The Brilliant Fighting Master
1277 Matchless and Peerless
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1277 Matchless and Peerless

At such a crucial juncture, the Heavenly Power Sword Move succeeded. The magical clone faced Tian Weiyi, while the main body's sword move attacked both Shui Zhener and Wushuang. Wushuang was really pitiful, although he put on a strong front. The fight ended just after he started fighting, and its outcome wasn't the one he had wished for. The Heavenly Power Sword Move was the strongest move among the four sword moves, and its destructive power was even greater than the Myriad Swords Lightning Disaster Technique.

The crowd was at such a distance that they couldn't clearly see such a brilliant sword move. They could only see that the three Martial Souls, Boundless, Divine Bird, and Lightning Martial Souls, had occupied the whole battlefield. Moreover, since both the main body and the magical clone possessed those Martial Souls, their number was doubled. It could be seen that a magnificent scene was unfolding in the sky, and they felt like they had gone back to prehistoric times, where divine beasts flew around in the sky and divine lightning ran amok on the land.

A heavenly god was awe-inspiring, inviolable, and able to purge all his enemies, and this place's heavenly god was the current Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen, who used the Heavenly Power Sword Move, seemed like he had already reached transcendence and moved into a holy state. In the end, the sword move was released through the Immortal Dais, and such a move was tantamount to a disaster for Shui Zhener and the other two people. They couldn't discern clearly how powerful the sword move was. But they still felt that they suffered the brunt of its destructive power.

The first person who couldn't bear it was Tian Weiyi, who possessed a divine armor. His body collapsed among the Sword Beam and his divine armor shattered into several pieces.

The next one was Wushuang, and it seemed like he would shortly follow in Tian Weiyi's footsteps. But he tried to escape. Wushuang had mastered the same Void Escape Technique as Jiang Chen. But, even after he escaped into the void, he still couldn't avert harm and suffered a miserable death in the void.

As for Shui Zhener, she was the one who persisted the longest, and she used Mysterious Ice to turn herself into an ice sculpture. However despite this, the ice sculpture was destroyed by the sword beam. Jiang Chen recalled that she still had the Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart, and he flew over to her and exposed her body to the sword beam for less than a second. Yet, it still ended up covered all over with cuts and bruises. She was still wearing a delightful expression, and her eyes shone brightly.

"I knew that you cared about me." Shui Zhener assumed by mistake that Jiang Chen still couldn't give up on her.

Before Jiang Chen could say anything, a scarlet radiance emanated from Shui Zhener's body. "You are really useless." A hoarse voice came out of Shui Zhener's mouth, and it was difficult to discern whether it belonged to a man or woman, and her face was filled with hatred. Jiang Chen found such a sight quite familiar, and he quickly realized that this was a Blood Clan evil spirit. The evil spirit hadn't occupied this body thoroughly for some unknown reason.

"Jiang Chen, the evil spirit wants to devour me and I will shortly die." Shui Zhener's expression changed back once again. This time, it was the true Shui Zhener, and she didn't put on an act nor did she act crazily. Jiang Chen couldn't help but sympathize with her, and he put his hand on her chest and started reading a Buddhist Scripture aloud. As Shui Zhener's body bathed in the Buddhist Light, the evil spirit inside her suffered great pain, and it was being purified.

"It's so painful! Please stop! I would rather die!" Shui Zhener also suffered intense pain, and she hugged her head with both hands, while a malevolent expression appeared on her face. Shui Zhener still showed her ferocious face, because she wanted to harm Jiang Chen so that he would stop. This meant that her craziness wasn't related at all to the evil spirit inside her. Jiang Chen didn't stop, and he even read the scripture quicker.

After a short while, Shui Zhener stopped shouting with pain while bathing in the Buddhist Light, and she became unusually calm. Jiang Chen didn't stop until the Blood Clan evil spirit turned into black smoke and disappeared. When the Buddhist Light stopped shining upon Shui Zhener's body, he discovered in surprise that she had lost her supple hair and become bald. Moreover, she still wore a devout expression on her face, as she went through a thorough transformation.

"May the Lord Buddha preserve us!"


What Jiang Chen didn't expect was that after purifying the Blood Clan evil spirit, he ended up converting Shui Zhener into a Buddhist.

"Ye Xue..." However, Jiang Chen was still more concerned about his woman.

"You can set your mind at ease." Shui Zhener understood what he wanted to say and she went back to the room where Ye Xue was imprisoned.

Jiang Chen followed her closely, but, when he reached the entrance, a chilly air rushed out of the house. Jiang Chen assumed that another accident had occurred, and he charged inside. But he discovered that such a disturbance had been caused by Shui Zhener, as she gave up the Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart to Ye Xue.

After the Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart went back to Ye Xue's body, she didn't continue sleeping any longer, and she woke up.

Since Shui Zhener had gone through such torment, she was already quite weak and feeble. Moreover she was injured and couldn't persist any longer. She ended up losing consciousness. Jiang Chen went forward to catch her, and he then put her down on the bed.

Ye Xue, who had just woken up, was wearing a perplexed expression. She wasn't aware of what had occurred. It was only when she witnessed Shui Zhener that her gaze became stern, and an ice cone appeared in her hand. Jiang Chen stopped Ye Xue in time and related the whole sequence of events.

"This woman is crazy. Are you sure she isn't just putting on an act?" Ye Xue was quite wary of Shui Zhener.

It wasn't the case for her alone, as even Jiang Chen was wary of her. However, regardless of everything, Jiang Chen didn't plan any longer to harm Shui Zhener.

Jiang Chen pulled on Ye Xue's hand, and, after he inspected her earnestly and ascertained that she was safe and sound, his nervous heart finally calmed down.


The spectators went back to the town, and after they witnessed Jiang Chen, as well as the bald Shui Zhener, they couldn't understand this affair's outcome. They were only outsiders and were here just to watch a spectacular fight and didn't care about this affair's details. But they still couldn't help but be curious about it.

Shui Wuchen, who had broken free of the ice seal, came over along with the Water Dragon Black Guards. However, those Water Spirit Clan warriors didn't have any fighting spirit left, and they even respected Jiang Chen even more.

"Jiang Chen, what is this affair's truth?" Shui Wuchen asked. An explanation was needed for this affair. Shui Wuchen had suspicions, but he didn't dare to raise any questions due to Shui Zhener. Jiang Chen started hesitating and wondered whether he should really inform him. Shui Zhener had killed her own clansmen, and the Water Spirit Clan would surely not forgive her lightly. But now the current Shui Zhener had converted to Buddhism, and if she really became kindhearted, Jiang Chen couldn't bear to send her to her demise. But, someone must take the blame for this affair, and if Jiang Chen didn't explain it clearly, the slandered Ye Xue wouldn't get back her innocence.

"General Wuchen, I will inform the Spirit Venerables about this affair's truth." Shui Zhener had woken up, and she didn't try to cause any more trouble for Jiang Chen. "Ye Xue and Jiang Chen are innocent." Such words were tantamount to admitting her crimes, which was why Ye Xue became less hostile to her. But she still didn't look at her kindly.

The Water Spirit Clan team planned to leave the Bloody Sea Realm after this ordeal.

"It's really a pity that you lost a Sacred Lord's position." Jiang Chen followed the leaving Shui Zhener and the others with his gaze, while he still wasn't willing to accept such an outcome.

"It's foreordained, and nothing can be done about it." Ye Xue was also disappointed. But the reason behind her disappointment wasn't failing to become a Sacred Lord, but failing to get the Ice Soul Stone.

"It isn't foreordained. The Blood Emperor was beaten by me until he was left for half- dead, and she just delivered the last blow."

If Ye Xue had been present there, Jiang Chen would have left the last blow for her.

"Did the prince also die in the mountain range?" Ye Xue asked.

Jiang Chen was aware that she was talking about the prince, who became a Blood Servant, and he quickly said, "You can't blame me for this. That guy turned into a Blood Servant, and I could only kill him." After Jiang Chen spoke, he witnessed Ye Xue furrowing her brows.

"Don't worry, even the Water Spirit Clan prince and princess have died."

"The more chaotic it becomes, the more disadvantageous it will be to my objective of getting the Ice Soul Stone." Ye Xue was also quite vexed.

"There are many ways to get the Ice Soul Stone, and I can accompany you into the Spirit Zone." Jiang Chen planned to go there as the Heavenly Palace's Lord and have a talk with the Ice Spirit Clan.


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