linked arrows technique was that he had managed to successfully kill a Blood Emperor in the fourth area, and he had received a large number of Sacred Origin Pieces. Then the Human Emperor exchanged those Sacred Origin Pieces for a strengthened Human Emperor Bow.

Those were all signs that demonstrated that he was planning to attack Jiang Chen. As people realized that such a person had set his goal to kill Jiang Chen, many of them couldn't help but shiver with fear, and they all sympathized with Jiang Chen.


Now Jiang Chen was flying with Yiya, and they suddenly exchanged a glance and noticed a bright glint in each other's eyes.

"Will you fight?" Yiya asked.

Jiang Chen pondered this. A group of the Blood Clan had set their eyes on them, and their power wasn't any weaker than the group of Blood Clan members who had encircled and attacked the Royal Power Association. The Blood Clan members assumed that they had been discovered, and they started encircling Jiang Chen and Yiya. As long as Jiang Chen and Yiya managed to escape their encirclement, the plan of the Blood Clan members would fail.

As Jiang Chen read Yiya's expression, he realized that she didn't want to waste time here. But Jiang Chen had another plan. Jiang Chen didn't really covet Sacred Origin Blood. But he had benefited greatly from his fight against Shi Lezhi, and he had received enlightenment. The Embryonic Supreme Will could probably finally be promoted to its complete form, and it would become able to control the Void Divine Wind. Jiang Chen would then be able to use the Wind Pinnacle Sword Move.

"Leave them to me." Jiang Chen must still go through a real battle to verify whether he could achieve it.

"Just by yourself?" Yiya frowned. She didn't doubt that he could be successful. She was just afraid that they would end up wasting a large amount of time.

"It will be quick!" After Jiang Chen spoke, he restrained his whole body's power and let his body fall down at a quick speed. It was only after he had reached a low altitude that he came to a stop. Such a low altitude spared the Blood Clan members much effort, and they didn't hide any longer. They charged at him from all directions, surrounding him.

Yiya, who was at a high altitude, couldn't see Jiang Chen any longer, as the numerous Blood Clan members, who were packed close to each other, resembled a group of black clouds.

I hope that he won't waste too much time, Yiya thought to herself.

However, she suddenly detected something, and she lowered her head, her face shocked with surprise. An unfathomable Sword Energy emanated from those Blood Clan members.

"Is it a Supreme Will?" Yiya cried out in alarm.

When Jiang Chen's Supreme Will was still in an embryonic form, other people couldn't detect it. But now that Yiya was showing how shocked she was, it could be discerned that Jiang Chen had succeeded. Yiya was also a swordsman, and she knew clearly what a Supreme Will was. Once a person practiced his Sword Doctrine to the pinnacle, he would get to control a Clear Sword Spirit, and, if he went further than this, he would reach a completely new realm. One could fuse the Sword Spirit with one's body and turn it into a Will. That Will could be used to launch sword techniques, and it would let their might reach a shocking level.


The surprised Yiya could still hear the sharp wind's sound, and when she lowered her head once again, she discovered that the numerous Blood Clan members had been torn apart by the sword wind, and they disappeared along with the wind. It seemed as if this whole land had gone through a purge.

After Jiang Chen soared into the sky again and rejoined Yiya, he seemed slightly different than before.

"Did you manage to get a Supreme Will?" Yiya asked a meaningless question.

"That is right!"

Jiang Chen's Supreme Will was already complete. His Immortal Sword Spirit was fused with his body completely, and he could use it to forcefully release the Void Divine Wind. The reason why it was just a forceful release was that even though the Immortal Sword Spirit could accommodate myriad matters, it still wasn't the best Sword Spirit for the Void Divine Wind.

On the contrary, the Firmament Wind Sword Spirit, which was comprehended by the previous magical clone, Lu Ping, was a perfect match for the Void Divine Wind. However, he must promote the Firmament Wind Sword Spirit to a Supreme Will to use it to control the Void Divine Wind.

Despite this, Jiang Chen had become stronger than he was when he fought Shi Lezhi, and he wouldn't need to use a Sword Domain any longer to deal with someone like Shi Lezhi.

"If your Martial Dais was an Immortal Dais, everything would be perfect," Yiya sighed.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen smiled. His Martial Dais was obviously an Immortal Dais, and the reason why Yiya couldn't discern it was that Jiang Chen hid it on purpose when he had fought previously.


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