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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1280 Yi Ya

Although it was only 30 percent, its power should not be looked down on. The large quantity of Bloods was all burned to ash. Many Blood Generals were also among them. Facing the sea of fire created by the Sky-burning Anger, they were as fragile as average Bloods.

The true body and the practicing body worked together seamlessly. They kept advancing. The Blood Race could not stop them at all.

The Blood King lurking in the dark also realized Jiang Chen was a strong enemy. More than 50 percent of the Bloods on the battlefield were charging toward him.

At the same time, the team stuck on the battlefield and those who they had involved in the fight found a gap had appeared on the impenetrable battlefield. It felt like the Blood Race wanted them to escape. Those who had been involved ran out as quickly as possible after confirming this was not a trap. However, the team behind all this was struck dumb. As an interested party, they knew what was happening. The Blood King must be desiring the divine body. He was going to try everything he could to kill the latter. However, he was worried the other people on the battlefield would collaborate with the divine body, so he deliberately let them go.

"What do you think? Shall we take the risk to fight it out?" The team members were discussing with each other. They wanted to collaborate with Jiang Chen to kill the Blood King.

"We've almost reached our limits. We can't keep fighting anymore. By comparison, the Blood King has been reserving his energy. If we stay here, he might suck our blood to strengthen himself, and we'll be a burden for that guy."

Some people did not have the nerve to keep fighting anymore. Looking into the distance, they wished they could run away from there right away. Most people agreed with that argument. Especially when the gap started to narrow because the Blood King was trying to pressure them, these people could hardly think about anything. They ran away for their lives one after another.

"These people!" Wan Renlong flew into a rage. It was them who had asked Jiang Chen to help. However, they took the chance to flee when Jiang Chen had showed enough strength and drawn more Bloods here. Their behavior was as terrible as what Xia Kemeng and her three companions had done.

However, this was Jiang Chen's battlefield. He could not run out of there anymore. Jiang Chen was extremely concentrated. He was not thinking about anything else than the battle. He did not even know that the team had left. The Blood Race had surrounded him. They were in front of him, behind him, on his left, and on his right. 

"Du Tian Holy Thunder!"

He had never specially worked on Du Tian Holy Thunder before, but after the fight with the Metal Spirit, he was kind of inspired. Later, he combined it with the metal to form metal thunder. Metal thunders were much more destructive than wind thunders. Wherever they passed, all of the Bloods were torn to pieces.

"It's not gonna work. No matter how many minions you send, they won't be able to consume all of my fighting power," Jiang Chen shouted. He knew what the Blood King lurking in the dark was up to. He was telling the truth. His divine body could totally bear such consumptions.

However, the Blood King did not respond. The Bloods around him went even madder. They went all out.

As a last resort, Jiang Chen's true body and practicing body both had brilliant lightnings and fierce flames in hand. The Thunderbolt Martial Soul and the Divine Secular Bird showed up to break the Blood Race's siege. Then the two energies exploded at the center of his palms after merging together. The fire of thunder created some ripples of impact in the air, which spread across the entire sky. The sky became clear with countless tragic screams. Hundreds of thousands of Bloods were killed.

Seeing the clear sky, Wan Renlong, still on the battlefield, felt rather comfortable. At the same time, he saw a figure flying away.

"He has run away?" Wan Renlong could hardly believe it. The Bloods trapped here were more or less insane. Few of them would escape. Most of them would fight to the death.

"How on earth is he this strong?" he exclaimed involuntarily.

Jiang Chen scared off a Blood King whose strength had been recovered at almost 60 percent. And he was only a Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage at the moment. When his state strength improved more, who would be a match for him among Martial Emperors?

All of a sudden, Wan Renlong noticed a light fly out of the dead body of Xia Kemeng, whom he had killed and fly toward the horizon. He thought about it. He supposed it was to inform others of her death and ask them to seek revenge for her, but he did not take it too seriously.

Then Jiang Chen went to chase the Blood King. Soon he was out of Wan Renlong's sight.


Meanwhile, the distance between Jiang Chen and the Blood King was narrowing. The Blood King turned around to scream at him from time to time, expecting to intimidate him, but Jiang Chen was not afraid of him at all. When they were close enough, he exerted A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart to approach the Blood King to give the latter a fatal strike.

Whoosh! To his surprise, a beam of light rose from the ground and hit the Blood King precisely. The Blood King was heavily injured by the beam of light. Then Jiang Chen struck him with his sword. The Blood King died tragically immediately.

Seeing the Sacred Vigor Blood flowing out of the Blood King's body, Jiang Chen reached out to collect it right away.

"What are you doing?" A shout came from the ground to rebuke Jiang Chen. Judging from the voice, it was a woman. The woman appeared before Jiang Chen. She was going to take the Sacred Vigor Blood.

Jiang Chen did not let her. He needed more Sacred Vigor Blood to fulfill his mission. It was not so easy to run into a Blood King like this. The woman did not expect Jiang Chen to be so stubborn. She snorted. Then a radiance was thrown over to him.

Jiang Chen moved very fast. He cracked the radiance without effort.

"Eh?" The woman was surprised. She obviously did not expect a Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage could resist her attack. But soon, she said in anger, "I haven't gone all out yet!"

"That's why I'm not going to kill you." Jiang Chen's reply was shocking too.

This woman could kill a Blood King with only one movement. She could not be a simple person. People like this were usually very proud. And she was not an exception. She raised her eyebrows after hearing Jiang Chen's words. This was a very pretty woman. Even though she was angry, she still looked beautiful. Her weapon was a sharp sword. The beam of light before was the sword's radiance.

At the moment, the beam of light showed up again, one after another. It looked like a casual attack without following any rules, but in fact, it was an excellent attack.

Jiang Chen raised his brows. He had never seen a woman so skilled at swordsmanship before. That being said, she was still not as good as he was.

The Heavenly Fault Sword was brandished elegantly. It cracked all of the sword radiances of hers once again.

This time, the angry woman was more surprised than angry. She distanced herself from Jiang Chen and started to size him up.

"Human?" she asked tentatively.

"Aren't you a human too?"

"I know all of the human sword masters. And you are not one of them." The woman felt curious about him.

"I'm not surprised." Jiang Chen was gazing at the Saint Vigor Blood as he spoke.

"Are you new here? You are collecting Saint Vigor to fulfill a mission?"

Noticing Jiang Chen's look, the woman tumbled to the fact. Not until then did she realize why she had never seen Jiang Chen before. If he had just arrived here, it meant he must be a genius from some other world.

"Okay. I'll give the Saint Vigor Blood to you," the woman said.

Jiang Chen frowned. He emphasized, "I don't need you to give it to me. The Blood King was supposed to be my task."

"Alas. The so-called man's pride again? Fine. I should have minded my own business." The woman did not argue with him. She said, "I'm Yi Ya. Nice to meet you."

"Jiang Chen."

Seeing her behave like this, Jiang Chen, who could be persuaded by reason but not cowed by force, smiled back at her. Then he took the Saint Vigor Blood without standing on ceremony.


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