The Brilliant Fighting Master
1283 The Lord of the City in Armor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1283 The Lord of the City in Armor

At the same time, on the other side of the city, Liu Chenfeng was waking up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw his elder brother's angry face.

"Were you beaten up by the Wans?" Seeing him waking up, Liu Tian asked immediately.

"It was the other guy." Liu Chenfeng had a guilty conscience. He told his elder brother everything. He knew his elder brother hated the Wans to the core. Now that he had been humiliated in public, his elder brother would feel humiliated too.

"Come with me," Liu Tian said coldly after Liu Chenfeng had finished speaking.

Despite his massive headache, Liu Chenfeng followed him. Pushing a door open, he saw his elder brother's teammates gazing at him all together. Their gazes made Liu Chenfeng feel awkward.

"Let's go. We'll avenge you." These people did not mock him, although they did joke with him a little bit. However, seeing Liu Tian's angry face, those who had been joking hurried to shut their mouths. Then the team hit the road.

Liu Tian already knew where Wan Renlong and Jiang Chen had gone.

"Elder brother, we are not going to ask the lord of the city for help, are we?" Liu Chenfeng asked in a low voice.

The answer he got was a cold stare from his elder brother. He was so scared that he did not have the nerve to bring this up again.

The other people smiled without speaking. If they lodged a complaint every time their men were beaten up, the Sea Heaven Society would not be able to stay in the Third Zone anymore.

When the team arrived at their destination, they saw that the red brick house was completely closed up.

"Isn't that the Royalty Society's place? Does that guy have anything to do with the Royalty Society?" They had been feeling carefree up to now. Seeing the red brick house closed, they exchanged looks, a little bit more serious. After all, the Royalty Society was not weak. Besides, they had been besieged by the Blood Race while entering the city earlier. They had survived without anyone being injured or killed. This won them big fame.

Liu Tian paused for a minute but his resolve returned very soon. "The Royalty Society, so what?" He said in a low voice. Walking toward the red brick house, he decided to investigate. As soon as they walked up to the door, it was opened from inside. A large group of people ran out of the door in a hurry, shouting in panic.

Liu Tian and the others were given a fright. Taking a closer look, they found these people were escaping due to an enormous scare. Other curious people outside came up to the door. Then they turned pale as well immediately. Some of them even spontaneously covered their mouths with their hands.

Liu Chenfeng popped his head into the door. His response was kind of the same. He suddenly felt it was no big deal at all that he had been knocked out unconscious on the street. He saw 20-odd people from the Royalty Society lying on the ground inside the red brick house. They were not dead yet. They were still breathing, but it looked as if it would be a mercy if they could die more quickly, since they had had their brains beaten out.

Most people's states retrogressed when they received extreme beatings. It was even extremely difficult to recognize their faces.This was the case especially for the leader, Xing Nanjiu. Liu Tian knew him also. Their strengths were fairly similar. Now he was lying there like a dead dog, unable to move at all.

Jiang Chen was standing not far away from the door, at the farthest end where the sunshine could reach. The sunshine outlined his lean figure clearly. He was gasping for air, sweating heavily with a noticeable wildness on his face. Blood was dripping from his right fist, but it was not his blood.

He noticed the team members of the Sea Heaven Society standing at the door. Without thinking, he walked toward them. The team members, who had been angry and eager to pick a fight with Jiang Chen, retreated, scared to death. 

Liu Tian felt bitter. He almost grasped his younger brother by the neck to ask him this serious question—how could a Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage be so strong? However, when he took a closer look, he found that man was a Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage indeed. He was speechless for the moment.

"What's up?" He stood at the door, overlooking the Liu brothers.

Liu Chenfeng was so scared that he did not know what to say. All he could do was to pin all of his hopes on his elder brother. The majestic Liu Tian behaved like a mouse that had run into a cat. The arrogance on his face was completely gone. "It's forbidden to beat people up in the city!" Liu Tian finally said something after hesitating for a good while.

"Oh!" Jiang Chen replied. He stood with his profile facing them so that they could see the situation in the red brick house clearly.

Liu Tian had seen it. He curled his lips, not daring to throw the poor members of the Royalty Society another glance.

Then, all of a sudden, Jiang Chen disappeared. He appeared in front of Liu Tian one second later. Liu Tian looked pained. His body curled up like a shrimp. Jiang Chen had punched him in his stomach. The punch was so heavy that his entire fist was stuck in Liu Tian's belly. Liu Tian struggled to keep standing firm, but he failed. He fell onto the ground in the presence of numerous people.

Even the drama-loving onlookers were wearing very serious faces, not daring to gloat too much. As soon as Jiang Chen lifted his head, the crowd standing outside the red brick house retreated several miles.

"Who the hell is this guy? He is so tough!"

"A Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage is so strong? No way."

"Isn't he afraid of the lord of the city?"

The crowd were talking to each other.

Ignoring the rule that fights were forbidden in the safe area, he had attacked the Royalty Society first and then the Sea Heaven Society without showing them any mercy. The lord of the city would definitely fly into a rage if he learned about this. He would not leave it at that.

At this moment, ten-odd radiances arrived from the air. They landed in front of the crowd like falling meteorites. All of them were wearing red armor that was almost as red as flames. Their energies were strong and profound. Their looks were sharp. None of them was simple.

"Here they are!" The people were shocked. They knew things would get exciting soon.

These people were from the Armor Association. All of its members were wearing head-to-foot armor. That was how they got their name. Their leader was the lord of the city, the man who had taken this city over. This meant their leader was the strongest person in this city.

However, the crowd did not see this great person. They only saw his deputy.

"Jiang Chen, even though you have the Saint Aura, you can't run amok here. This isn't the First Zone or the Second Zone."

It was the first time the deputy and Jiang Chen had met, but the deputy recognized the latter immediately.

Jiang Chen sized up this deputy. He was a handsome man with clear-cut features, a sharp nose, and deep-set eyes, though his face was a little bit feminine.

The crowd went into an uproar upon learning that this was Jiang Chen. Not many people in the Third Zone had heard about Jiang Chen, but as long as one or two people had heard about him, the entire crowd would learn about him soon, especially after what had happened today.

"I know the rules well. And I understand how order matters," said Jiang Chen. Many people frowned at him, thinking he was not doing what he had just said. Nevertheless, Jiang Chen changed his tone then. He said with a smile, "However, when your rule becomes the shield of my enemies, your rule will end up the same as my enemies."

The ten-odd people of the Armor Association all flew into a rage. They threw him a sharp look as if shooting arrows.

"You think you are invincible in the World of Bloody Sea? You've just arrived in the Third Zone. You are like a frog in a well who knows nothing about the great ocean. Do you think you own the entire world?" The deputy certainly would not accept his argument. He showed his weapon decisively.

He might not be as great as the lord of the city, but he was the strongest one among the people present there. At least it seemed to be so judging from the fighting power that could be identified.

"Or maybe I'm a big frog in a small pond." Jiang Chen did not stop smiling, as if he did not perceive the tension that was charging in the atmosphere at all.


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