The Brilliant Fighting Master
1282 A Red Brick House
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1282 A Red Brick House

Due to the disturbance created by this punch, the bustling street at first went quiet and then erupted into an uproar. Judging from this reaction, it was obviously very unwise to fight in the city.

Liu Chenfeng, lying on the ground, could hardly believe what had happened. Everything gradually went dark. This punch was so heavy that it knocked a Martial Emperor out.

Then, under numerous people's gazes, Jiang Chen and Wan Renlong left.

"My eldest brother was attacked in the Fourth Zone. He is still in a coma. And that guy's elder brother took away the Sacred Lord he stole from him," said Wan Renlong.

In the World of Meson, the Wans and the Lius had been enemies for generations. Before his eldest brother's accident, the Wans had been a family full of talented people. The Lius were not a match for them at all. It was exactly for this reason that Liu Chenfeng was so nasty to Jiang Chen and Wan Renlong just now when he ran into them in the street.

"This isn't over yet. We should get prepared," Wan Renlong warned Jiang Chen. Due to the rules of the city, Jiang Chen would not be let off easily—not to mention the revenge that would be coming from Liu Chenfeng's elder brother.

Staring straight ahead, Jiang Chen did not answer. Wan Renlong looked over at where he was staring out of curiosity. Then he swore spontaneously. There was exactly the team that had escaped them earlier. At the moment, they were resting in a two-storied red brick house. In the middle of boasting about how great they were, they had no idea at all that Jiang Chen and Wan Renlong were approaching.

"Imagine that! Hundreds of Blood Generals, 20-odd Blood Kings, and a general-grade Blood King, plus Bloods that blotted out the sky, they chased us over 10,000 miles! And we of the Royalty Society struggled to fight a way out of there." Jiang Chen happened to hear a voice fulminating at the entrance—it was quite a coincidence that it happened to be the fella who had asked for Jiang Chen's help.

A big crowd had gathered outside the door, listening to the man inside telling the story. Wan Renlong asked what they were doing. A man in the crowd immediately told the two with admiration about the heroic achievements the Royalty Society had gained.

After listening to the whole story, Jiang Chen and Wan Renlong were both amused and pissed off. These people listening to the story thought it was because they were strong that they had managed to escape unscathed from the Blood Race. The Bloods who had besieged them were well-known in the Third Zone, because they had killed lots of people. For this reason, it was already amazing enough for them to escape successfully—not to mention that the Royalty Society had suffered no casualties.

"At least ten people died because of them," Wan Renlong said unhappily.

Jiang Chen was observing the Royalty Society. They had 20-odd people. He was told that they had named their team this way because the principal members were from the royal family. The man who was speaking was the leader. He was called Xing Nanjiu. No matter whether he was guilty of the escape or not, at least he was extremely excited at the moment, enjoying others' admiring looks. The other members of the team were also very excited.

Jiang Chen and Wan Renlong exchanged a look. Then they pushed through the crowd to join the group.

Xing Nanjiu was telling the most exciting part, in which their team worked together to open a gap, through which they then managed to escape.

"So, why didn't you do it in the first place? Instead, you didn't work together until you were already exhausted?" In the crowd, Jiang Chen spoke through spiritual power.

"Because after a long struggle, people usually can go beyond their limits in a life-or-death situation," Xing Nanjiu responded calmly to the doubt.

The crowd thought someone had asked it simply out of curiosity. They did not give it too much thought. However, then another radical question followed.

"In such a situation, none of you was injured or killed. Wasn't that Blood King useless? He trapped you for such a long time without achieving anything."

In this way, the crowd suddenly realized that someone was picking a fight. They started to talk about it in low voices.

"Who said that? Show yourself if you are not a coward!"

"You are doubting others simply because you couldn't achieve it yourself. What an ugly heart!"

"If anyone has any doubt about our story, please come forward to raise questions."

The members of the Royalty Society were indignant. The leader Xing Nanjiu glanced over the crowd. The crowd looked like they were pissed off by that voice as well. They thought that man was accusing people just because of jealousy.

"Come forward? Really?" This time, Jiang Chen spoke. He drew everyone's attention to himself. Jiang Chen walked out of the crowd to confront the Royalty Society.

The angry members of the Royalty Society looked toward him. They, who had been indignant, turned pale as soon as they saw him, as if they had seen a ghost.

"It's you!" Opening his eyes wide, Xing Nanjiu was freaked out.

Seeing the Royalty Society's reaction, the crowd realized things were not simple at all.

"My friend, let's talk about it in private. Don't make this public, okay?" Xing Nanjiu said through holy awareness.

To his surprise, Jiang Chen had anticipated his reaction. A smile pulled up the corners of his mouth. Then what Xing Nanjiu was saying was broadcast. The crowd went into an uproar immediately. The members of the Royalty Society were as white as sheets.

"The Royalty Society was besieged by the Blood Race. They dragged others, mostly teams of five or six people, into the siege. And those teams were all killed by the Blood Race." Wan Renlong was very angry with the Royalty Society. He told the crowd, "I was trapped in there too. I called my friend over to help. These people asked for my friend's help too, but they seized the chance to escape when my friend had drawn most of the Bloods toward himself." He told people the ugly facts of the Royalty Society without spicing up the story. However, it already sounded dismal enough.

"Is he the friend you mentioned?" Pointing at Jiang Chen, someone asked Wan Renlong.

Wan Renlong nodded. He knew what the question was insinuating.

"That's nonsense! Your friend is only a Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage. How could he draw most of the Bloods toward himself?"

The same thing had occurred to the Royalty Society. They decided to mislead the crowd, thinking Jiang Chen would not be able to attack them anyway due to the restrictions of the city rule.

Shaking his head, Jiang Chen said, "You are courting death."

"Please leave. This is the residence of the Royalty Society," Xing Nanjiu said sternly.

People might have doubts, but as long as he insisted that he had not lied, what could people do to him? However, he was wrong. Jiang Chen had come to confront them, not just to let people know the truth and all the issues of right and wrong it contained.

He walked toward the door. Wherever he passed, the people standing near showed a puzzled face.

Is he really going to leave? The doubt arose in people's minds.

Feeling relieved, the members of the Royalty Society smiled.

Pah! Jiang Chen did not walk out of the door when he arrived at the door. He simply slammed the door shut.

"I'm not here to ask you to confess." Jiang Chen turned around. He smiled coldly at the petrified members of the Royalty Society. Then all of the windows in the room were closed. The room was completely isolated. Even the sunshine could not reach here. It was pitch-dark in the room. People who were still in the room could hardly see anything. They could only hear some heavy punches and tragic screams from the members of the Royalty Society. They did not turn to their holy awareness until a good while later. However, it turned out even holy awareness did not work in the room. They somehow felt panicked.

Fortunately, this situation did not last for a long time. The energy that shrouded the house started to disappear. There were lights on in the room again. However, when people saw how the members of the Royalty Society had ended up, they were all petrified.


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