The Brilliant Fighting Master
1286 The Lord of the City, Shi Lezhi
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1286 The Lord of the City, Shi Lezhi

Just a minute ago, Jiang Chen did a risky thing. He entered the dangerous area without any protection. He had made the right decision. He figured out that he must merge with wind without reserve to pass the test and get the Void Divine Wind. For this reason, his law of wind entered the second level. His Embryonic Supreme Will got the early form.

Although his state remained the same, his fighting power was greatly enhanced. Jiang Chen not only managed to stay there for 15 minutes, he stayed there for more than 20 minutes. Therefore, Hong Yue did not say anything. She left with the Armor Association in silence.

"By the way, are we currently outside the safe area?" Jiang Chen threw the Liu brothers a glance as he spoke. They were at high altitudes, which was certainly not under the governance of the safe area.

The two brothers reacted fast as soon as they heard him. They escaped as fast as they could. If they had looked back, they would have seen Jiang Chen laughing disdainfully, with no intention to attack them at all.

The other people who had been looking on as this whole incident took place looked shocked. Gazing at the man called Jiang Chen in front of them, they were certainly impressed by him.

"You've gained a lot, haven't you?" Coming up to Jiang Chen, Yi Ya asked him in a low voice.

"You knew there would be the Void Divine Wind?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"Not until now." Yi Ya was struck dumb. Then, showing an envious face, she said, "The Heavenly Wind Domain is a place used to subject people to an ordeal. You have the Saint Aura. You certainly were the best person to enter there."

"You turned out to put me at risk." Jiang Chen kept a straight face.

"It was not like that. You could have chosen not to take the risk, couldn't you?" Yi Ya was smiling. Her bright eyes were full of kindness.

Nodding slightly, Jiang Chen agreed with her.

"Swordsmen mainly rely on the laws of wind and metal, wind in most cases, because it corresponds to the nature of sword. Some swordsmen who turn to novel ways will choose metal, for example, me," Yi Ya went on.

Jiang Chen looked over. He knew she had not finished speaking. 

"That being said, no one can achieve purity. Swordsmen who turn to wind absolutely have the property of metal as well, and vice versa." She was right. Jiang Chen's conception of metal was neither too strong nor too weak, but he could create metal thunder all the same. "But for things such as some sword realms, they need the combination of the two. However, we don't have the time to study the other one," said Yi Ya.

"Miss Yi Ya, just tell me what you want to say," Jiang Chen said with a small smile.

"Call me Yi Ya. Don't treat me as a total stranger," Yi Ya said. "The best solution is that two people with great achievements in wind and metal respectively impart what they've gained to each other without reserve." (In this way, they would not need to spend so much time in studying and practicing, because both wind and metal were related to sword.)

"That's fine," Jiang Chen agreed immediately. However, he did not agree just to improve his swordsmanship. What he really wanted to improve was the metal thunder. Anyone who had ever used the metal thunder once would be intrigued by its destructive power. Jiang Chen was not an exception.

"Deal, then." Yi Ya beamed even more.

Then Jiang Chen, Wan Renlong, and Yi Ya returned to the safe area.

The three thought the incident was over, but they soon detected something was wrong in the safe area.

The grand formation deployed in the safe area was about to work. The members of the Armor Association were standing on the highest buildings in the city. So was Hong Yue. She did not look good.

"Hold on a minute." Yi Ya had a hunch that something was wrong as well. She came up to the roof where Hong Yue was first. "Elder Sister Hong Yue?" She found that Hong Yue was winking at her when she was about to ask her what had happened.

Yi Ya could not interpret the wink wrong. Hong Yue was telling her to stay out of this.

Then an energy as firm as a mountain arose, making everyone pale.

"Lord of the city!"

Those who had gone into the air to look realized the lord of the city had returned. It looked as if he was going to meddle in what had been over.

"Yi Ya, you have nothing to do with the whole thing. If you meddle as his friend, you won't be welcome in the Third Zone." A majestic and impressive male voice rang out. Next, a handsome man in black armor appeared.

Jiang Chen looked over involuntarily. He had imagined the lord of the city would be muscular and domineering, but, different from that, this lord of the city looked like a wise man.

"Lord, what you are doing is forbidding others to air any opinions," said Yi Ya.

The lord of the city curled his lip. His look became colder. "Looks like you won't back out of this."

He lifted his head to look toward Jiang Chen, who was still in the air, before Yi Ya could say anything. He said coldly, "What? You don't even dare confront me face to face? You need a woman to defend you?"

His unreasonable anger confused people. They guessed maybe Jiang Chen had offended him before.

"The lord of the city is called Shi Lezhi. He isn't an unreasonable person. Did you offend him somewhere before?" Yi Ya asked him secretly through holy awareness.

"He isn't always so annoying?" Jiang Chen smiled. He did not know the lord, but if the latter wanted to pick a fight with him, no matter for what reason, he would not show any mercy either.

"I violated the rules because I beat some people up, but I passed the ordeal. However, Lord you are still giving me a hard time here. Who on earth is the one that ignores the rules of the Third Zone?" said Jiang Chen.

Many people in the city did not see Jiang Chen go through the ordeal with their own eyes. Only hundreds of people were up there to look on. However, they did not say anything for the fear of the lord of the city.

"You are quite eloquent. You know how dangerous it is in the Heavenly Wind Domain. A Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage like you could pass?" A cold smile pulled at the corners of Shi Lezhi's mouth. He said, "According to my subordinates, the whole process of you going through the Heavenly Wind Domain was quite suspicious. It's hard for us not to doubt it."

"Lord, please show your evidence. You are doubtful about me for no reason, and you want me to prove my innocence?" said Jiang Chen.

"First of all, you stayed there for 24 minutes. Why was that? You only needed to stay there for 15 minutes to pass the ordeal!"

"Second, no one could see you during the entire process. Maybe you found some loophole in the Heavenly Wind Domain and hid there throughout these 24 minutes." Shi Lezhi put forward two arguments.

Seeing the two going head-to-head, the crowd in the city went into an uproar. Everyone participated in the heated discussion. Some of them supported Jiang Chen, while others did not think the lord of the city had done anything wrong.

"So, Lord, what are you going to do?" Jiang Chen asked the key question.

"To maintain the rule of the Third Zone and everyone's safety, I will make you take your responsibility. You will be punished. You will be kept behind bars for a month!" said Shi Lezhi.

"That's unfair!" Yi Ya could not help but protest. Then looking toward Hong Yue next to her, she said anxiously, "You were there. You know better than anyone else."

Hong Yue looked away because of her guilty conscience. She did not say anything.

"Jiang Chen, I got it. That Xia Kemeng was related to him." Wan Renlong suddenly noticed that the lord of the city, Shi Lezhi, was wearing a ring on his right hand. There was a gem on the ring, whose color was completely the same as the light that flew away after Xia Kemeng's death.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He did not know the names of the four people Wan Renlong had killed yet.

"No matter what, I'll knock him down," said Jiang Chen.


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