The Brilliant Fighting Master
1287 The Sea of Fire of the Dragon Breath
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1287 The Sea of Fire of the Dragon Breath

Unlike Jiang Chen, Wan Renlong did think it a big problem. If it was really for the sake of Xia Kemeng, why didn't the lord of the city attack him instead of Jiang Chen? Did the lord want to defeat Jiang Chen to deal him a blow? Or was the relationship between Shi Lezhi and Xia Kemeng a secret that no one should know?

Unfortunately, he did not know Shi Lezhi very well, but thinking back to when he was with those four people, Xia Kemeng did boast that she had some backup in the Third Zone, only in a pretty obtuse manner.

"Do you accept the punishment or not?" Shi Lezhi asked sternly. His energy was extremely strong. He looked so awe-inspiring that no one would have the nerve to confront him. However, Jiang Chen did not buy it.

"I followed the rules of the Third Zone and passed the Heavenly Challenge. If, Lord, you insist on going your own way, I will definitely fight back," Jiang Chen said in a cold voice. "Lord, I think you should give your post away."

The whole city went into an uproar. Many people suddenly recalled that if Yi Ya had not mediated between Jiang Chen and the Armor Association, they would have started a fight. Now, after so many twists, things had gone back to the starting point. It was already impossible to tell who was right and who was wrong.

Jiang Chen thought he had passed the Heavenly Challenge successfully, but Shi Lezhi thought he had cheated.

Shi Lezhi was surprised at Jiang Chen's reaction. He had supposed Jiang Chen would fly into a rage and come to blows after arguing. But he was very rational. He obviously did not think Shi Lezhi was any serious obstruction.

"I've heard about your shining moments in the First Zone and the Second Zone. Now, show me whether you can go the same way in the Third Zone."

Then, a long knife appeared in Shi Lezhi's hand. It was a Doctrine Artifact. Holding the long knife in his hand, the lord of the city finally emitted a majesty which could intimidate the whole world. Throwing Jiang Chen a glance, he turned into a flowing light and left the safe area.

Yi Ya came up to Jiang Chen. She knew it was not time to say useless things. She only wanted to tell him information about Shi Lezhi. "He is a Martial Emperor in the middle stage, but he is ranked 30th on the Sacred Lord List. He is stronger than I am."

Jiang Chen only shrugged his shoulders at her.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?!" Yi Ya was struck dumb by his reaction. It took her a while to realize what he was thinking. If he did not take her seriously, Shi Lezhi, only six places ahead of her, was certainly nobody to worry about.

Yi Ya was annoyed. She could even feel how Shi Lezhi was feeling.

"Just joking. I'll keep it in mind," Jiang Chen explained immediately.

Yi Ya snorted without speaking. Her lips pouted. "You are so rude!"

Over there, seeing Jiang Chen still in the mood to joke, Shi Lezhi was really pissed off.

Not until then did Jiang Chen come onto the battlefield. He said, "A man who uses his functions and powers for personal use without respecting the rule of the Third Zone for private reasons doesn't deserve others' respect." He did not say it loud deliberately, but many people heard him.

Those who had found the city lord's behavior a bit strange this day were talking in low voices.

"I don't know what you are talking about. It's exactly because I'm the lord of the city that I can't let anyone go who attempts to walk away from a crime without any punishment." A light flashed in Shi Lezhi's eyes. He looked calm, as if what he was doing was justified.

"Yeah?" Jiang Chen smiled meaningfully. Jiang Chen's gaze irritated Shi Lezhi more and more. He brandished his long knife directly without replying and dashed toward the enemy. A mighty power came from that long knife, glistening under a golden light which soon transformed into a dragon. He was like a skilled dragon dancer. The golden dragon moved as his long knife moved, swimming around him.

Just as Jiang Chen could exert powers beyond the preliminary stage of Martial Emperor, at the moment, Shi Lezhi did not look like a Martial Emperor in the middle stage either. The power of his knife attack was even stronger than that of the Blood Emperor Jiang Chen had run into. He was the strongest man Jiang Chen had ever met in the World of Bloody Sea.

Jiang Chen was somewhat excited. He unsheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword to exercise his Embryonic Supreme Will. As soon as they started the fight, neither of them could get the upper hand. The Embryonic Supreme Will in its early form endowed Jiang Chen's sword attack with a destructive power that could be compared to that in the Heavenly Wind Domain. Especially that whooshing wind—many people who had flown up felt it sounded the same as what they had heard up there.

The blow exchanges between the sword blade and the golden dragon were like those between paramount divine soldiers. The metals sparked. The remaining energy of each blow exchange was still strong enough to topple mountains and overturn seas.

"Powerful!" Someone exclaimed involuntarily, but people did not know who he was talking about, because both Jiang Chen and Shi Lezhi were showing an extremely dreadful fighting power.

It was interesting that Hong Yue did not know that Jiang Chen had just mastered the Embryonic Supreme Will in the Heavenly Wind Domain. She thought he had always been so strong. At the thought of the fight she almost had had with him, Hong Yue felt lucky and sad.

On the battlefield, the golden dragon on Shi Lezhi's knife was fiercer and fiercer. And it was getting bigger and bigger. It was more and more overwhelming as well. The golden dragon had had only a vivid head, but now it was getting scales and claws.

"The man quenched in dragon blood is really great!"

"He got that dragon blood in the World of Bloody Sea. The trump card that has helped him gain his current achievements hasn't even shown up yet."

It was true that the golden dragon looked more eye-catching, for which some people thought Shi Lezhi was at an advantage. Shi Lezhi got the blood of the golden dragon and got the power of holy dragon in some relics in the World of Bloody Sea. Because of that, he was targeted by the Sacred Lord of the Dragon. The latter requested him to give the Dragon the dragon blood.

Back to the fight, when the golden dragon had reached more than 1,000 feet long, the whole battlefield became Shi Lezhi's stage.

"Dragon Breath!" Shi Lezhi launched an abrupt attack. He brandished his long knife, and then a striking heat came from him. At the same time, the golden dragon opened its mouth, roaring. Its throat contracted, as if it was about to spout something.

"The lord has succeeded!" This scene excited every member of the Armor Association.

The lord of the city had left the city to master the blood of holy dragon completely so that he could exert Dragon Breath. Dragon Breath could be compared to the top ten greatest Alien Flames. It could burn anything up.

Pah! When the knife fell, a sea of fire swept over. It spread over the whole battlefield. Jiang Chen was affected too.

This fire looked different. It looked oily. It was strong and fierce and shining under a golden light. Those who were watching the fight at a distance also felt the heat. Even their hair was burned. They hurried to retreat due to fright.

"He should have been dead!" People all thought so, since Jiang Chen was at the center of the sea of fire. Even Shi Lezhi jumped to the same conclusion. He had sheathed his knife.

"You are not good enough to play with fire before me. Let me show you what playing with fire is really like! Sky-burning Anger!" To their surprise, Jiang Chen's voice came from the sea of fire. He sounded all right. Then the sea of fire erupted like a volcano. A new heat came from it, which made the sea of fire spread more. The onlookers were scared out of their wits. Despite the distance, they still felt threatened.

Growl! A dragon chime came from the sea of fire. It was that golden dragon. It sounded sorrowful.

People looked over. They saw the golden dragon melting in the fire. It vanished before long. And Shi Lezhi, the lord of the city, had disappeared!

"That's impossible."

The members of the Armor Association were as pale as ghosts. Shaking their heads, they were unwilling to accept such a fact.


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