The Brilliant Fighting Master
1288 Divine Wind Sword Move
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1288 Divine Wind Sword Move

Shi Lezhi didn't die. He wasn't even defeated. He ran out of the sea of flames at the highest speed, and, after rolling around for a while, he managed to extinguish the raging flames on his body.

The crowd discovered in alarm that most of his armor was melted. This was an armor that wasn't any weaker than divine armor and could be considered an apex Doctrine Artifact. Yet, it was still destroyed by Jiang Chen's flames.

After Shi Lezhi took off his armor, many burns could be seen on his skin.

"It's really scary!"

"Since it has such great power, it's at least one of the top ten Alien Flames."

There were only a few people who could recognize the Sky-burning Evil Flame. Jiang Chen had just mastered one-third of its power, and, if he could wield one-half of it, he would have been able to kill Shi Lezhi with a single strike.

"Jiang Chen!" Shi Lezhi flew into a rage and shouted angrily, while his blade's might became greater.

"Well?" Shi Lezhi was surprised to discover that Jiang Chen's reply rang out right near his ear. His expression changed drastically, and he put his whole power on defense. But it was already too late.

While Shi Lezhi had been trying to extinguish the flames, Jiang Chen had already started building up power for the next attack.

"Divine Lightning!" Jiang Chen thrust his palm over with golden lightning in it. It couldn't be blocked. At such a crucial juncture, Shi Lezhi realized that he must use his whole power.

"Heaven Destroying Blade Soul!" Shi Lezhi summoned his Martial Soul and used his Blade Doctrine's power, while he waved his blade at Jiang Chen's palm. When the blade fell upon the palm, the golden lightning erupted out. Both of them bore the intense impact and fell back by several hundred feet.

"You have infuriated me successfully, and you will be killed by my blade." Shi Lezhi, who had suffered consecutive grave blows, hadn't considered at all whether he would end up defeated, and he only became angrier. With such a response, he either possessed great power or he was an idiot. However, since he had become a City Lord, he obviously belonged to the former category.

When Shi Lezhi's last words echoed out, a golden light emanated from his whole body, and it formed the outline of a skeleton. When Jiang Chen observed it carefully, he realized that his opponent's bones possessed boundless power. Royal Bones?

Just as how special bodies such as a divine body existed, there were some people who possessed bones different than ordinary people. The armor formed by the skeleton-like golden light let Shi Lezhi seem even more tall and sturdy.

"Die!" Shi Lezhi charged forward once again, while a boundless and raging aura emanated from him. He seemed unstoppable!

"Great Wind, Rise!" Jiang Chen didn't dare to take his opponent lightly, and he used the Wind and Fire Sword Domain to block Shi Lezhi's attack. However, Shi Lezhi managed to pass through the wind and flames ferociously, and he waved his blade at Jiang Chen's neck. It seemed like he wanted to tear apart Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen wielded his sword to block it. He ended up being sent flying along with his sword, and Jiang Chen almost injured himself with the Heavenly Fault Sword's other edge.

"He's quite powerful." 

Jiang Chen had a divine body and possessed an overwhelming advantage when it came to physical power. Such a feat couldn't be achieved by just anyone!

Shi Lezhi, who had activated his Royal Bones power, possessed a great imposing aura and seemed able to kill everyone who obstructed his path. He didn't leave Jiang Chen enough time to take a breather, and he proceeded crazily through the Sword Domain, as if it belonged to him.

"As expected of the City Lord!"

The people who were witnessing this fight couldn't help but have such a thought. They all found the current confrontation's outcome quite ordinary because they esteemed and respected the City Lord well.

The Royal Bones influence caused his Realm Level's advantage to become greater, and the Heaven Destroying Blade Doctrine released tyrannical power befitting it, Yiya muttered to herself, and she slightly regretted that she hadn't mentioned such a matter previously due to her anger. However, the reason why she didn't mention this earlier wasn't completely due to her anger. The other reason was that mentioning it wouldn't have changed anything, and it would only bring Jiang Chen more pressure.

"Is this already your strongest state?" Jiang Chen, who was in the Sword Domain, and was retreating in defeat, questioned his opponent.

"What? Didn't I beat you enough? Even your Sword Domain can't restrain me," Shi Lezhi spoke mockingly.

"How can you know that I have used my whole power?" Jiang Chen responded.

Upon hearing this, Shi Lezhi was taken aback, but he still didn't take him seriously. "You are an expert in lightning, fire, and wind. You have already used fire and lightning completely a while ago, and it wasn't enough to deal with me. As for your wind power? It can only be used through your sword." Shi Lezhi unexpectedly knew Jiang Chen well, and this was probably the reason why he was confident in himself.

Jiang Chen could understand his thoughts. If even the Sword Domain couldn't obstruct someone as ferocious as him, then the sword should have already reached its upper limit. But it was a pity that Shi Lezhi was mistaken. Jiang Chen could progress quickly and was able to quickly let the information known by other people become out of date all the time.

"Firmament Wind Sword Spirit: Peerless and Magnificent Wind!" Jiang Chen used the Void Divine Wind and wanted to depend upon it to launch the strongest Wind Power Sword Move. But it was still a pity that his Embryonic Supreme Will wasn't enough to sustain using the Void Divine Wind. But despite this, when the sword wind appeared, everyone found the Sword Domain's state quite familiar-looking.

"Heavenly Wind Domain!"

The crowd discovered in surprise that the Sword Domain became a small Heavenly Wind Domain, and a terrifying squall appeared there. It was extremely similar to the Heavenly Wind Domain, and the might of the Sword Domain was increasing along with every passing second. After just several seconds passed, the expression of Shi Lezhi, who was within the domain, changed drastically, and it was at that moment that the sword in Jiang Chen's hand turned into the most dangerous region of the Heavenly Wind Domain. Moreover, such a dangerous region was approaching Shi Lezhi, and he couldn't avoid it, nor could he escape from it.

"The Void Divine Wind! This sword strike surely has the Void Divine Wind's power."

"It's no wonder that he could persist for a long time in the Heavenly Wind Domain. It's because he can already control the Void Divine Wind."

The people present here weren't aware of such an affair's sequential order, and they assumed that Jiang Chen had managed to pass the trial because he possessed the Void Divine Wind.

"Heaven Destroying Blade Spirit: Cries of Gods and Ghosts!"

Shi Lezhi didn't have any other way to deal with such a crisis, and he could only rely on his strongest blade strike. His blade's aura was world-shaking, but when the sword wind approached him, everything seemed weak and feeble in the face of it. The blade power was extinguished, and Shi Lezhi, who had lost his defenses, bore the strongest attack he had ever sustained in his whole life.

Rumble! A great disturbance was caused by it, as if a great landslide had occurred.

The Sword Domain started scattering after it released its power, and the crowd could then witness the outcome clearly. Only Jiang Chen alone was left in the sky, and they couldn't see the City Lord. But after they searched around for a while, they discovered that the City Lord was lying on the ground. When they had a clear look at Shi Lezhi's current appearance, all the people present here were stunned. Shi Lezhi's injuries weren't any longer able to heal by themselves, and, if he didn't get treatment in time, he would surely die.

Shi Lezhi took an elixir out of his pocket strenuously, and he moved his shivering hand toward his mouth to consume it. However, Jiang Chen descended from the sky before it happened and kicked away the elixir in Shi Lezhi's hand. Upon witnessing such a sight, the people in the safe zone realized that Jiang Chen wanted to kill Shi Lezhi

The Armor Association's members wanted to intervene, but since they could discern that Jiang Chen was still able to put up a fight, they didn't dare to take any actions.

"You have chosen your own fate when you wanted and tried to kill me." Jiang Chen took out the Heavenly Fault Sword and was about to take Shi Lezhi's life.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Shi Lezhi, who was at death's door, let out a peal of irritating laughter, and said, "Did you assume that you are already safe? I will wait for you in the underworld." Shi Lezhi didn't provide Jiang Chen any explanation, and he only looked at Wan Renlong who was at a distant place.

"You still aren't aware how terrifying is the guy you have offended." As Shi Lezhi spoke, he put an end to his own life and didn't wait for Jiang Chen to attack him.

Jiang Chen was taken aback by this. He didn't expect that Shi Lezhi would be so resolute. But he still cared more about what he had said. Shi Lezhi had made trouble for him because of Xia Keming. But, he was only fighting for someone else's sake. Shi Lezhi didn't mind even sacrificing his life for such a person, and he was surely anything but simple.

"Whatever." Jiang Chen didn't care about this, and he burned Shi Lezhi's corpse with fire.


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